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Kerry: No-Vote by Congress Would Kill Iran Deal. Unless . . .

Secretary of State John Kerry Tuesday acknowledged to House members that if they vote down the Iran deal – and override a presidential veto – that the deal would collapse.

According to the Washington Exanminer:

“It’s physically impossible” for the deal to continue because of the bar to waiving U.S. sanctions, Kerry said.

“There’s no way for the deal to work because our lifting of sanctions is critical to the ability of other countries to invest and work and critical obviously for Iran to get any money,” he added.

However, he seemed to hedge when asked if the administration would follow the law:

Earlier, Kerry was asked by Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., if he would obey the will of Congress if a disapproval resolution was enacted.

His response: “I can’t begin to answer that at this point without consulting with the president.”

Well, you should at least be able to begin answering whether you would follow the law . . .

Or not. Because that’s the way they roll at 1600 Pa. and environs.

14 thoughts on “Kerry: No-Vote by Congress Would Kill Iran Deal. Unless . . .”

  1. I volunteered for Kerry/Edwards in 2004. Took me awhile, but Kerry’s not to be trusted. After 11 years, he was just a Dem plant, set up to lose so Bush could win a 2nd term. Looking back, I owe Bush2 an apology :)

    Fast forward, how did JK end up SoS ? He’s certainly worse than HRC. Could Obama try any harder to be this stupid? No wonder I’m a
    Trumpkin. :D

    1. As you know there are some of us who believe that John Kerry is nothing but a traitor from his actions in the Vietnam era. And it is doubly appalling that he is Secy of State. His ego surely is as large as Obama’s, but he is a coward so he bows even more quickly. If that is possible.

      Anyway I read somewhere that Schumer will vote against it, but then when Obama vetoes it, he will not do anything to override that veto. But … street talk.

    2. I think Kerry is sober more often than HC — so I would say they are equally unbelievably bad at the position and totally ill equipped to have it.

  2. Interesting what I just read elsewhere and I can’t find the link: John Kerry’s daughter married an Iranian American. The best man at the wedding was the son of Kerry’s counterpart in Iran with whom Kerry was negotiating.

    Small world, isn’t it?

  3. Someone, please help me understand. I have heard Kerry say twice that if we say no to the deal then we “have nothing” because “sanctions are no longer in place, etc.” I thought the sanctions would be lifted when, and only when, the deal was agreed to and I thought we were still trying to decide!! Sounds like the sanctions are already removed.

      1. And Kerry admitted today that he had no idea, hadn’t read and was pretty clueless about what was contained in the side/secret negotiations. So we have that. What a hapless, clueless and dangerous dork. If he breaks ranks with Obama on this (he won’t, of course. He’s too deep into the game), he knows Obama will drive a bus over him immediately.

  4. Ah good ol’ Luch always shooting himself in the foot. “The only way humanly possible for this to occur is…” usually the one way it does.

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  6. How is it even possible that this deal will go through, after the Ayatollah and his coven of cronies have been ridiculing and vilifying the USA before the ink was even dry? They are just as two-faced and dishonest as is Barry, and that’s saying something!

  7. Follow the law? The will of Congress? The will of the American people? Why would they start doing that at this late date?
    Barry’s motto is “we don’ need no stinkin’ laws.”

  8. What ever gets Kerry the prize, the Nobelisque, works for him. Would not be surprised to see him run for the Presidency also. He must figure: hey, Hillary is such a train wreck, I look GOOD compared to her!


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