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Video || Lindsey Graham Destroys His Cell Phone

Lindsey Graham made this cute video of him using various methods to destroy his cell phone after The Donald gave out his cell phone number.

Fine, a nice little bit of PR for Lindsey, courtesy of Trump. But I’d like to know what Graham’s doing with a cell phone that was probably used by Woodrow Wilson. I mean, seriously, a flip phone?

This of course disqualifies him to be president, unless he’d like to run retroactively in the 1916 election.

To his credit, I will say Graham looks like he can make pretty good use of a golf club – as noticed by one of our readers, Ron March. And his baseball swing doesn’t seem half bad either.

13 thoughts on “Video || Lindsey Graham Destroys His Cell Phone”

  1. Great clip, even he is the longshot in this race. He could have made it funnier if he slipped the cell phone into the back pockets of the other candidates….would have been hilarious


    1. Ha ha, good one. Maybe if he got close enough to Hillary he could stick in the pocket of one of those godawful pants suits she wears. Then again Huma probably holds The Hag’s cell phone. You know, it is too confusing for her to have more than one device.

  2. Drama queen. Doe he not know that destroying the phone does not delete the phone number?
    The GOP candidates just need to let The Donald run his course.
    There is nothing they can do to shut him up and they are just making themselves look stupid and distracted.

  3. He may think he’s being cute or showing up MrTrump for giving out his cell number, but what this video says is ‘I don’t take calls from anyone but VIPs’.

    MrTrump is a genius. He outs the Repub establishment as neutered wimps on the illegal alien issue by taking his message to Arizona so that SenMcCain calls his own people “crazies”. Bam! SenMcCain is ‘no hero’, the MSM jumps on it, then forces the good Senator to stop the inquiry into his military record.
    SenGraham calls Trump a name, he retaliates by making the Senator’s private cell phone number public – Bam! the Senator has to be a good sport and the name-calling stops.
    SenRubio calls the POTUS out as classless, so that he can say the same about MrTrump.
    The Donald is a genius at politics or rather – The Deal

  4. Thought I heard Trump start off with the 212 area code for Manhattan before he was bleeped. Why would Miss Lindsey have a NYC cell number?

    At any rate, Trump is a genius…and Mr. Gramnesty is a happy camper with the unexpected rush of publicity he received. All is well that ends well.

  5. This story is no different than NBC editing Geo. Zimmerman’s 911 call and here’s why: the backstory is that LG asks DT to recommend him to FOXNEWS, he does and then the man who’s polling is at “zero” calls a man who did him a favor a “jackass” but the media won’t tell you that because it substantiates DT’s action. DT fights back. Just like America used to.

  6. OT: Pulled
    Over Ten thousand protest Iran Dean in Times Square in New York
    A line also: I’m willing to lay money that you didn’t hear anything about this in MSM.
    AFVet kindly provided a clip of Allen West.
    There are video and pictures on the site.
    Great posterboards held up in the crowd.

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  8. You hurt my feelings – I have a Samsung Convoy flip phone like the ones the Army used in Afghanistan. It does everything I need it to do.

  9. Hey, c’mon now Keith, I have a flip phone. I’d have a flip phone WITHOUT a camera if I could’ve found one.

    I just want a cell phone that makes and receives calls, that I can text on, and that I can store phone numbers on. That’s all it needs to do.

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