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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, July 21, 2015

9:35 am || Departs White House
10:50 am || Arrives Pittsburgh
11:20 am || Delivers remarks at the 116th National Convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars; David Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh
1:10 pm || Departs Pittsburgh
2:20 pm || Arrives New York City
3:35 pm || Tapes an appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart; The Daily Show Studio, New York City
6:20 pm || Delivers remarks and takes questions at a fundraiser for Senate Democrats; Private Residence, New York City
8:05 pm || Departs New York City
9:15 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

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  1. Barry sure has his priorities:

    Obama to Make Final Appearance on ‘Daily Show With Jon Stewart’

    Give the liberal host a final send off.

    12:08 PM, Jul 17, 2015 • By DANIEL HALPER

    President Obama will appear on the Daily Show With Jon Stewart. The appearance will be next week in New York City. Stewart’s last scheduled show is August 6.

    The Comedy Central show put out a press release announcing the presidential visit:

    President Barack Obama will make his seventh and final appearance as a guest on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” on Tuesday, July 21 at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT, leading up to Jon’s last show as host on Thursday, August 6.

    This marks President Obama’s third appearance since taking office as President of the United States of America. He has also previously appeared on October 18, 2012, October 27, 2010, October 29, 2008, April 21, 2008, August 22, 2007 and November 7, 2005.

    • I have a baby bird in my tree outside of my kitchen window. It is right next my window. I think I will check if the baby bird is still there, instead of watching his appearance on that show.
      OT: Speaking of the baby bird, How long do they stay in the nest?
      I was astounded see how long they keep their beak open while waiting for mom to fly back.

      • How nice, Lee. It depends on what kind of bird it is, a robin or a black bird stays around 2 weeks, but big birds like the owl, around 8 weeks. Talking about owls, I am so excited, I have heard a tawny owl call many nights.It is a magic sound. I hope it will find a wife/husband soon. If I was handy I would build a nesting-box for it. They need big boxes, almost like a small bureau.

          • Speaking of Birds..we have a world famous Alligator Farm here in St Augustine,FL. Nestled in the Cypress trees growing over and above the swampful of gators are large numbers of white egrets, herons, etc. that dangerously build their nests and raise their young during springtime.
            It’s a magical event which attracts thousands of folks from the world over to see/photo this up close spectacle.
            If you’re ever in the area, come see. You wont regret a minute of it. (My name is ol gator and I approve this message.)

  2. And still…not a word about the Chattanooga massacre! Hope the Vets give him h*ll tomorrow! Better yet, hope they are no shows! He is despicable – wouldn’t even lower the flag!
    It’s time for a little civil disobedience, IMO. We can’t survive another 18 months of this traitor.

    • I think they should all show up, but when BO stands up to give his speech, they all stand up united and walk out.

      Not that BO would notice.

    • From the Vets to the JD Show. Kind of like from the beheading to the golf course. From Benghazi to Vegas.

      Anyway, this POS CiC did not even call the families of those 5 military men killed by that punk jihadi terrorist in TN. Did not even call their families, lower the flag. Nothing. I hope those vets give him the what for.

      But they will be too respectful. They are the last of the lot — good, brave, proud Americans.

    • Because President Obama is the current Commander in Chief, the Veterans of Foreign Wars should attend out of respect for his position. However, it would be gratifying to see them offer the President no standing ovations, no smiles, no warm greetings, no enthusiastic applause or handshakes.
      The President has behaved disgracefully and dishonorably and has forfeited the good will extended to him by veterans; he should be humbled by the fact that the invitation to appear before them exists at all.

      • Girly, Otis, Grace, Carolyn , agree, no respect for Barry. The vets are just supposed to be effects in Barrys show. Later on Barry will be the Star in Jons show. The presidency is all about show business these days. And Trouble, shoe-throwing is an insult to any Muslim, so, great advice.

  3. DOD is asking recruiters to ditch their uniforms, but refuses to allow them to be armed!

    How about taking weapons away from Obama’s SS detail! Azzhat!

  4. Ugh! As if I wasn’t already fed up with most of Fox, Megyn Kelly had the vapid, whiny Meghan Mccain on her show tonight and announced that she’s a new Fox contributor. I refused to even watch after that.

    Apparently, I missed the announcement on Friday:

    Meghan McCain Joins Fox News

    By Chris Ariens on Jul. 17, 2015 – 11:31 AM

    Meghan McCain, daughter of Republican U.S. Senator John McCain, and an on-again, off-again TV news presence over the years, is joining Fox News as a contributor ahead of the 2016 elections. McCain was an MSNBC contributor during the 2012 elections. Last year she co-hosted the short-lived news/talk show TakePart Live on the Pivot channel.

