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Obama Schedule || Thursday, July 23, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
8:05 pm ||Departs White House on route to Nairobi, Kenya

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

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  1. Tweets from an attendee at the WH this evening for the “reception celebrating the signing into law of the African Growth and Opportunity Act”:

    Jihad F. Saleh ‏@BlackJihad 2h 2 hours ago The White House
    Best thing ever… being at @WhiteHouse event w/ @POTUS when 85% of approx 150 guests are Black! Paint the #WhiteHouse Black! Proud moment
    8:20 PM – 22 Jul 2015

    Jihad F. Saleh retweeted
    Elon James White ‏@elonjames Jul 21
    Being unapologetically Black isn’t an attack on Whiteness. It is an attack on White Supremacy. So if you’re offended what does that say?


    This tweeter’s bio:

    Jihad F. Saleh
    Public&Govt Affairs Professional, Antihunger Advocate, Interfaith Interlocutor & Hip-Hop Aficionado. Representing the CityOfAngels! Tweeting at @IRPublicAffairs
    Washington, DC

    His tweets just prior to that were at the State Department’s annual Eid alFitr reception, complete with photos of the “great cocktail spread” and the “John Kerry’s sweet treats for Muslim American leaders” attending the reception.

    1. Great catch, Snark!

      Who does this @BlackJihad guy think he’s fooling with that statement about White Supremacy? In his racist mind, all Whites are ‘Supremacists’, especially cops and authority figures.

      It’ hard to differentiate between the racist Blacks who convert to Islam as a front for their radical actions…and the actual radical Muslims who just want to kill us. This guy sounds like one of the ‘converts’ to me. He’s from L.A. Probably belonged to a gang prior to his new identity – BlackJihad.

  2. He did not bother to speak to the American people about the Iran Deal, and that it was being sent ASAP to the UN.
    However he finds the time to go on a comedy show. Than he has has this trip to tend to.
    He did not go to Paris!!!

    1. Oh, but he did speak to the American people about the Iran deal. He went on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night to sell it:

      … the president concluded by urging Americans to educate themselves about the Iran deal and take action. “I really want people to pay attention to this issue and learn about it and then contact your elected representatives and express your opinion,” he said.

      He also scoffed at critics of the deal and then the snarky little punk dragged Dick Cheney into it:

      President Obama went on a fake news show Tuesday to joke about his critics on the Iran nuclear deal.

      They seem to believe that “if you had brought Dick Cheney to the negotiations, everything would be fine,” Obama said during a taping of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.

      Making his seventh appearance on the Stewart show — his third as president — Obama also made serious arguments about the Iran deal, saying at one point that “we have taken off the table what would be a catastrophic problem if they got a (nuclear) weapon.”

      1. Obviously we know Obama needs to educate himself about the soviet union. They had nukes. Iran does not but he is helping them. No time to go to marines funeral. After all his recreation this weekend. He is now off to kenya after to doing nothing today.

  3. So do you think Obummer will refrain from scolding them for being anti-gay?

    Kenyan Pastors to Obama: Don’t Bring ‘The Gay Talk’ Here

    Seven hundred Kenyan evangelical pastors have written an open letter asking the president not to come to their country and talk about the gay agenda.

    Mark Kariuki is the key architect of that letter. He leads an alliance representing 38,000 churches and 10 million Kenyan Christians.

    “We do not want him to come and talk on homosexuality in Kenya or push us to accepting that which is against our faith and culture,” Kariuki said.

    Kariuki welcomes the president’s visit but says leave “the gay talk” in America.

    “Let him talk about development; let him talk about cooperation; let him talk about the long-time relationship Kenya has had with America,” he said. “But about our beliefs and culture– keep off!”

    Obama has used previous trips to Africa to urge governments to respect gay rights. Kariuki said the open letter is a warning to the president.

    “The family is the strength of a nation. If the family is destroyed, then the nation is destroyed,” he said. “So we don’t want to open doors for our nation to be destroyed!”

    Pro-family activists took to the streets of Nairobi this month, urging President Obama to avoid the subject when he visits.

    “Since Obama has a Kenyan descent, I think he should be more familiar with our culture. Africa has a conservative culture,” said one of the participants in the pro-family rally.

