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  1. So much legacy building, and so little time left for the ‘First Black EVERYTHING’!!!
    Billions of American dollars are flowing out of the US Treasury into the hands of third world dictators/thugs as the Kenyan dictator seeks his place in history.
    Where is the outrage?

      • Kenyan-American? I thought he was Hawaiian? fake phony
        I hope his Martha’s Vineyard vacation rental sells for the 22 million before they get there and has to rough it and SLEEP ON AF1!
        so sick of this fool

      • Can you imagine if a leader from one of our allied nations came over here and wagged their finger at us about our culture being uncivil ?

        This man, King BOmbastic, is not a very good diplomat.

  2. OT re: Moochelle – I finally just got caught up here on this weekend’s Open Threads and I see that Girly1 posted about Mooch opening the Special Olympics in LA on Saturday night. I saw that late Saturday night, but didn’t get a chance to post it and I knew someone here would probably come across it.

    By the way, after I read that Mooch opened the Special Olympics I did a quick Twitter search and saw complaints like these (timestamps are Pacific Time):

    “They just shut the freeway down for Michelle Obama, that was crazy lol”
    9:24 PM – 25 Jul 2015

    “Michelle Obama is really holding up traffic right now”
    9:18 PM – 25 Jul 2015

    This tweet is from a Special Olympics swimmer:

    “Michelle Obama’s speech at the games was good, but too bad she didn’t show more emotion. She looked like she didn’t even want to be there.”
    10:29 PM – 25 Jul 2015

    Plus, I had to laugh at the tweets that I saw from shortly after 9 pm PT when Moochelle must have first come on the screen. I saw several tweets from men complaining about it and asking why she was on TV, get her off my TV and put Sports Center on. Ha. Unfortunately, these O’s are everywhere. There’s no escape; they pop up everywhere.

    By the way, Girly1, those armpits were indeed awful! That was my first thought when I saw the pics. Ugh, such a no class look!

    Here it for those who might have missed it, (As Girly1 warned in the previous thread – **Pits Alert**):

    • Thanks for filling in the blanks, Snark. We had house guests all week, and I didn’t even know MO was in town until I read a DM headline yesterday, lol.

      I doubt if she stayed in the Coachella Valley for more than a few hours – the temps are around 120 degrees!

      Did notice the helicopters flying overhead either Fri. night or
      Sat. – can’t keep track anymore. Mo must have been at the nearby hotel.
      Can’t believe the Moocher had the gall to close down freeways! It’s not something a FLOTUS does…ever. Then again, when was the last time we ever had a FLOTUS with no class? She is NOT going to go gently into that good night, I fear!!

    • Whewwee !!! those pits are skanky! The white stuff must be the deordorant starting to “gel”.
      I bet she kills flies whenever the arms go down !

      Viewer’s discretion is seriously advised.

  3. To those wondering what else Mooch was up to while on the west coast, it seems she’s been out in the Coachella Valley since late last week. Yet another little vacation, before the big Martha’s Vineyard vacation that’s coming up soon:

    Michelle Obama visits Coachella Valley
    5:58 p.m. PDT July 26, 2015

    First Lady Michelle Obama made an excursion to the Coachella Valley during a trip to Los Angeles for the 2015 Special Olympics World Games, but it wasn’t immediately clear if she was still in town.

    Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy Robyn Flores confirmed her agency assisted the California Highway Patrol when Obama arrived in the area late last week. But it wasn’t until hours after the Special Olympics kicked off Saturday night that people reportedly saw Obama’s motorcade in the desert.

    Flores didn’t know where Obama was staying or if she was still in the area. Unlike previous visits involving her husband, President Barack Obama, this one was unannounced and happened with little fanfare, including the arrival of Air Force One at Palm Springs International Airport.

    The Desert Sun has calls out to a White House representative for additional details on the First Lady’s visit to the desert. It was her second in about a year and could add more fuel to rumors that the power couple may ultimately move to the Coachella Valley.

    Residents reported seeing a motorcade moving through Rancho Mirage Saturday night.

    Rancho Mirage resident Cody Graham, 25, said he was jogging near Frank Sinatra and Da Vall drives at about 11 p.m. when he saw a motorcade.

    “It was like a convoy of vehicles,” he said. I want to say 30 vehicles, all in a row escorting something with sirens.”

    Two California Highway Patrol officers blocked Da Vall and Graham lost site of the motorcade.

    All seemed normal throughout Rancho Mirage Sunday and there was no sign that Michelle Obama was still around. It remained unclear how she arrived and it seemed abnormal to have an Obama in town without Air Force One parked at the airport while passersby took pictures.

