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REDLINE || Monday, July 20, 2015

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Monday, July 20, 2015​

Good morning! In the news today: Obama is seeking to ban millions of Social Security recipients from owning guns; Trump doubles down on McCain; illegal immigrants flowing in under Obama; UN approves Iran deal; support for gay marriage declines after ruling; and the shark that missed.

Have a great day.




Obama may ban millions of seniors from owning guns . . . The Obama administration wants to keep people collecting Social Security benefits from owning guns if it is determined they are unable to manage their own affairs. The push, which could potentially affect millions whose monthly disability payments are handled by others, is intended to bring the Social Security Administration in line with laws that prevent gun sales to felons, drug addicts, immigrants in the United States illegally, and others. Fox News

I’m not aware that seniors are holding up 7-Elevens. They may need to defend themselves, though.

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Trump: I don’t need to be lectured . . . “McCain has abandoned our veterans,” Trump writes. “I will fight for them.” Donald Trump in USA Today

Coverage “a false number” . . . Responding to the controversy in a live interview Monday morning on NBC’s “Today,” Trump blasted the show’s hosts and other members of the media for allegedly misrepresenting his comments. “The media has done just a false number, as usual…. The next sentence was, ‘He’s a war hero.’ I said that, but they never want to play it and you don’t want to play it,” Trump said. The Hill

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Trump: Let’s start “not being so politically correct” . . . Speaking to Bill O’Reilly of Fox News Thursday night, Trump pointed out the obvious inanity that is President Obama’s failure to use the term “Muslim extremism” and the flight from reality by those who simply refused to recognize that terrorism is more likely to come out of the Muslim community than, say, the Unitarians or the Rotary Club. White House Dossier

Bush beats Rubio among Miami Cuban-Americans . . . Bush is more popular than Rubio among Cuban-American Republicans, by 43-31 percent — even though Rubio is the son of Cuban immigrants. The other Cuban American in the race, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, drew 7 percent support (so did “Undecided”). Miami Herald

Walker relentlessly on message . . . During his three-day swing across the state, the Wisconsin governor showed the kind of discipline and caution most candidates can only dream of. Politico

Kasich’s anger management . . . As he preps his presidential bid, the Ohio governor is working to control his temper. Politico

I’ve been on the receiving end of this myself. Not pretty.

Giuliani: New Yorkers want me back . . . “A lot of people come up to me and tell me to run again. I’m not running again. Don’t want to run again,” Giuliani said. Newsmax

Christie: “The president’s lying to us” . . . “The president stood up and said, ‘inspections anytime anywhere’ – 24/7 access,” Christie said. “What have we found when read in the document, the document says we could wait as long as 24 days to get access.”White House Dossier

Hillary accused of undermining free speech . . . Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton put her willingness to defend the Constitution in serious doubt when she promised Islamic countries the United States government would intimidate Americans who violate their free speech code, national security expert Stephen Coughlin told The Daily Caller.



Report: 2.5 million illegal immigrants under Obama . . . Some 2.5 million illegal immigrants have flowed into the United States under President Obama, with 790,000 rushing in since 2013, according to a new analysis. Washington Examiner

U.S., Cuba establish diplomatic relations . . . The United States and Cuba quietly ushered in a new era of post-Cold War relations on Monday, formally restoring diplomatic ties severed more than five decades ago and re-establishing embassies in each other’s capitals. Reuters

Republicans fret “Midnight regulations” . . . Republicans are sounding the alarm about a deluge of  “midnight regulations” that could be pushed through agency pipelines the waning days of the Obama administration. The Hill

What? Obama try to rule by fiat? Nahh . . . 

Obama dishwasher rules leave food on plates . . . The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers is accusing the Department of Energy of a politically motivated drive to increase dishwasher efficiency, which are so bad that they would cause consumers to re-wash dishes, erasing any efficiency gains. The Hill

Brought to you by the people who ruined the shower.

