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Saturday Open Thread || July 25, 2015



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  1. found the coffee…brought donuts from my favorite donut shop which is still in business from when I used to get off the school bus. New twist is maple bars with Bacon! mmmmm breakfast of champions.

  2. I can’t remember if I put this link on this site before now.
    Linda Ronstadt is suffering from Parkansans Disease, so she could not make this event.
    Carrie Underwood does a great job on this song.

    With all of the crap we are being exposed to on a daily basis, take some time and remember when we were younger and listening to the best music in the world,….IMO.

  3. Good things: Donuts, bacon, dogs, dog commercials (there are some great ones)and great music of the 60s-70s and ok Star, (disco queen? :)the 80s.

    Great way to “start” the day.

  4. You guys love dissing the press–caught Kasich on NPR this AM–at the end of the interview, the guy asked him had he ever asked Trump for a donation–he said not that he could remember. Then the guy asked did Trump have his cell number. Kasich said no and he was not interested in these questions and had to go–but he was happy to have had a chance to talk about things he thought were important.

  5. Last night CBS Nightly News gave lots of coverage to the Louisiana movie theater shooting. Things like Planned Parenthood and Kerry’s justifying the deal with Iran got a brief mention.

    Carl Fiorina handled herself very well when asked about Planned Parenthood. She directed her answer to go after Hillary and her beliefs about abortion. Carl stays after Hillary every chance she has. She does not attack fellow Republicans candidates. The more I see of Carly the more I want to learn about her. The more I see and hear from Hillary the more I get turned off.

    • I like Carly.
      She has a backbone and will not take flak from anyone.
      She and Trump are somewhat similar in how they handle the press.
      They both see the blindsides coming.
      Trump can be a little overbearing at times but Carly is a savvy Lady.
      I have never seen anybody get the advantage over her.

        • I know this sounds stupid and off-topic, but I am getting my hut painted and got four bids. One was from a woman–I wanted SO much to like her the best, help a woman in business, and she was cool and had tatts etc, but in the end realized she had drawbacks even though her bid was competitive. I did not pick her. I don’t mean this about Carly–more about Hillary…

        • Carly would be such a great choice for VP this time. It would give her a chance to really test her mettle for 2020 or beyond. She also could take over the reins, God forbid, if something happened to the CinC. What a counterpoint to Hillary. Just her presence make Hill look stupid.

  6. As predicted, Barry is preaching gay rights to his peeps in Kenya. Instead of telling Obama to ‘shut up and go home’ if he broached the subject, PM Kenyatta backed off and politely said that ‘gay rights is a non-issue’ in Kenya.

    Does anyone have a clue as to why the heck Barry is in Kenya?? Or why MO, Granny, and the girls did not accompany him? The Mooch could be looking for ‘our’ missing girls, for pete’s sake.

    Wait til we taxpayers receive the AMEX statement for this trip! He could have brought his entire tribe to the WH for dinner at a fraction of the cost!

    • Girly, Obama needed photos and selfies to fill up his “roots” room in his presidential library. Otherwise, it would have been empty.

    • I hope he continues to push the gay rights issue in Kenya so that he can rebuffed and put in his place that Gay Rights, while valid, is not a pressing cultural issue in Kenya, his ancestral home. The Narcissist is culturally deaf.

      I am pretty sure the Gay Rights Activist groups are not picking up the tab. So, zip it.

      You may be able to push around Americans Barack, but here at home in Kenya….

      As to why he went. Because he can. In your face America. And because …. black vote.

      • Grace, We have a crumbling economy, Muslims at our doorstep, government agencies infiltrating our daily lives, illegals eating up everything that moves like a plaque of locusts, but yet, all this government seems to be concerned about is the rights of a “queer nation”.
        I don’t advertise my sex life, most heterosexuals don’t.
        It’s nobody’s business. I want answers on why I have to be reminded of theirs? I DON’T CARE.

        • You are so right Katarina! It is so private, someone’s romantic/sex life. You see how low class Obama is by the way he talks about “Gay” rights. I’m surprised he didn’t pull his pants down in Kenya when lecturing, he’s so low class. Nothing private or personal he keeps ranting about it in public. Let himn solve the terrorism problem and the immigration problem like a real president would.

      • He went now for the free trip — would never go on his dime — he figured that out that we pay for his unimportant trip, cheap creep that he is.

      • Gay rights is fine here — but how stupid is he to bring that up in Kenya?? Is that the only problem in the world? There are so many, this guy has to go with his silly arrogance and lectures, lecturing people when he is the one breaking laws in his own country, talk about corruption, thats his middle name in Washington.

    • I wish I would have posted the article yesterday. It was regarding many christians there not wanting to give in to any type of gay rights.

    • He and the some 200 business people (investors) he brought along are attending some sort of “summit” about the African economy/businesses in Nairobi so he just popped in to see his relatives. You haven’t heard of the $7 billion Power Africa initiative that’s on hold until the Export-Import Bank is reauthorized?

  7. Photos of 9/11 in PEOC obtained under FOIA.

    Liberals must be so disappointed that VP Cheney wasn’t wearing his Grey Nehru Jacket and petting Mr. Bigglesworth while watching his evil plan unfold.

    Thank God serious people were in charge. This administration would have to wait until the President got done playing Golf on his DNC Fundraising to announce that if the Republican Congress had acted this act of work place violence would not have occurred.

  8. If anyone wants to read the entire “agreement” that comprises the “deal” see Sharyl Atkisson link.

    I am having a problem wrapping my head around the protocol for concluding a “deal” — not a treaty — is it an Agreement?

    Apparently it’s a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

    How much authority does it hold? Is it binding? If it’s a deal shouldn’t Donald “The Art of the Deal” be consulted.

    Anyway, here is the Joint Obama/Kerry Legacy Deal — as linked via Sharyl Atkisson.

  9. Obama’s family reunion is going to cost us OVER ONE BILLION SMACKAROOS!!!!!!! All because of unprecedented security for Obama and his tribe!

    I’m sure the Kenyan Obamas would have preferred the cold hard cash in lieu of a visit by their fake home boy.

  10. I just pulled up:
    There is article about the Khameini’s tweet.
    In John Hinderaker’s article he mentioned: I take it is President O. (In the picture)
    In his own view, We should be doing all we peacefully can to bring about regime change in Iran, rather than legitimizing, empowering and financing the bloodthirsty Khameini.
    I can believe O flew right off, to involve himself into another circus act. This tweet is sent by the person that he made a nightmare deal with.

  11. I sat down to watch a John Wayne movie. The Cowboys.i had not seen it for years. The electricity went out! Wind blowing, but no rain. Our electricity has gone out three times this month.