    Plus, this:

    First Lady Michelle Obama in the Coachella Valley?

    RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. –

    News Channel 3 & CBS Local 2 are tracking reports First Lady Michelle Obama might be staying in the Coachella Valley this weekend after she opened the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles Saturday night.

    Viewers called into our newsroom saying traffic was stopped just before 11 p.m. at Da Vall Drive and Dinah Shore for what looked like a presidential motorcade.

    We got word Mrs. Obama may be staying in Rancho Mirage, but have not received official confirmation from the White House that she is in fact in the desert and if any members of the First Family are with her.

    We know President Obama is not in the desert. He is currently on a trip visiting Kenya and is expected to stop in Ethiopia.

    • I knew it. Special Olympics was only her free ticket to the west coast this week. The rest is a party tab picked up by us, then off to the Vineyard next week for 3 weeks of luxury vacay.

      In your face America !

      • x2 The goal was the West Coast. The price was a stopover at the SO.

        That said, I am sure the Olympians were thrilled and I am happy for that result.

  4. OT – The O’s are reportedly leaving for their Martha’s Vineyard vacation on Saturday, August 8th, returning Sunday, August 23rd, (must be nice to have a full three weekends on vacation).

    Apparently, their usual vacation rental is on the market. Maybe Obummer’s rich pals can chip in and buy it for him; it’s only 22.5 million. It seems odd to put it on the market right before the O’s are there for vacation. Obviously, there won’t be any showings during that time period.

    Personally, I’m extremely underwhelmed by the house, both the interior and the very lackluster grounds. See the pic with the aerial view. There’s better landscaping in my mediocre neighborhood. Even the patio furniture looks rather blah. The only impressive attribute is the view:

    The luxury holiday home loved by Barack Obama has gone on sale for $22.5 million.

    The six bedroom holiday-home is majestically perched 120 feet above the Atlantic Ocean on Martha’s Vineyard’s Gold Coast in one of the most exclusive locations in the United States.

    Obama and his family plan to visit again this August – assuming the property has not been sold beforehand.


    The estate boasts an outdoor kitchen, an infinity pool, half-basketball court and in-home fitness center.

    There are also 9.5 acres of woodland, plus a private beach and private dock.

    The main house has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms and even boasts a photograph of President Obama and his wife Michelle relaxing on a sofa within the luxury $22.5million property

    The Boston Herald reports that President Obama, first lady Michelle and daughters Sasha and Malia are planning to return to Martha’s Vineyard between August 8 and August 23.

    The Obamas have spent every single summer of Barack’s presidency on the tiny island – except for 2012, when he was running for re-election.

  5. Obama has done quite well for himself. The story I heard was he attended the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles in 2000. He did not have enough money to buy a ticket to get into Staples Center. His credit cards were maxed out. He watched the big TV screen just outside. I think politics pays better than entertainment or sports.

      • When the full story of who has been backing and grooming Obama since his college days, and probably before that, comes to light, we will be stunned and gobsmacked. He clearly, on his own, couldn’t run a bottled water concession in the middle of the Sahara Desert. It’s just an obvious conclusion from a common sense point of view. His life story is full of gaps, holes and fantasy. Someone and some group has been carrying him all his life to the point where he is now. And there’s more to come, I’m sure.

        • I would like to see a real in depth analyses of the re election of Barack Obama in the Time of the IRS etc.

          And I really wish we could authenticate the votes that are now cast in the US — absentee (we now these aren’t military) and those living within our borders.

        • I blame the media for giving us Obama. His unaccomplished personal and professional life were all out there in plain sight, but they polished the “turd”, so to speak.

          • The MSM absolutely refused to vet Obama, even though we learned of his bizarre associations, lack of credentials and hard left political beliefs early on. That’s problem #1. At the same time, they attacked the R candidates with such a viciousness and evil intensity that it took your breath away. Romney giving a noogie to someone in high school, Sarah Palin family and private live, etc., oh yes, that was “journalism” in their minds.

  6. And I ask again. With all the travelling the FLOTUS and family have done this year, they choose THIS trip to say no thanks?

    If I was in the Obama clan in Africa, I would be quite offended.


    • I saw that an hour or so ago. I was unable to write down the comment o made.
      Most people in America are thinking the same thing.
      I am exhausted trying to come up with a reason why the people that agree with him, do so…

      • I don’t think most people would pair the word oven and Israel–I hate all this Nazi stuff when it comes up. I don’t need Obama to lecture me on it, though. He is not my dad, my north star, my anything.

        • Huckabee on The Five. In the context I think Huckabee was right.

          If you are facing a holocaust like situation, then I suppose it is ok to use the word.