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Obama Schedule || Friday, July 24, 2015

4:35 am || Arrives in Ramstein, Germany wherre Air Force One refuels; Ramstein Air Base
6:35 am || Departs Ramstein, Germany
1:10 pm || Arrives Nairobi, Kenya

All times U.S. Eastern

22 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, July 24, 2015

  1. What? He doesn’t trust his homeland’s Jet Fuel??? Or is the Price-per-gallon not to his liking? Nah, THAT can’t be it! Remember, $8.00 a gallon for gas “sounds about right”. And he was RE, I repeat, RE elected!! People worried because Romney was a MORMON!! I worry because our electorate is a bunch of MORONS!!! (Those not here legally excepted, of course. They’re not stupid)!!

  2. Twitchy calls it the party plane. Along for the ride — 18 Democrat legislators (mostly Black Caucus) and one lonely RINO Jeff Flake. Let’s see how they all vote on Iran when they are done with their little jaunt.

    It is unclear how many are going to a conference on entrepreneurship (in Africa? very important for people in Arizona) and how many will be invited to the ancestral home visit and party.

    I made a comment earlier. But here is the link again.

  3. Off topic, but still perhaps not because it concerns how this government works.
    For the second time I watched the documentary about Reddit´s Aaron Swartz. He is the wonderboy who wanted to make the world a better place by sharing information and knowledge. And the government wanted to make an example here because to Obama and his gang free speech, free knowledge, free people is an absolute no-no. Swartz was forced into judicial battles that this humanistic, young genius with a tender heart just couldn´t take any more so he took his own life. Oh, it makes me cry and it makes me so raging mad at this government and its hired tormentors. Young Swartz is a hero in our house. And to many, many , many young people all across the globe. I hope that is some consolation to his grieving parents. What a loss for them and the world.

      • Your son Aaron was an amazing young man, a genius, obviously, who had not only a good heart, but fought heroically for openness and honesty in the internet world. His legacy and the movement he was so integral to lives on, stronger than ever, I am sure you know. God bless you and your family.

      • Susan, I feel certain that Aaron’s philosophy is alive and well and winning judging from my sons and his friends’ discussions. He is the future. And I am honoured to get a response from his mother.Thank you.

  4. No mention of the mrs-I am sure she won’t be there

    BUT she will be sure to take an equally “entitled” vacation

    (of course a vaca as cliched and tacky as they always are:
    duomo – check, vatican-check, buckingham palace-check, terracotta warriors-check, venice canoe ride (sic) – check, mona lisa-check, paris-check, spain’s coast-check, meeting dignitaries while wearing tablecloths-check)

  5. OT: Ted Cruz crushes Code Pink.
    Thursday Cruz spoke to a rally protesting the administrtion’s Iran deal. A Rep. of Code Pink and other radical groups representing the establishment, crashed the rally and tried to shout him down.
    He responded by inviting the leftists to the podium, where he engaged them in a civil debat.
    Did Cruz crush them? He did.
    Another article:
    Dem Asemblyman, Don Hikind gets arrested in NYC protesting the Iran Deal at Chuck Schumer’s office. One of the few Dems willing to call o out on his disasterous approach in the Middle East.
    There is a picture of him getting arrested along with others for protesting the Iran Deal in front of Shumer’s office.