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Michelle’s Cousin is a Powerful Black Rabbi

Rabbi Capers Funnye of Chicago, a first cousin once removed of Michelle Obama, has been nominated to become what an international organization is calling the first “black chief rabbi” of the 21st century, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports.

Funnye 2According to Haaretz, “A statement from the International Israelite Board of Rabbis declared that Funnye would serve as the ‘titular head of a worldwide community of Black Jews.’ Along with the United States, the community has branches in the Caribbean, South Africa, Uganda and Nigeria.”

Funnye, chief rabbi at Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation of Chicago, Illinois, is expected to officially assume his duties in the fall.

Funnye was born a Christian in 1952 in South Carolina. He converted to Judaism in 1985.

Mazel tov, Rabbi!

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  1. Totally off topic, but I couldn’t help myself. Originally posted by FIBreeze over at MOTUS. This one’s for Star.


    FrontPage Mag ^
    | 07/23/2015 |
    Matthew Vadum

    Even as exotic new diseases and nearly-eradicated old ones keep popping up across the nation, the Obama administration is unconcerned, or some would say, recklessly indifferent, to the public health threat that Third World illegal aliens pose to the American public. This isn’t an observation from would-be GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump or some wild-eyed rube — it’s a devastating criticism that comes from two public health experts at the government’s own Centers for Disease Control (CDC). It comes as deadly diseases surface or make a comeback in the U.S. Among those ailments are tuberculosis, pneumonia, paralysis-causing acute flaccid myelitis,…

    • That is another issue on The List. It is getting harder and harder to keep track of all at one time.
      It gets forgotten on msm, with everything else.
      I suggested months ago, for the msm to have a second scroll at the bottom.

    • Thanks for posting that! We can’t even take our new little rescue puppy around other dogs until he has all his shots.
      Maybe we show the same respect to our humans:)

      • Rescue pups are the best! We have a rescue yellow lab (he was 18 months when we got him) and he is the best dog we’ve ever had, and we’ve had a bunch of them. Good for you!

      • Just reading your comment with my Rescued Granddog by my side,LOL. He came into our lives a year ago. It is beyond me why Maverick was in the pound. Full bred German Shepherd just a sweetheart. I wish I could load a photo of him.

        The amusing thing is he is Grandmas dog……….I was playing with him on the carpet and playfully hit my wife’s sneaker. Maverick got up and laid on my arm and immobilized and stared at me,LOL. I got the message!

        It is so funny seeing how difference our Golden Retriever and German Shepherd Breeds. The Golden leads with his nose and the GSD is all ears. The Golden is such a clown while the GSD is so serious. Our biggest problem with the GSD is getting him to play. It took me a week to teach him how to shake hands. He isn’t stupid just does not get being playful.

    • Am I supposed to wilt in shame over my ignorance? The resistant TB was already a concern before the children came when, last summer? The myelitis–you mean D68–is not connected to immigrants–at least not that I have read…have those “epidemics” been in places they immigrants were sent? Just bec someone is at the CDC is no guarantee of gospel truth–remember ebola? But thanks–always welcome more data.

  2. Hopefully, Rabbi Funnye will have access to Barry via Michelle and be able to get Obama to begin developing a long lost respect for Israel. He could be an anti-Rev. Wright force. Stranger things have happened.

    On the other hand, I wonder of Obama even remembers his name.

      • Their whole story–Barry and Michelle–is so strange and full of holes, detours and curves in the road that it feels like it has been completely made up for whatever purpose, probably political ambition. Beyond their Progressive/socialist/We know better than you what is good for you BS view of the world lies some unknown and unwritten chapters in their book. We’ll learn what they are in some distant future, and people will then say, what fools we were to tolerate these two birds for even a second. Total frauds.

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