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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, July 27, 2015

President Obama is traveling today in Ethiopia. He will depart Africa today and arrive in Washington Wednesday.

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  1. After his unpresidential, unprecidented, unsolicited outburst during a joint presser in Ethiopia today against Rep. presidential candidates, Obama should be banned from the US!

    Imagine this tyrant hinting that he might not turn over the keys to the WH to someone like Trump…who ‘doesn’t take things seriously’!!! Those keys do not belong to Obama – and his opinion is of no importance. Such chutzpah!

    The only way to rid ourselves of Obama is to exile him to Elba, or somewhere where he can never interfere in American politics again. The guy is nutz!

    • You know, part of me would love this scenario in 2016: Trump’s the nominee, gets elected, and then takes a page out of Barry’s playbook by having a press conference the day after the election, with a sign on the podium – “Office of the President-elect”. Remember when BHO did that? Plus, he had press conferences every flipping day to announce some nomination or another, always with his fake little sign, being unable to even wait until January 20th to play boy president. I’d love to see Trump do that to Barry and, in typical Trump fashion, take it totally over the top, completely marginalizing Barry and making him totally irrelevant. Thin-skinned, skinny little Barry would have a fit!

      • Awesome, Snark! Trump could get away with something like that and everyone would cheer. The little punk, Barry, would become the butt of every joke.

        Remember when Obama referred to himself as ‘fearless’ a few weeks ago? Trump could turn him into a mouse in 30 seconds or less. Hope he jumps all over the little (bleep) for meddling in this election. It’s despicable!

      • That Obama comment just shows how this is all about power and money for him. It’s a game. It’s a Broadway play. It’s a movie. It demonstrates how his head is not in the right place for the job. But he’s proven all that many times before.

    • He takes the time and effort to make those flip comments about U.S.,and does not call the families of the military men in TN. As well they are not to receive the purple heart.

  2. Well, we totally saw this coming:

    Secretive White House meeting reveals Obama’s plan to visit Cuba in 2016

    By Susan Crabtree • 7/28/15 1:00 AM •Updated: 07/28/15 12:01 AM

    A secretive White House meeting on Cuba last week revealed that President Obama plans to visit the island nation early next year, and also discussed the controversial idea of the Cuban government opening consular offices in Miami.

    After hailing embassy openings in Washington and Havana last week, the White House held an off-schedule, private meeting on Thursday with U.S. officials involved in the administration’s Cuba policy. Nearly 80 activist members of the Cuban-American community from Florida and across the United States — mostly Democrats — were also there.

    Valerie Jarrett, one of Obama’s closest advisers, was on hand, along with White House deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes and Roberta Jacobson, assistant secretary of State for the western hemisphere.

    The White House declined to talk about the meeting, and referred questions about the meeting to the State Department. A State Department spokesman then referred the same questions to the Cuban embassy, which was already closed for the day.

    According to sources familiar with the meeting, Rhodes told the group that President Obama is considering visiting the island nation early next year, depending on progress in U.S.-Cuba relations.

    While that historic visit would likely help Obama cement his legacy as the president who started to open up bilateral relations, it could be marred by or even delayed by Cuba’s arrest of dissidents. Those arrests have continued despite Obama’s gestures to Cuba, and could put Obama at risk of appearing to be too friendly with a country that often arrests members of political or religious groups dozens at a time.


    The idea of a consular office of the Cuban government in Florida is one that is already stirring debate among Cuban-Americans. During a question-and-answer session in the White House meeting, one participant asked about the chances for opening a Cuban consulate in Miami, according to a source who was there.

    The White House responded that it was up to the Cuban government to decide when and where it would open the consulate.

    But that response has only spurred more questions and concerns since the meeting, some of which deal with how it might hurt Hillary Clinton’s White House bid. The opening of an outpost in the heavily anti-Castro area of Miami could further anger Florida’s politically powerful Cuban-American community and create a backlash for Democrats that could hurt Clinton’s Florida presidential campaign operations.



    There’s some more interesting info at the link.

    • The trip to Cuba should come as no surprise. Beyonce and JayZ set the tone – they did Obama’s pre-travel research on that trip they made last year and I am sure they were sent by the WH to scout out great beaches for the Obama’s to buy land where they will use cheap Cuban labor to erect their post presidency retreat.

  3. Excerpts from Obama’s unheard speech while on his African tour. “Holy mackerel, Andy! We’s all got to stick together in dis heah thing… remember, we is brothers in that great fraternity, the Mystic Knights of the Sea.”

    from Amos and Andy script

  4. OT: Just heard about o’s comment. If he ran for a third term I could win.
    Isn’t he just as cute as can be. sarc.
    Than I read a comment this morning on Fox that Jeb Bush said “We need to tone down the rhetoric, for sure.”
    He was speaking of Huckabee’s comment.
    Than I read we had Cubans landing and fleeing in Miami Beach during a photo shoot.