    Homosexuality is illegal in Kenya and 37 other African countries. In fact, Kenya’s penal code says any individual “who has carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature” can face 14 years jail time.

    Bishop Kariuki said he’ll fight to keep homosexuality a crime in Kenya.

    “It is an abomination to God. Kenya is 82 percent Christian. So, as far as our conviction and our faith are concerned it is not a natural thing,” he said.

    Top Kenyan politicians are also weighing in.

    “God did not create man and woman so that men would marry men and women marry women,” the country’s deputy president is quoted saying.

    Another lawmaker warned, “We shall tell him to shut up and go home” if he talks about gay rights.

    After June’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in America, one Kenyan politician said allowing such a thing in her country would open “floodgates of evil synonymous with the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah.”

    Many citizens have also taken to Twitter using the hashtag #KenyansMessageToObama to warn the president about spreading his gay agenda beyond America’s shores.

    Meanwhile, Bishop Kariuki said the president is destroying America with his support for gay marriage.

    “I believe that with all my heart with that agenda he is ruining America because America has been known as a Christian nation,” he said. “It has been known as a nation that has sent missionaries out. Now it is a different nation all together because it is an agenda against God!”

  4. O.T.

    The Kenyan SOB has just decreed that naturalized citizens will never have to serve in the military in any capacity.

    “Reciting the Oath is part of the naturalization process. Candidates for citizenship normally declare that they will “bear arms on behalf of the United States” and “perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States” when required by the law. A candidate may be eligible to exclude these two clauses based on religious training and belief or a conscientious objection,”

    (From Townhall)

    1. I bet you anything mooch won’t be there, it is one thing if they can’t stand being together but they make sure to take all the vacation they can

      If it were a different presidential couple the rumors would be flying

      They obviously are just using each other-more fakeness from this 1st couple

    1. Oh, like we don’t know why the union hacks don’t want MrTrump to view what’s obvious to everyone.
      All they’ve done is give him another target and a righteous reason to chastise.

      I heard it- SenRubio called PresObama out as having “no class”. It’s true that his attack was against MrTrump, but the real victim was the Preezy- for his stupid selfies, his comedy show schticks, and his lack of gravitas.
      MrTrump has broken the ice, opened the locked door and gives the Repubs the OK to say what most of America believes about the Obamas. Classless, clueless, lacking dignity are just the kind words that have been used to describe both of the Obamas by the little people
      Now, SenRubio feels empowered to say the POTUS has “no class”.

    2. Some of the other R candidates might just brush off this development and move on with their tails between their legs. I expect Trump will highlight it, point out how terrified Obama must be about the rising resentment against illegal immigrants streaming unfettered into this country.

      And the MSM will have to cover Trump through this. Of course they will hammer him, but they will pay attention and report it.

      This is what the MSM and other political elites just can’t wrap their little heads around: they more they demonize him, the higher his ratings rise. This must be driving them crazy.

  5. 10:00 a.m- Skips Presidential Briefing

    So, what does he do all day until 8:05 pm? I know he isn’t calling the parents of the Marines in Chattanooga. Saw the video of the mother of Lance Corporal Wells say “No” when asked if the President called her of if she expected a call.

    This President continues to show that he is a classless SOB. I haven’t looked but I bet money he called the parents of Freddie Gray and all the victims at Charleston. Let’s see…..what is a major difference between the Chattanooga 5 and Charleston 9 besides civilian and non-civilian? Could it be African-American vs Caucasian-American?

    President Bush 41 found time to personally hand write letters to the families of soldiers in Desert Storm but this President can’t find 45 minutes to call. Any WH representatives that are not military attending the funerals? Doubt it………

    Have fun in Kenya Mr. President on your symbolic trip. Martha’s Vineyard will be ready when you get back from your grueling trip………

    1. AFVet I started to take notes of important things he was going to say.
      There was so many, I wasn’t able to write that fast.
      Thank you for the clip.
      As I stated earlier, I tried to find this on the news. I wanted to watch it. I didn’t see anyone covering.
      When they say death to America, WE SAY YOUR FIRST!
      Damn stupid thing you just did.
      Lion leading sheep.
      I always mention the blind sheep in my comments. I am glad he mentioned that as well.

      1. for President, that was a great speech he has conviction and passion for this country-it makes me sad that he is not running. especially when I compare him to the people we have available :(

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