Cartoon of the Day || July 17, 2015

Obama Schedule || Monday, July 20, 2015



UN endorses Iran deal . . . The United Nations Security Council on Monday endorsed a deal to curb Iran’s nuclear program in return for sanctions relief, but it will be able to re-impose U.N. penalties during the next decade if Tehran breaches the historic agreement. Reuters

Israel pressures Congress to kill Iran deal . . . Israel is engaging in a major lobbying push to try to kill the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran. The Hill



Dozens dead after terror attack in Turkey . . . An apparent suicide bombing ripped through a rally Monday in the Turkish border town of Suruc, leaving at least 28 people dead and wounding 100 others, provincial Gov. Izzettin Kucuk told Turkish media. CNN

ISIS training kids to perform beheadings . . . The children had all been shown videos of beheadings and told by their trainers with the Islamic State group that they would perform one someday. First, they had to practice technique. The more than 120 boys were each given a doll and a sword and told, cut off its head. Associated Press

Charlie Hebdo stops drawing Muhammed . . . “Charlie Hebdo” has bid adieu to drawing Muhammad. The top editor and publisher of the French satirical weekly said his publication would no longer draw cartoons of the Muslim prophet, telling German magazine “Stern” that he did not want to believe his organization “was possessed by Islam.” Fox News

You must also know 2


Support for gay marriage declines . . . Poll respondents were divided over allowing same-sex marriage in their own state, with 42 percent in favor and 40 percent opposed. Support was down slightly since April, when 48 percent said they were in favor in another AP-GfK survey. Associated Press

Medicare pits doctors against patients . . . As it has grown into one of the largest program’s in the federal budget, Medicare has enabled government to assert unprecedented control over the doctor-patient relationship. More and more, doctors and patients are finding that Medicare won’t pay for treatments they want to try. Washington Examiner

Black officer aids white supremacist . . . White-supremacist groups and African-American demonstrators clashed in Columbia, S.C., on Saturday, resulting in at least five arrests and seven people taken to hospitals as tensions — and temperatures — flared following the recent decision to remove the Confederate flag from the Statehouse grounds. But it was the powerful image of a black police officer assisting a man wearing a black T-shirt bearing a swastika and struggling in the heat that resonated online. Yahoo News

Hackers say they have the goods on cheaters . . . Hackers claim to have personal details of more than 37 million cheating spouses on dating website Ashley Madison and have threatened to release nude photos and sexual fantasies of the site’s clients unless it is shut down, blog KrebsOnSecurity reported. Reuters

Video || Pro surfer escapes shark attack on live TV . . . A surfing competition in South Africa was canceled Sunday after professional surfer Mick Fanning escaped a shark attack in the opening minutes of the final heat. CNN

The shark didn’t kill him. I think it just wanted publicity. Call me a cynic.


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66 thoughts on “REDLINE || Monday, July 20, 2015”

  1. Surprise, surprise–care tationed for old people. Stunner! Old people also can’t have guns if someone else does things for them–what if that person needs to defend their charge against an intruder? That would soon morph to no one over 70 can own a gun–too shaky, bad eyesight, don’tcha know? We have to watch these people every second.

    1. AfVet You are correct. This is another gun grab. I know lots of over 70 folks that have helpers cause they have trouble walking or seeing. That does not mean they should have their rights taken away!
      Only the evil ObamaMohamed would want this.

  2. If you read the Medicare rationing thing–you see mention of a proposal or idea or something that people should get a big fund of Medicare money and pay for any treatments they can get docs to give them. I say let’s look at this puppy more carefully.

  3. “FBI recovers Mohammods drug diary”, headline on Drudge Report. Hmmm, I trust no one these days so….did they “plant” it ? Just like the Milwaukee police chief said, they will try to muddle the water between the killings and Islam.

      1. I agree, srdem, I smell a rat here. And, what happened with the facts of a 7 months long trip to Jordan, the long beard, the odd statements on the Internet, the victims were all US soldiers ? Not relevant anymore ?

          1. Its called whitewashing the Muslims again by Obama and his band of theives. No problem, no terror here??? what?? Its just a kid who was depressed on drugs who took 5 hero lives and injured others, depression huh? Glad they got him. May he rot in hell.

        1. Also, were is the discussion about the mental health of the “Confederate Flag”-killer ? So, he was all sane and healthy and aware of his deeds ? Well, if he was a troubled youth, a depressed drug addict with a “drug diary”, then all those flags couldn´t be confiscated. I see….

