As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

108 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || July 26, 2015

  1. I took a break from removing sealant from the tub. Thanks for the good time beat of some good music. I have a spurt of new energy to go finish the job. :)

  2. Just like the fake wrestling, they are beating up Hill right now. But later there will be the big come back.
    Mean time Jeb is nowhere, but he too will rise up.
    Then it will be the battle of who cares for president. The most bought will win.

    • There’s something else going on with MrsClinton’s run for the WH. “Insiders” are questioning her health, her stamina, and the constant barrage by her former ally, the MSM, is more than coincidence.

      She speaks in slow measured cadence as if she can’t find the words or, as some suggest, she’s wearing an earwig to get answers to any questions.
      The ‘concussion’ she was reported to suffer seems more like a mini-stroke that she’s trying to hide.

      • No No No . She was in rehab trying to get her drinking under control . Might work for a while , but that Siren Song of Chardonnay will hook her once again .

      • Without malice I have always thought Hillary’s incident must somehow involve mini strokes or something of that nature. Politics aside, I do see her as being healthy enough to be an effective President.

        And Bill is not looking so great himself. So — no back up. Or maybe this is Lanny Davis’ big chance — I swear the man adores Hil and would do anything for her.

        • I tend to agree with your ministroke theory–a transient ischemic attack (TIA) — a temporary interruption of blood flow to part of the brain, spinal cord or retina. It’s not a condition one would wish on anyone, obviously.

          From the Mayo Clinic website:

          “The symptoms of a TIA are similar to those of a stroke, but a TIA doesn’t destroy brain cells or cause permanent disability. However, TIAs may recur, and each TIA increases the risk of a subsequent stroke.”

          She’s clearly off her game, conducting an amazingly awkward campaign, thus far. She seems to just be going the motions, watched carefully by her handlers. Not a good sign for her.

          • My mom in law had TIA’s.
            She refused a pet scan & nodded out one evening, after she had a fit over getting a burger for dinner, at her nursing home. Last meal & all…

          • Zephyr dmm… sorry to hear about your MIL’s passing. It highlights the unpredictability of what can happen with TIA. There must be meds that can help, but a high pressure lifestyle and a demanding job, being a POTUS, e.g., surely would not be ideal for the condition. Given the gossip network in Washington, there are likely people who know what’s going on with her, medically speaking.

      • I caught the end of something Tucker Carslon said on F&F this morning. I think it was along the lines that ValJar is behind HRC latest email woes?

        Anyone hear anything about this?

      • HRC will never be able to withstand the daily rigors of the presidency at the ripe old age of 70. She famously overslept one morning and missed a crucial mtg (on Benghazi, I believe) when she was SOS for pete’s sake.

        She is crated around from forum to forum like a priceless piece of porcelain – one hour of ‘mixing with crowds’, no questions from reporters, carefully selected chairs and couches so that she won’t sink into the cushions….it’s ludicrous!

        The WH will become an assisted living facility with the Clintons and their health problems. Has everyone lost their collective minds? This woman is unfit to serve under any circumstances.

        The fact that she is a liar and a crook should be enough to force her to withdraw. There is no earthly reason for anyone to ‘love Hillary’!

      • I know — she speaks slow and curt, sounds very unlikeable, sounds scared and uncomfortable, she sounds put on like she’s acting. Why did she have to delete all those government documents and e-mails? That is not normal behavior for a SECRETARY OF STATE, its like she is paranoid that everyone is after her? Is she consumed with guilt that she has to hide everything? Thats nuts. Maybe she’s not right in the head. She got caught in other lies and still she persists in lieing and covering up things. She has to have donations from all over the world to be our President? So the donors will own the presidency and tell her what to do? This is a very underhanded woman who thinks she can get away with this stuff and besides, Are we that hard up for a woman president that we have to have her? and/or has this country become dumb and dumber to elect someone so blatantly arrogant and sneaky, just like Obama?

  3. This is from an opinion written by Jack Kelly:
    “Donald Trump has said fewer untrue or mean-spirited things than Barack Obama utters in a typical day. His GOP critics should keep that in mind.”

    Jack Kelly is a columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and The Blade of Toledo, Ohio.

    All of the political talk shows today are Trump, trump and Donald. The MSM might have unkind or even nasty things to say about him, but they’re lovin’ it, and seem to like MrTrump, candidate or not. He’s one of them; he’s wealthy, ivy-league educated, a NewYorker, and everything they secretly wanted to be when they “grow up”.

    • Trump and Fiorina are a threat to them.
      Carly is a savvy woman and can see the attacks coming, so can Trump.
      Both have experience in the private sector dealing with big players in the business world.

      Politicians cannot deal with them on their level of experience and they know that, therefore, they denigrate them.

      Saul Alinsky tactics are deployed on many different levels.
      Some subtle, some in your face.

