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Don’t Free Pollard

I am Jewish American and a very strong supporter of Israel.

But I am not an Israeli.  And I have no sympathy for Jonathan Pollard nor any wish that he be set free.

Jonathan Pollard is a spy. Espionage is a capital offense. He is lucky to be serving a life sentence. Why his sentence allows him mandatory parole after 30 years is unclear to me. Then it’s not really a life sentence, is it?

That he spied for an ally makes little difference. Israel is a foreign country, with entirely different interests than ours. What happens to our secrets when they are given to Israel is beyond our control and could be harmful to the United States.

What if Israel shares the information with another country seen, at least for the moment, as friend to them but which is hostile toward us?

I don’t make distinctions when it comes to spies.

Pollard says he was motivated by his love for Israel, but, um, he was also paid about $50,000 for his enthusiasm and was on tap to get much more. He is a treasonous rat.

Pollard is being viewed as a White House offering to the Israelis to placate them amid their anger over the Iran deal. The administration denies this, saying the parole is mandatory.

I’m willing to bet the Iran deal plays a part in this. The administration can oppose Pollard’s release by arguing that he violated prison rules or is likely to commit additional crimes. The Justice Department should be doing everything it can think of to keep him in jail. Instead, it has signaled that it will do nothing.

And that is a great shame.

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  1. RATS: this administration seems very adept at releasing vermin in to the public domain.

    I don’t need to run down the list…we all know it.


  2. Agree re. Pollard. Some say (and I could very well be wrong) that there is some parole after 30 year thing with him. Don’t know. Don’t really care.

    IMO, the Administration is just doing this to further beat Israel with the non cooperation obstructionist stick — See — We even released a Spy (against US, for Israel) and they still won’t come around. Always agressive Israel — not recognizing the brilliance of Barack Diplomacy, etc. etc.

    As the days creep on, this Administration becomes more and more nefarious. I do not believe these neo-coms have any goodwill toward America.

    And Schumer is shameful. His silence is cowardly. My money is he will march along with the party.

  3. gotta disagree with u on this one, Keith. I have no love for spies either. but should Pollard be punished for longer than the Lockerbie bomber? u remember him: they let him out for “humanitarian” reasons and he returned to the ME a hero.

    1. …and then continued to live on in Libya for far longer than the time estimates given by his doctors (which were used to “justify” his “humanitarian” release!

    2. And Lynne Stewart, the attorney for the blind sheik. Also out on humanitarian b.s. – this December will be two years she’s still breathing with breast cancer. More b.s.!

  4. It is widely believed, in fact, that much of the classified material Pollard gave to Israel was, in turn, passed along to the USSR in an effort to free Soviet Jews!

  5. “Of course the American hostages were part of the Iranian negotiations. We agreed to give them four more.”

    – Barack Obama…not a real quote….

  6. It’s hard to get worked up about a spy/criminal who has spent 30 years in prison and now will be released.
    Why – 30 years ago, there was no internet and no one in the world knew my personal BP numbers except my doctor and his staff. Today, some Russian hack knows all about me, some Chinese hack knows my bank account balance and my ‘secret’ password, and of course the whole world knows every secret of the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, HHS, and what size dress MrsObama wears.

    Our elected officals and their aides have been known to reveal top-secret names or activities for political gain or just out of malice. It goes on every day in the WhiteHouse and the halls of Congress.

    30 years in prison breaks a man. Half of his life was spent lining up against the wall, eating what was given to him, avoiding a rape or beating or worse.
    He only knows of modern times from the TV or newspaper if he has access. He’s never used an ATM, doesn’t understand Uber or Twitter, never held a cell phone in his hands, and the last car he drove was big, long, and luxurious.
    Let him go. He’s no threat to anyone.

    1. Sounds very reasonable and humanitarian, srdem. Had to google this man to know about him and his deed . Thirty years in prison is a very harsh prize to pay for anyone.
      And like Von Ebb writes, today everybody spy´s on everybody . And NSA is the number one spy……

  7. Here we have Israel literally fighting for its survival, and more so than ever because of Obama’s Iran deal. And Obama is thinking that releasing Pollard will make all of Israel’s concerns go away? That Netanyahu will say, “Well, now that Pollard is being released, Israel isn’t concerned about Iran anymore”? This is how nuts this WH Administration is.

  8. Keith:
    I couldnt agree with you more.
    Its STILL treason!!

    Plus letting Pollard out of prison a year early is a stupid, worthless gift.

  9. Surprise! Everybody spy’s on everybody. They go by different names CIA, GRU, MI6 etc. Its spy vs spy everyday all the time.

    Right now this minute there are undiscovered spy’s all over the world.
    Good book to read is “spy catcher” written by a top MI 5 (ret)official. UK suppressed this book but they failed. Another “a spy for all seasons”
    We only know what they want us to know.