      2. Plus depressed people usually are immobilized–they don’t sit around writing, “Today I am a five on the depressed scale, had three neg thoughts and one made terrorism sound like fun…”

  4. Contrary to the implications that the elderly are likely to go on shooting rampages and should be protected, this proposal is to confiscate GUN COLLECTIONS that might be passed on to heirs without any transfer of ownership.
    Gramp’s gun collection is probably not registered nor can ownership be verified.

    MrTrump vs SenMcCain’s hero status:
    No, there’s no “firestorm” of a backlash against MrTrump’s comments, but there is a new consideration of the definition of “hero”.
    No one doubts that SenMcCain was tortured while in captivity and endured unspeakable treatment by the VietCong during the war. However, millions of other Americans suffered the fate of tortured POW status, too, without the lifelong honor of being considered a “hero”.

    1. I am of the opinion that Mr. Trump was clumsy with his words, but also that these words were not, not surprisingly, accurately reported. This include the three x Trump said McCain was a hero. But I agree with you srdem65.

      Now if Trump would call out Kerry for the traitor he is….

      1. But I heard the whole thing–it was accurate. He rambled on about how McCain should be defeated–vote against him, Arizona, he said–he said he could be defeated if someone good ran against him–there was a lot there… (I know–many on this list agree with the McCain should not be re-elected thing–but I am not going with out of context on that quote. Now he says “I like people who were captured”–that sounds assinine.

        1. I am using the Sharyl Atkisson response to WAPO on this issue. I find her to be the most reliable.

          On McCain — he served and suffered and made it home. I am grateful to him and all who served.

          I don’t find much admirable in his political service. But you and I differ here.

        2. It’s true Trump is a clumsy speaker, but passionately believes his own words. Nicey-nice words aren’t going to save our republic and he’s brought the plight of mistreated veterans to the front of the national conversation.

          Sen.McCain was a hostage 50 years ago, were is his compassion for those held in Iran today?

          1. He blasted the “agreement” on MoJoe this AM, tho no mention of the hostages–he said he agreed with Bibi on the thing. He also said Trump owed him no apology, but he suggested some vets he knew to whom service and bravery was the high pt of their lives–they deserved an apology, he said. He also said even while in prison, he and the others got inspiration to hang on from soldiers they knew and considered heroes.

      2. I’m sure Kerry is in his crosshairs, he’s all ready called Hillary the worst SoS in the history of our country. I’m sure Kerry can top that. :)

    2. As we watch the MSM, members of the political Establishment, and Presidential candidates all running around holding up their petticoats and decrying Trump’s “words”, as they like to say, I am reminded of this little song from The Music Man:

      “Pick a little, talk a little, pick a little, talk a little,
      Cheep cheep cheep, talk a lot, pick a little more
      Pick a little, talk a little, pick a little, talk a little,
      Cheep cheep cheep, talk a lot, pick a little more
      Pick a little, talk a little, pick a little, talk a little,…………”

      And so forth.

  5. Speech code?
    As far as the gun issue.
    That is another issue that is going to violate many people.
    There are illegals running around robbing, killing with a stolen gun.
    However grandpa is going to get a knock on the door. Give me your guns!
    One of my grandfathers was older and did not serve in WWII. He never owned a gun in his life. He died of Alziemer’s.
    My other grandfather served in WWII. Never kept a gun with him after the war. He died of heart troubles, and kept his mind. The bottom line is it was my families concern of fellow family members. Not the Government. When is someone going to tell him to back off?

    1. Of course you are correct. I had not thought about the elders having guns to be handed down. But of course you got it.

      The The Donald attacks continue. If elected he could change things for the better. MSM can’t have that!!

        1. My father also fedexed his Navy .45 to us the day after the home invasion–too late, but it did provide some sense of security since the police said there was a 50-50 chance the four men would be back.

  6. John Kasich article about his needing anger management –

    What a joke of an article…….Ooh, he raised his voice at me in 1996………Politico is nothing but Huffpo lite….

    SSA and Disabled not being allowed to have guns-

    When was the last time the elderly was involved in mass shootings? I have an idea ban selling guns and ammo to young Islamics with four names that includes Mohammed !