      It appears that Trump and Fiorina are basically fearless when it comes to standing up to the media.

      They are not going to take the crapola the media tries to feed them.

      They have both been across the table from people that can potentially ruin their companies and they know how the game is played.

      We have a strong field of candidates this time around.

      The other side is weak.

      Whomever wins the challenge had better be ready to throw it in gear and fix this Country.

  4. Went to the Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday and saw the parade for the new Inductees, Pedro Martinez had the best time of any one there. Not many people in this world start out as a poor barefoot young boy in the Dominican Republic and end up in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Jeez I love the guy, ducking. Went with my twenty five year old nephew whom I brought there when he was eight. We had a day to remember, forever. Only in America, and God bless her.

    • Wikipedia states that Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles is the NFL’s all time leader in yards per carry. It says nothing about what was revealed last night at the Special Olympics World Games.
      As a kid, Charles competed in Special Olympics, and only there did he get the courage to excel at both sports and academics.
      From Special Olympics to leading the NFL in yards per carry.
      That’s an Olympic-level long jump.

  5. What the MSM and establishment in both parties don’t get is the “sleeping giant” that pays the bills is pissed off big time.
    The years of lying and pandering are catching up and who knows where it’s going to end.
    Shameless self promotion is this Sunday’s JGlobe column with a take on the August recess.
    Is your Congressman (Conbrebot) running a Democrat or Republican program?

    • The “Sleeping Giant” has been regulated into submission.
      Whether the giant responds or submits is the issue.

      History is the best teacher out there, to those that read it.
      These same cycles have happened for eons.
      The pendulum always swings back.

      We should be concerned with the time it takes for it to do so.

          • Even if it does, there is no hope for the RepublicanE leadership. Mitch McConnell’s recent EXIM/Planned Parenthood thing was stomach turning and arrogant.

            I think it is the visible disdain and arrogance now that is so irritating. From the play book of their hero Barack Obama.

          • Remember that book I once mentioned–the guy who read the whole Encyc Britannica–he found a story in there about some potentate who set his wise men to bring all the world’s knowledge…They cameup with a ton of volumes. “Too long,’ the king said. So they went away for another year and came back with one sentence: “This too shall pass.”

          • As for McConnell–seriously, it’s how the game is played…To me Cruz sounded naive. I have said my last on Eximbank. (Last nite, I was listening to a book that mentioned the Supersonic Transport–I thought, yikes, in one day–Exim and the SST! What did I do? It was like the Uni was saying, You have sinned, Star.

          • Star, Seriously. I too spent years in WDC I understand the way the game is played.

            That said, what McConnell did was in public with great disdain and arrogance. He deserved what Cruz said about him and more.

            It is more about the open arrogance of the RElite saying “look look look what I can do” to get what you do not want. And whatcha’ going to do about it”.

          • I guess–but it’s all pretty personal and abrasive–getting sick of all of it. And it started with Obama always mocking and ridiculing Congress…I know you guys also hold it low regard, but these have not been easy yrs and not all members are screaming idiots or brainless clones. In fact, I would put that at less than a quarter. Yet, the smear merchants (Alinksy?) are constantly after them–you can see it in the comments in WaPo and NYT–always the republicans are this, are that, what do you expect from Republicans…

          • I hope you are right and right now WE REALLY NEED CRUZ AND TRUMP NOW. The corruption in the Obama admin has caused so much suffering, starting with all the rules and regs for small business costing them so much money for nothing because of that creep in the White House, and so many other things. GO TRUMP AND NOW CRUZ, DON’T STOP TALKING! McConnell is acting like a communist for some reason and Boehner says a lot but does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. These 2 both promised us they would get rid of Obamacare, illegal immigrants, etc., etc., and they are in cahoots with Obama.

  6. Turkey bombs Kurds, fighting ISIS, essentially ending a 2003 peace agreement. Choosing sides, (remember Obama makes Kurds jump through Baghdad corruption hoops for even the most minimal of weapons)the WH says the Turks have a right to defend themselves.

    Fast Forward. Iran / Israel. Forcing to choose, anticipate from the WH, Iran has a right to defend itself and we are obligated to defend Iran.

    Ya’ gotta wonder whose side the Administration is on. I don’t even like to think about it. So, I’ll hang out in denial for awhile.

    Re, Music. Just for the heck of it I think I’ll look around for a good rendition of Dixie.

  7. Chris Wallace, with new Marie Harf eyewear, smugly twists the knife in Donald Trump 3rd party stuff. And, of course, George will is sucking up the blood.

      • I want to like the GG show, but I don’t.

        And further along this line — did you see O’Reilly interviewing Kennedy. Now her background was total news and a bit of a surprise to me. I was on the fence before — taking her as some kind of libertarian “thing” that I didn’t know how to take. On Kennedy, my first impression and forming opinion was so off. So, there ya’ go.

