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Luke Russert Says Republicans “Guilty” of War on Women

MSNBC’s Luke Russert during a broadcast today accepted as fact that the Republicans were guilty as charged in 2012 of waging a war on women.

Incredible how propaganda can stick. If you repeat “war on women” enough times, then there is a war on women. This White House understands this kind of tactic well, doesn’t it, you climate deniers out there?

So one is waging war just because one opposes abortion or guaranteed wages based on dubious – actually, fictitious – claims that women earn 77 cents on the dollar?

I don’t know. I don’t remember waging a war on women, do you? This is not known in Washington, but some conservatives actually are women. Do you ladies remember declaring a war on yourselves?

Personally, I like women very, very much. I would never wage war on women, unless they decided to wage war on me. In which case, I would certainly try to get the UN to supply some of its blue-hatted peacekeepers and do whatever I could to reduce levels of violence, injury, and property destruction.

I mean, that’s what I do at home, when war breaks out there . . .

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    1. It’s not what is in your pants, it is what is between your ears.

      This Country is in dire need of someone that can take control and steer Her back to the course the Founders laid out.

      Gender has nothing to do with it.

  1. A real “war on women”: liberal abortion doctors duping their pregnant patients into signing donation forms, and then the doctors – unbeknownst to the women – alter the way in which they perform the procedure because their primary goal is the harvesting of as many organs and body parts as possible, and then they negotiate prices for those parts, possibly profiting from the abortions and their methods, again, all unbeknownst to the pregnant patients.

      1. Margaret Thatcher wasn’t aborted.

        How many future leaders are being denied their chance to pursue their goals all because of a knife before they can even take their first breath ?

  2. OT regarding the WH flag being lowered – from Mark Knoller’s Twitter:

    Mark Knoller @markknoller
    Time between incident and POTUS issuance of flag-lowering proclamation:

    Incident Proclamation
    Chattanooga 7/16/15 5 days after
    DC Navy Yard 7/16/13 same day
    West Texas Blast 4/17/13 7 days after
    Boston Marathon 4/15/13 next day
    Newtown 12/14/12 same day
    Benghazi 9/11/12 next day
    Aurora 7/20/12 same day
    Tucson 1/8/11 next day
    Ft Hood 11/5/09 next day

    1. He never would have lowered the flag had it not been for his VFW photo-op yesterday.

      It was also the first time he ever demanded that Iran release the hostages.
      In fact, just last week he said that the nuke deal was strictly about nukes – hostages would result in MORE demand for concessions from Iran.

      1. Yes, but he was lying yet again. On Fox News Sunday, Kerry told Chris Wallace that the hostages were brought up every single time they sat down at the negotiating table. These people can’t get their stories straight.

        When I saw that clip yesterday with Obummer naming the hostages and calling for their release, my first thought was that this is carefully arranged theater because a deal has already been made and they just want it to look like Barry demanded it and he got it.

        1. I just saw the tail end at lunch–but it seemed to me some Iranian spokesperson was saying sure, you can have your hostages, just approve the thing…I could be wrong. More sleazy manipulation.

        2. the hostage comments were really obnoxious. oh ok, you wait until AFTER you give Iran everything they want and THEN you bring up the hostages? how brave of you.

          btw, Obama is a liar but I don’t necessarily believe John Kerry either. I mean, what’s more likely: that they brought up the hostages all the time and were rebuffed, or that they were afraid to bring them up because they were desperate to get a deal?


    2. Thanks for that snark, whoa, we’re being lied to again about “flag codes” or something. Oh and thanks to Mark Knoller too for putting his career on the line….no more sitting in hot vans at the golf course for you! Oh wait, I get it ;)

  3. The only thing worse than Tim being taken from us far too early, is that he’s not still around to straighten out this fully doctrinated half brain before he makes a complete ass of himself for the rest of his life.

      1. It doesn’t help that we have a lobotomized Congress that aids and abets him at every turn.

        **I wonder if anyone has done a word count on Boehner over the last six years. It’s stupifying that we have a Speaker who doesn’t speak…more than a few simple sentences per year!

        1. Just heard Steve Scalise speak. He had just left the briefing. Did not hear a thing to change is mind. As we all know, He stated it is bad, for Isreael or America.

        2. yeah, what is UP with Congress? when they’re not actively helping Obama, they don’t seem to be doing anything to stop him. why did we vote them in?

          and don’t the Repubs have control of both houses of Congress? why are they such wusses?

          you know what else I’m tired of? Republicans grandstanding about what they’re going to defund and then not defunding anything.

          eg, the Palestinians. the moment the PA “merged” with Hamas, US law said that funding should have been cut off. was it? no. but there are several Repubs running around these saying funding should be cut off. well do it then! what are you waiting for?

          eg2: Planned Parenthood. will the GOO outrage over those videos last long enough for them to do something, or will they all go off to Rehoboth Beach for their 5-week summer recess and forget about it?

