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Video || Obama Honors Our Oldest Veteran

This woman, 110-year-old Emma Didlake, was adorable. She was coming in the White House as I was walking out the other day.

She is 110, but I can tell you, she didn’t look a day over 105 . . .

Okay, sorry, couldn’t resist that one. Actually, she looked to be in her 80s, or younger, couldn’t believe she was so old. Nice to see President Obama honor her.

10 thoughts on “Video || Obama Honors Our Oldest Veteran”

  1. Something appears wrong here. She said she left her husband and joined the Army during WWII. If she was born in 1905 she would have been at least 36 when WWII broke out. Women weren’t allowed into the Army Wacs’ until 1942 (she would have then been 37) and she would have been too old to join.

    I think her ‘service record’ needs some review or maybe her birth certificate.

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