        • I saw that interview–Kennedy is OK…she has something to say, sometimes something I didn’t hear six times that day. Speaking of those get to know interviews O’R is doing, I disdained that Margaret Carlson beauty queen woman with her hootchy dresses etc, but learned she was a violin prodigy. Who knew? I still don’t love her–but it was interesting.

      • Was watching The Five for a bit last week and got to wondering about Gutfeld. Who is his audience? What is his appeal? Beyond being a wise-ass, what’s his contribution? I don’t get it.

        • He can get on my nerves, too…I guess his biting wit (ha) is what they pay him for. But it’s so awkward–he does his little rants, then pauses and invites people to say how funny it was one at a time. Also hit bits on keeping drifters in his basement, etc.–sort of grody.

          • Yea, I get he’s trying to be funny and witty and all that. But like you say, it gets grody and not humorous. Mark Twain never had to pause and ask his audience, “Did you think that was funny? Aren’t I clever and witty?” He knew he was, and let the audience enjoy his wit.

  8. Something that is bugging me about health insurance…my surgeon has to go before a peer review committee to get a approval to get me a CAT scan for diagnosis purposes…yet any woman can walk down to the corner and get an abortion (even if she is underage!)….there is something wrong with this picture!

  9. Just peeking at recent polls. Trump is ahead in all R candidate polls (except the Monmouth poll which has Bush leading by 2 percentage points–not a big margin.) If you look at the line charts below the numerical summary, you can see how wild the numbers are moving.

    The D candidate polls all have Clinton leading (no surprise, of course) by a mile. No D candidate is even close to her numbers.

  10. Where in the world is Michelle Obama?
    The President goes to Kenya, dines with relatives, dignitaries, and others from the country of his fathers birth. Truly an emtional experience for anyone, especially Mr Obama.

    His wife, chlidren and ii-laws globe trot all over the world, to exotic destinations and get treated as royalty. But this trip they skip?

    What gives?


  11. McConnell and his boys Hatch and Cornyn expressed their displeasure at Cruz’s lack of civility (although no one denied McConnell lied). McConnell et all feel disrespected (you know that thing they do to us daily).

    Now, I am curious. McConnell et al are acting like the Senate floor is some sanctuary for the Honorables. My American history is weak but wasn’t there a time when issues were argued passionately and openly – You Sir, a a Prevaricator of the Most Foul Nature kind of thing — plus perhaps fisticuffs later on. Or am I thinking of some other country?

    Perhaps corruption and capitulation demands more civility not less? McConnell sure has the hang of the Harry Reid puglist thing. Next thing you know he’ll be calling for Hillary Clinton’s unfiled taxes.

    • Grace, no, you’re thinking of this country. In 1856, two Congressmen settled their differences in the manner you remember. And then some!

      South Carolina pro-slavery House member Preston Brooks got ticked off when Massachusetts Senator and Abolitionist Charles Sumner made a speech called “The Crime Against Kansas” on the Senate floor in which he attacks those supporting slavery in Kansas. Among the things he said Brooks said were: “They were “hirelings, picked from the drunken spew and vomit of an uneasy civilization.”

      Just for good measure, Sumner called Sen Butler (a cousin of Brooks), an imbecile and said, “Senator Butler has chosen a mistress. I mean the harlot, slavery.”

      Two days later Brooks, steaming from that speech, came into the Senate chambers, found Sumner, and beat him over the head to within an inch of his life with a gold tipped cane! Sumner was so badly hurt that he never fully recovered from that beating. Whew.

      • Oh yes. Thanks. Guess the only people who have truly forgotten are members of the McConnell Civility Gang.

        I do recall that we were not so “refined” back in the day –. And that is perhaps partly what got us where we are today — the will to stand and fight for what you believe. Without the cane bashing, of course.

        I do love some of the old debates and speeches. Many a fine turn.

        • Yes, without the cane bashing for sure. It’s hard to beat “They were “hirelings, picked from the drunken spew and vomit of an uneasy civilization.” LOL. But you’re right, of course. Stand up and make your case in the Congress. Do it wisely, with the important smart and clever turn of phrase, and with clear and unambiguous focus. I just finished re-reading the Lincoln-Douglas debates, and both Lincoln and Douglas were experts in this kind of rhetoric. Fun to read.

          • Good read reminder L-D.

            I think somewhere in his speech Cruz used the word “vociferously” — it rolled off his tongue effortlessly and it was perfect.

            Hirelings, spewing, vomit, and appropriate today “uneasy civilization”.


    • By the way–I heard McConnell was against your hated Eximbank…I had the impression that he was carrying water for the admin to get it through…really he was trying not to tack on the sanct city and other issues…Did he have a rule from the Rules Committee on the debate–I never looked into that. Sigh.