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No, It Won’t Just be 24 Days

The White House has put out the word that anytime/anywhere actually means 24 days/where necessary. That is, when inspectors want to peruse a place where the Iranians are suspected of cheating on the nuclear deal, they “will provide Iran the reasons for access in writing” and the whole process spelled out to get them through the door could take 24 days.

No problem, administration officials tell us. You can’t possibly clean up that nuclear slop so fast. Three weeks, three days and it will still be detectable.

Well, some are debating whether that’s true. But now evidence is emerging that access could take far longer than 24 days anyway.

From an article in today’s Wall Street Journal titled, “The Iranian Inspections Mirage:”

What the deal specifies—Annex One, Section Q—is that International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors will first have to ask Iran’s permission to visit a suspicious location: “The IAEA will provide Iran the reasons for access in writing and will make available relevant information.” After that, Iran has the chance to propose “alternative means” to address IAEA suspicions. All of that will take some unspecified period of time.

Only then, presumably, does the clock start ticking on the 14 days specified in the agreement for the IAEA and Iran to discuss the IAEA request. If the two sides can’t agree after two weeks, the matter goes to an eight-member “Joint Commission,” which includes Iran, Russia and China, and which would vote on “the necessary means to resolve the IAEA’s concerns.” That process is supposed to take no more than a week, after which Iran has three days to implement any decision.

Mr. Obama claims this is more than adequate, since it gives Iran no more than 24 days to prevaricate before the IAEA gets to inspect, and because we’ll be watching from satellites to make sure Iran isn’t loading suspicious crates onto trucks. But depending on how Iran interprets such ambiguous clauses as “relevant information” and “alternative means,” this process could stretch to a lot longer than 24 days. Even 24 days isn’t exactly a snap inspection, since a lot of nuclear work—like a bomb itself—doesn’t require vast spaces.

That is, Iran can draw it out, and it will. And what are we going to do, start a war if they delay things an extra few weeks?

Not that the administration would mislead us on this. But remember, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.

15 Responses to No, It Won’t Just be 24 Days

  1. It’s almost laughable. What happens if Iran says ‘f__ you all’ and doesn’t allow anyone to see anything on their soil?
    Short of stamping their feet or holding their breath, there is nothing for all those inspectors to offer.
    On the other hand, if an inspection is allowed and finds a breach of whatever – then what? We chastise them, call them names?
    What a disaster for the world.

    • It is a disaster, I agree.

      But I quibble when I say they have already said “f__Y All” and they say it every single day.

      Just like many continue to refuse to see that the emperor has no clothes, they do not hear the mantra coming from Iran “Death to America, Death t Israel”.

      The denial is deep.

  2. Translation:
    Dear Iran — If you really, really, really like your nukes, you can really, really, really keep your nukes.

  3. The Iranians already have this planned and worked out. They already have the underground tunnels dug out.
    I am afraid while everyone is going to be concerned with a location on the map. They have already have another location set up that we are unaware of.
    The bottom line is Keith was point on, when there he states that they will extend, reschedule, etc…
    Are we to worry?
    I am not going to get this information from the msm, so I have tried my best to find info on how the citizens of Germany and France feel about.
    The deal should be: You do it our way, or the highway!
    They should tell them you want money, here’s a buck. If you behave and stop funding the terrorist of the world, you may get another buck, and so on.
    What is happening they are giving the whole cake to Iran, and the icing to.

  4. Obama and Kerry have just secured a place of honor in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Stupidest Suckers in Human History.

    I don’t see that record being broken…ever.

  5. I suppose it’s what you have to do as a journalist with regard to your emphasis on the Iran nuke/no nuke/maybe a nuke in the future deal but right now I am concerned with a thousand cuts in the heart of America and the Chattanooga killings. Sunday a Georgia Marine will be buried an hour from my home. He was 21.
    This is a more clear and present danger than the Iranians…we’ll die from within before they nuke us. A borderless country is no country at all.

    • Patty we have not forgotten them.
      Instead of sitting behind his desk trying to resolve the threat of maniacs, he is on a trip.
      I said this a long time ago, there is some much &^&^ hitting the fan it is hard to keep up.
      That was/is the plan, as far as I am concerned.
      God Bless the Marines and Sailor.

    • Saw some lovely dignified pictures of Americans honoring him.

      Was turned off as well by the Army warning about armed American citizens guarding the unarmed recruiters.


  6. It was released yesterday that there were two secret deals signed by Kerry that were not submitted to Congress with the rest of the “agreement”, which is a violation of Federal law. One prevents us from inspecting any military sites and the other permits Iran to collect their own soil samples for analysis.
    Sounds fair to me.