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Obama Seems Unfamiliar with Name of Iran Hostage

Yeah, let’s get what’s-his-name out of there!

Okay, let’s give him a break. It can be so hard reading these things off the teleprompter.

Yes, that’s sarcasm.

30 thoughts on “Obama Seems Unfamiliar with Name of Iran Hostage”

    1. Downstairs, I posted a link to the VFW PAC, they contribute and endorse or something, DEMOCRATS !! So, of course, this was a friendly crowd.

  1. He is given 2-3 talking points to utter – he is told to be certain these phrases are spoken. The rest is stuff that is supposed to be easy to read out loud.
    Obviously, occasionally someone in his “stellar” staff of aides screws up.
    B team is so obviously off the bench now.

    1. The world would be so upset if she had been discussing puppy parts or kitty parts. As far o he should have been able tell he messed up. Why is he going to Kenya? I am still embarrassed that he was a no show in Paris.

          1. I was familiar with that man. I put a question mark, because of The long list and the mess we have to deal with and now that issue. One that is hard to even keep in mind.

    1. Can Obama name the soldiers slaughtered in Tennessee? Can he even name those who died in Benghazi? You can bet he’ll never forget the names of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray.

  2. I feel sorry for the hostages in Iran. I suspect their lives will be even worse now that they have become Obama’s johnny come lately ping pong ball. At some point, if they and their families, are lucky there will be an Obama Miracle and they will, by the grace of Barack be able to come home.

    But they will suffer.

  3. Here is an OT. Walker politely addressing an illegal family (father and two children — boo hoo) after being confronted at a campaign event. Note — No one could ever get this close to Hillary that’s for sure.

    Anyway, the reason I posted this is for the comment by Chester Sims — took him 19 years to become a citizen. It is an arduous process and he stuck it out despite some unbelievable bureaucratic BS and his sympathy does not lie with the Snivelers.

    1. Yes Hillary even dictacts to her click not to talk to reporters. She does have her own set of rules as we know, or HER way of tending to things.
      I do not need to type her list.

  4. Let’s not forget that the man thought there are 57 states. So we already know he’s a couple of faked accents short of Hillary Clinton’s full campaign schedule.

  5. And the hits keep coming.

    Congressmen Mike Pompeo of Kansas and Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas issued a press release today in which they outlined aspects of the Iran deal which are being kept secret from the public and even the U.S. congress which will soon vote on whether or not to approve the deal.

    Pompeo and Cotton met with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna on Friday. During this meeting, it was disclosed that two undisclosed side deals are part of the greater agreement between Iran and the IAEA.

    I cut and pasted this, because the source is Iran Truth – a site I am not familiar. But it is elsewhere and you can find a discussion of it at AOS

    1. Now we know why Obama is so desperate to hide the contents of the “deal” from the Congress and the American people. There’s a lot to hide, as there usually is when Obama cuts a deal with anyone, any country or anything. He could be stopped in his tracks if the leadership in the Congress would do their jobs. But they won’t. And here we are.

  6. you know what’s the worst thing, though? after he and Kerry cave on every single item Iran wanted…AFTER they sneaked off to the UN to have it signed by that group of corruptocrats before showing it to our own Congress…after they gave away the store to Iran–

    NOW Obama decides to get tough? “send them home” he intones (as he mispronounces their names). why in the world would Iran do anything for you now?

    this is what some might call a “negotiating point” and you really might have brought up earlier, like maybe before this abomination of a deal was signed?

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  9. If he and the folks who work for him were actually closely following these American prisoners’ plight, you would think he would certainly know how to say their names. Clearly they mean nothing to him. No surprise there.

  10. Hostages? He doesn’t care about them, if he did, he would have made it the first priority when they started the talks like an intelligent patriotic president would have. Him and Kerry, dumb and dumber. They are two sociopaths that hate America. And then throw in Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi, the two left-over anti-America hippies from the 60’s that never got over it. Liars and baby killers all.

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