  10. So, Keith, I guess it’s all well and good a Jew gets punished far beyond the norm. It really disgusts me when a Jew seems to have more loyalty to the US rather than fellow Jews, especially at This time. The Pollard case, much like the Rubashkin case, show there is much more to these cases than what the government wants to let on. There has been vile anti-Semitism by the US government for quite a long time.

    1. Remember the 10 commandments? rubashken and pollard got every inch of what they deserved for lying and stealing. You certainly are full of it.

      It must be very interesting living in your world.

      1. The 10 commandments do not speak of lying. The stealing is referring to stealing a person, i.e., kidnapping. Torah itself speaks of theft. It ALSO speaks of “Justice” which isn’t the case in Either of these two cases.

        1. Exodus 20:16 KJV
          “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.”
          Sounds like a prohibition against lying to me.

          1. I’d say it could apply to Weinberger and his false witness against Pollard. This commandment has more to do with perjury. Also it is Shemot (Exodus 20:13).

  11. “Why his sentence allows him mandatory parole after 30 years is unclear to me. Then it’s not really a life sentence, is it?”

    They claim that the laws were different at the time of Pollard’s sentencing:

    (CNN)Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard has served enough time in prison to be released according to the sentencing laws he was convicted under in 1985, and the Justice Department will not interfere in the case, Attorney General Lynch said on Saturday.

    Lynch — who also rejected any connection between his possible release and the Iran nuclear agreement — said that Pollard was one of the few prisoner’s still serving time under old sentencing structures which gave those with life terms for certain crimes the possibility of parole after lengthy stints behind bars.

    “Our sentencing structure has changed in the late ’80’s and early ’90’s to where now a life sentence is in fact a life sentence. But under the law in which he was sentenced and the laws of our country which we abide It’s not really a recommendation needed from us,” Lynch said at the Aspen Security Forum.


    However, the old law only allows for the POSSIBILITY of parole after 30 years:

    “Under sentencing laws at the time he was convicted, Mr. Pollard has to be considered for parole after 30 years, though that doesn’t mean he has to be granted parole. The Bureau of Prisons website currently lists his possible release date as Nov. 21, which is the date the federal parole commission is slated to consider whether to end his sentence.”

  12. Its just Barack the Insignificant doing whatever he can to shut down BiBi. Never happen.
    Just look what he did with Bergdahl. Shameful POS is what Barack Obama is.

  13. This fits the pattern. 5 Gitmo detainees swapped for Bergdahl, release of “non-violent” drug dealers from federal prison.

    OT. I picked this up from Drudge. A lady who was sexually harassed by Bill Clinton has stated an anti Hillary website. It is called “A Scandal a Day”. Here is the link.

  14. Since Pollard has proved he would sell out for money and people still have money–just be sure he can’t find out anything salable…It is not up to us. Does he even get a hearing so he can say (or pretend) he is a changed man…


    Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Monday slammed recent news that convicted spy Jonathan Pollard could soon be released. Pollard, a civilian analyst for the U.S. Navy, was sentenced to life in prison in 1987 after pleading guilty to selling classified information to Israel.

    “Releasing spy Jonathan Pollard doesn’t make the #IranDeal any less of a disaster for Israel & the free world,” a tweet from Rumsfeld’s Twitter account read on Monday morning.

    In a subsequent message, Rumsfeld posted letters from 1998 and 2001 urging Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush not to release Pollard. Seven former defense secretaries signed the December 1998 letter, including Rumsfeld, who served in the same capacity in Gerald Ford’s administration, and future Vice President Dick Cheney, who served in that capacity with George H.W. Bush.

    In the March 2001 memo, sent to Bush, Cheney, then-Secretary of State Colin Powell and then-National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, Rumsfeld called any measure to free Pollard “enormously damaging to our efforts to keep spies out of our government.”

    In the past, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has urged Pollard’s release from a federal prison in Butner, North Carolina.

    The Wall Street Journal reported late last week that the White House is indeed preparing to release him, with the hope that his release would help ease tensions between the two countries following the nuclear deal with Iran. In the past, the current administration has been noncommittal to his specific case.


    The Justice Department has said that it expects Pollard to serve his full sentence. He is nonetheless eligible for parole this November because his offenses were committed before November 1987, and he was arrested in November 1985.

    1. And there are plenty who disagree with Rumsfeld. It finally came out from those who have seen the files that there has been a concerted effort in misinformation and that it was anti-Semitic government officials, as Caspar Weinberger, who peddled his nonsense. See

      It’s no different than what the FBI pulled against AIPAC. These days how can ANYONE trust ANYTHING the government tells us. There has been a secret war against the Jews for nearly a century.

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