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Haass: Iran Deal Doesn’t Solve the Nuclear Problem

Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass this morning said the Iran deal not only doesn’t solve the Iranian nuclear weapons problem, but it allows Iran to put into place everything it needs to build a nuclear program.

Haass, who appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, was alludiing to Iran’s ability during years 10-15 of the agreement to ramp up its production of uranium and move toward a near-zero day breakout period for creating a nuclear weapon. As in, do it tomorrow.

He said:

What this agreement can do is for ten or fifteen years put a ceiling on selective Iranian capabilities . . . The real problem with this agreement is not that Iran cheats, it’s that it complies, and after ten of fifteen years it’s then legally able to amass all the prerequisites of a large-scale nuclear weapons program . . . this agreement in no way solves the Iranian nuclear conundrum.

21 thoughts on “Haass: Iran Deal Doesn’t Solve the Nuclear Problem”

    1. Obama to Iranian nut jobs: “If you like your nuclear weapons, you can keep your nuclear weapons.”

      First time the Bam has spoken the truth since he was 8 years old.

      1. I just heard on Fox that while o was speaking to the VFW’s, he called on Iran, to release hostages that are unjustly detained.
        He also rambled that he don’t want ground troops fighting ISIS, but said WE ARE POUNDING THEM.
        Does he pay attention to the news?

  1. But…but…haven’t we known this all along? It’s just Obama kicking the can down the road, as usual, in order to pad his legacy.

  2. It’s an end run around Congress and unconstitutional. The only left to do is for Congress not to vote for it and let Obama veto their vote.

    Obama should be made to walk this alone. He initiated it alone — he can carry it alone. After all it’s his stupid legacy that started this surrender of our sovereignty.

    1. If Congress okays this deal with these terrorists, well, then, that is the end for us. That means that Congress has zero intelligence and are a bunch of stupid asses like Obama. It is unbelievable that all Americans have to worry that Congress would okay this stupid, dangerous, sick deal by a sick Administration.

      1. It also means that Obama does not need Congress for foreign policy action he wants to take — except for funding of course!

        1. 0bama doesn’t need Congress. He just went to UN, they said yes. 0bama: So hey, that’s it. Who needs a stinkin Congress.

  3. 1530hrs EST: Why the Hell is Shep Smith on FNC getting off on reporting all this who-cares stuff about Gov. Blago…?

    Biased/liberal Shep Smith (and the rest of FNC) will not even look into how Barack Hussein Obama’ rose to power in Chicago

  4. Mssr. Kerry reportedly is ‘very, very disturbed’ at the comment by the Ayatollah: “We will trample America”.

    I would say this act is already a fait accompli! We couldn’t even get four POWs out of the deal! In fact, Kerry didn’t even bring it to the table – didn’t want to give Iran ‘more concessions’. Such a coward!

    1. I am astounded as well that this was even brought to the table. What I cannot find is feedback/info on how the citizens of France and Germany feel about this. Yes all the people who will do business with Iran, I am sure are just delighted.

  5. Ash Carter in Israel — Netanayhu et al would be foolish to listen to him. As if Bibi needs me to tell him. heh

    Elsewhere outgoing Gen. Odierno concerned that the with the dangerous military cuts we may no longer have the capacity to deter. Especially in the light of ISIS and the uptick of Russia. And finally he thinks we should have kept a force in Iraq and of course, he share his thinking with dirtbag Dempsey.

    Excellent service to his country.

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