          1. Exactly! ALL the Republicans do is grandstand and then either do nothing, or act to help Obummer. They do not represent us at all. Even worse, they think we’re stupid as they raise a ruckus about this and that but in the end it’s all theater.

            They’ll follow the same playbook on the Iran deal as they have with Planned Parenthood, immigration, the trade deal, etc. A lot of grandstanding, but in the end they’ll fold.

            I so wish that I agreed with the Democrats on most issues because I would honestly rather be a member of that party than of a party filled with lying, scheming wimps who only look out for themselves and their big crony donors who will reward them richly now and even more so when they leave office.

      2. Yes ma’am.
        It is full throttle.
        (That’s why I like what Trump is doing.)
        Have you seen anybody with the guts to do what he is doing ?

        Very few,…and almost at once they are silenced.

        Go Donald Go.

        1. oh, so you want the Democrats to win? I admire Trump for speaking his mind, but as a candidate in the general election he would be disastrous.

          aside from everything else, his McCain crack was seriously classless. you don’t have to like McCain’s politics to respect his service to our country and what he went through as a POW.

  4. I used to work with a young guy who said if you said something with enough confidence and authority, people would believe you. And folks used to believe him not matter what he said.

    1. Snake oil salesman in one of Clint Eastwoods movies,…….
      Drink this and it will heal everything you got wrong with you.
      Indian says to him, why don’t you drink it ?

      Snakeoil, people that are gullible enough to buy it.

      Skepticism is very healthy.
      Cynicism works with it.
      Combined, they both contribute to experience.

      Once burned,..always learned.

    2. Falls in the how stupid do they think we are category?

      Susan Benghazi Video Rice swears that Congress has everything – nothing has been withheld – nothing secret -.

      Susan Rice is also partial to dictators and authoritarian regimes.

      1. Earlier I walked in litte while Fox had a video of her. I was not sure when it was filmed. She did say that Congress would see it.
        Yesterday I read it would be kept from Congress.

    1. Come to think of it, I don’t remember ever seeing him smile. He’s always sooo depressing to watch. Thank goodness for the remote.

      Miss Lindsey never had it so good, thanks to The Donald. All these tv interviews could even push him up to the 2% mark!

    2. I loved LG’s video ..good humor always wins.
      Now if the ‘politicians’ would run their campaigns with truth and humor..we might find someone that we can trust ..HA!

  5. O.T.

    It seems that the Russian pilots are getting pretty frisky these days:

    Two Russian bombers intercepted while flying 40 miles off coast of CA in Mendacino on July 4. It occurred during a phone call that Putin placed to Obama.
    Same situation as the Ukraine air tragedy last year that occurred while Putin was talking to Obama. Hope this isn’t an omen.

    “Good morning American pilots, we are here to greet you on your Fourth of July Independence Day,” a Russian Tu-95 Bear bomber crew member stated over the emergency aircraft channel.

  6. There was a protest in Times Square tonight to protest the Iran deal. Amongst the speakers were George Pataki and Alan Dershowitz:

    Americans pack Times Square to denounce Iran deal

    New York (AFP) – Protesters poured into New York’s Times Square on Wednesday to denounce the Iran nuclear deal as a threat to Israel and global security, demanding that the US Congress reject the pact.

    Speakers, including Republican politicians called on Congress to throw it out, whipping up the crowd that included supporters of right-wing Jewish and evangelical Christian groups.

    “We’re here as Americans to speak with one voice to say stop Iran now, reject this deal,” said George Pataki, the former three-term Republican governor of New York.

    “This is a God-awful deal, this must be rejected. Congress must do its job and stand up for the American people, stand up for our safety and say no to this Iranian deal,” he said.

    Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, co-organizer of the Stop Iran Rally, claimed that there were 10,000 people in the crowd. Protesters held up US flags and placards denouncing the deal.

    A spokesperson for the organizers said protesters had packed an entire block on both sides of Seventh Avenue.

    The rally expressed support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose criticism of the deal has strained relations with President Barack Obama.


    Scholar and Democrat Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor, appealed to fellow liberals to side with Republican opposition.

    “It is a bad deal for Democrats. It is a bad deal for liberals. I am here opposing this deal as a liberal Democrat,” he said.

    He called the deal bad for America, bad for world peace and bad for the security of the Middle East.


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