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Kerry: Attacking Iran Would Allow it to Justify Pursuit of Nukes

Secretary of State John Kerry this morning dived straight into the land of Catch-22, claiming that an Israeli attack on Iran would give the Iranians cause to justify their pursuit of nuclear weapons in the first place.

“Iran would then have a reason to say, ‘Well, this is why we need a bomb,'” Kerry told Matt Lauer on the Today Show.

Which of course begs the question: Is Kerry senile?

So if someone lunges at you with a knife, and you break their nose, then they can say, “Well, now you know why I was lunging at you with a knife.”

John Kerry
Let me explain

Israel, according to Kerry, should not defend itself because doing so would justify the creation of weapons that are meant to destroy it. Israel should worry about the cogency of Iranian arguments before the rest of the world instead of doing what it thinks it has to in order to prevent a nuclear bomb from dropping on Tel Aviv in 10-15 years, according to Kerry.

Kerry went on to indicate clearly that military force by the United States was never, EVER, a serious option, saying that an attack on the Iranians would cause them to bury their program to such an extent that the United States couldn’t touch them, short of acting to “annihilate” Iran, which he said no one would do.

What Iran will decided to do is dig deeper, because Israel does not have the ability – nor do we – to stop (them), unless we went to all-our war and literally annihilate Iran, which I don’t hear people talking about.

These people will literally say anything to get their deal with Iran. I say the UN Security Council pass a resolution requiring the Norwegians to wait 15 years before giving Kerry his Nobel Peace Prize.

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    • She is a successful businesswoman and Trump is a successful businessman.
      I am struck by the way they both handle the media.
      Very similar.

        • I agree. They’ve had excellent communications training, and know how to use it well. The MSM is so easy to deflate and be exposed for their bias–and these two do it without breaking a sweat. Usually on the first question asked of them.

          The MSM has put themselves in a no-win situation. They have to cover Trump, let’s say, and mock and ridicule him by virtue of their bias, their editor’s demands or their own anti-conservative, anti-business bigotry. Yet, the more they cover Trump, the higher his ratings rise among the citizenry rise. They are in a dizzying quandary of their own making and it’s making them look like fools. There’s no way out for them.

      • Both have much better foreign policy experience than even the governors who are running. Maybe anyone running? I like them, I can live under either or both.

        After Obama, I crave grown-ups !!

        • Yes, grownups! Grownups who have backbone, genuine world experience, positive, articulate, trustworthy, big thinkers and doers. Every characteristic now lacking in the White House and the Congress (except for a few). We are sick and tired of professional life long politicians. Get out and let the adults take over!

          • And I would add candidates who have genuine executive experience. We’ve had enough destructive amateurs in the White House to last 1,000 centuries.

  1. Not sure if Kerry is senile yet, but this C- college graduate is the absolutely dumbest and least trustworthy Secretary of State in the history of the United States.

  2. ok Keith, I know I’ve sent you the “beg the question” link before, so you’re either ignoring me deliberately or you’re just trolling me. ;-)

    but now that we have the grammar situation resolved…

    who needs Rouhani when you have Kerry? I have never seen an American administration lobby on behalf of a foreign power like this before…let alone an enemy foreign power.

    you’re right: they will literally say anything.

  3. Speaking of Kerry, we now have this:

    “….Secretary of State John Kerry told House lawmakers behind closed doors that he neither possessed nor had read a copy of two secret side deals between the IAEA and Iran, according to Representative Mike Pompeo, a Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee….”

    That’s all we need to know about this deal. It’s a catastrophe and a travesty for the United States and the rest of the civilized world. Will the R leaders of the Congress put the brakes on this mess in some way? The D’s are even worse, if that’s possible. No, they will not. That’s how corrupt and unreliable the current Congress is.

  4. Its just unbelievable the junk that this Frankenstein look alike Kerry says, the guy is completely senile! He hasn’t a clue, he’s still an anti-American hating jerk from the hippie generation, only he really got uglier, uglier inside him and outside of him. Thats why Obama hired him, 3 of a kind, Hillary, Miss Piggy, Clinton, Kerry the nasty and Obama, the criminal and nasty too like the other 2. They are having a ball making a fool out of the U.S., time for revolution or we will never be rid of these treasonous idiots. Maybe if we vote for Trump it will be a great thing for us. If Reagan the movie star can be president, so can Trump the real estate man be president. We have to vote for Trump now, the only way out, away from these terrible selfish politicians. Otherwise we are lost forever.

    • If Trump did get elected–it would insure this site would never go down–a lot of you would never get over how he never really quit his businesses for a blind trust, could not create jobs out of thin air, Hispanics did not love him that much except for his hiring them bec they cost less, he shoots Putin instead of a tiger on a hunt with Putin, he builds a few sections of wall (as he said yesterday) and someone digs under, knows…And rich people hate using their own money–what do you want to bet people shovel over donations and he takes them. This site will never want for material.

  5. Screw the Nobel Peace Prize. It is a JOKE.

    Forget giving the thing to Obama’s campaign teleprompter, or all the American “not-Bushes” that won the thing simply for being the loudest “not-Bush” du jour.

    The Nobel Peace Prize has been a joke since Rigoberta Menchu at least–and so far as I know, the Nobel Committee has yet to offer even an unofficial “we might want a mulligan” for THAT one.

    LET the man have his peace prize. The “honor,” quite frankly, isn’t, and it’s not like Kerry needs the money anyway.