    1. Older people have run people down with cars–let’s confiscate those..Oh, right, that is the job of their kids–well, kids, can gramps shoot still? The govt needs to quit these lame and TRANSPARENT attempts to grab guns.

      1. Star I appreciate your point that some people can not drive like they could in the early years. However there are some teenagers who don’t follow the rules of driving. There are some others that still carry a drink while driving. I understand that some older people people may not even have family members to take the keys away. However to have the government start knocking at doors to take their guns is not going to stop there, untill we are whispering to one another: What happened?
        I never thought it would get this bad?
        That reminds me of the article on Hillary and the speech code that Keith had on Redline.

  7. Regardomg the vote today.
    After I heard the news this morning, I had pulled up
    There were three different articles regarding what Omri Cerel concluded in 3 emails he sent out about Kerry and Moniz’s news shows on Sunday.
    I wrote down two pages of info that was mentioned.
    The bottom line After everything they each stated Ceren determined we should expect walkbacks today on their answers in each catagory. Many in which are false, soon to be followed by a new set of talking points.
    I was not familiar with Omri Ceren or his blog/website. If anyone here at WHD is. Please let me know.

  8. Dum idea as usual. In Sierra Vista, AZ, several years ago an 82 yr old woman shot & killed a would be purse thief outside a grocery store. Everyone was very happy for her. 0 needs to get out of every aspect of our lives, we will be safer.

  9. Re gun control for seniors: Does this mean that all seniors confined to wheelchairs will lose their only means of defense when one of Obama’s Black thugs breaks through the door?

    He can’t pass gun control, so he takes it out on those least likely to go on a rampage. He has nothing better to do except threaten seniors with with losing SS. What a guy!

    1. All due respect, but I think “Obama’s Black thugs” are more properly referred to as composite sons of Barack Obama.

  10. OT: I just finished reading Sunday’s open thread and stand corrected on Obama playing golf with republicans. It’s so confusing to seperate the parties these days (how’s that for an excuse?).

    And I agree, the commenting format still sucks. I keep getting Load Failure and dup comment messages, but at least my comments appear, yay! :)

    I know disqus isn’t perfect either, though more and more news sites are switching over to it. I really wish Keith would consider it since it lets you see who every commenter is responding too.

      1. I despise Disqus…pls no…It rearranges comments by how many likes–it’s terrible. Plus all your comments are held in one place–thousands…

        1. I’ve never had that problem with disqus at MOTUS ? When I check my little notification thingy, I’ve always felt I was reading it chronologically, not by popularity.

        2. With disqus you can choose the order of the comments, by oldest, newest, and best. I always choose oldest so the comments and replies are in chronological order. The edit feature works well and we can post pictures! On this site, using WordPress or whatever it is, not so much.

      2. TCH is more like disqus with the response notification, I didn’t know wordpress had comment section format choices? All the WP blogs I follow are just like TCH’s.

        Its funny, Twitchy has the WP notification box and disqus for comments? I’m so tech challenged.

    1. That’s going to be interesting only from the viewpoint of who can yell , bloviate, bombast the loudest. No way Bill can “side” with Trump — despite what he may think.

      1. The Bill O’Reilly, the Mr. Constant Interrupter– to show you how clever he is– Show is all about Bill O’Reilly, the Ted Baxter of TV commentators. I always feel sorry for the guests, many of whom are serious and very knowledgeable. The guests are only ornaments designed to show how O’Reilly is “watching out for you”.

        I hope Trump tears O’Reilly apart.

  11. Check out website The American Conservative article written by Sydney Schanberg ‘McCain and the POW cover up.’
    Trump does not owe McCain an apology..McCain and ‘others’ owe American Vietnam Vets ..All Vets more than apology..!

      1. He said Trump (contains word rump I just noticed) did not owe him an apology–but all vets. McCain also mentioned he was pushing two bills to benefit vets…where does that fit in this scenario? Should McCain have apologized for that? He declined to comment on the Trump-draft evader theme.

        1. Also–McCain said they needed to get someone good to run against McCain–he does have two people so far running in the primary against him–so either Trump did not know this or “does not like” them, either.

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