    McCain’s move to Fox was first reported by Variety. She will contribute to both daytime and prime time shows. Her first appearance is not yet scheduled.

    • FOX has really gone to the dogs! M. McCain will fit right in with the rest of the loud-mouthed FOX babes, Megyn Kelly included.

      Funniest line yet came from an entertainment review: “They (FOX babes) are a small, angry tribe’.

      Whoever directed these women to act like such angry, crazy nuts must be insane. Either that, or they are working for the Obama administration.

      In addition, FOX now has GERALDO on The Five!!!

      • I love Fox and love the wonderful women, all beautiful, all make perfect sense all the time,especially Megan, she is my favorite, she has such intelligence and common sense — It is a pleasure to watch all the women on Fox. Can’t stand the ugly stupid ones on CNN, they are boring, boring, boring. Give me Fox anytime of the day. Love the guys too on Fox, especially O’Reilly, love his show and it makes me feel that there still are people out there that love this country, not like the so-called president Obama.

      • My dh was watching “The Five” yesterday, with Jerry Rivers, and it occurred to me that I actually MISSED Bob Beckel, which is insane. The addition of McCain’s air-headed daughter at Fox is a really bad move.

      • I saw her on megan and I could not watch. I never like her. She is a Rino, A complete Lib. In fact she only joined republician party for her dad a few years ago. I have watched every megan kellys show. since 2010. Not this segment. Unfair for her to comment.

    • Chris Ariens used the words “contribute”/”contributor” three times in the announcement.

      Other than whiny complaining, just what does Megan McCain “contribute” to any discussion?

      • It’s a mystery. If Fox is looking for someone to hire, why hire this McCain kid. What illuminating insight does she bring to the table? None whatsoever, as far as can be seen thus far. There’s no there there.

      • They get paid to be a contributor, as I am sure is obvious. I once interviewed Joyce Brothers and asked her how much Fox contributors made and basically she said–Nunya.

    • If accurate, this Pentagon directive is infuriating. Instead, all military recruitment offices should have a large American flag flanking their entrance doors; recruitment officers should be in full uniform; and not only should “blinds” be not closed, they should be fully raised so that all can see inside.

      Additionally, there should be a rifle-armed officer standing at attention during all recruitment centers’ hours of operation.

      Americans do not duck and hide; we have always faced our enemies with strength, pride, firm commitment, and resolve – someone ought to remind our present Commander in Chief of that.

      • I love Fox and love the wonderful women, all beautiful, all make perfect sense all the time,especially Megan, she is my favorite, she has such intelligence and common sense — It is a pleasure to watch all the women on Fox. Can’t stand the ugly stupid ones on CNN, they are boring, boring, boring. Give me Fox anytime of the day. Love the guys too on Fox, especially O’Reilly, love his show and it makes me feel that there still are people out there that love this country, not like the so-called president Obama.

    • I listened to a fine Vet speaking on Fox last night. I apologize I cannot recall his name, but he had received a medal of honor for his service.
      Point: He stated: NO we should not wear plain cloths. That is just giving into the maniacs, by changing our ways here in America.

  5. Milwaukee sheriff David Clarke said yesterday in a Fox interview: Obama has glossed over the victims of the Chattanooga shooting because the event didn´t fit in his racial agenda. None of the victims looked like Trayvon Martin. ( Info Wars ).
    Clarke is black, by the way. And a great, straightforward, honest police.

  6. 20 minutes with our Veterans at the most and then its all about this little freaky president.
    I used to think Jon Stewart was funny many years ago but adios and big aloha…take barry with you when you go.

  7. They just showed on Fox the clip of, Joshi stating yesterday, he don’t have info on why the flag was not flown half staff.
    Did not pick up the phone to the families as well.
    Mother of Marine stated on Hannity that she did not hear from him. Hannity asked does that surprise you, She said, No.

    • According to the article a lot of members do not agree with the PAC endorcements.
      Today is going to be a typical show for o.
      I wish I could find a site where I can read, hear from the Vets who do disagree with the PAC endorcement.
      Also bets on the table.
      Who thinks o is going to mention/state anything about the flag not being raised? I bet they have been working on a reason why for the last couple of days.

    • Don’t know about this. But suspect if there is such a group or leaning toward the Dems, this WH would know and that is where BO will play act as CIC for 20 minutes. What the VFW does with this man who took the Iran “deal” to the UN and refuses to lower the flag to half staff for the 5 military men murdered on US soil is up to them and their consciences.

      • I agree. However there is respect. I will look at their eyebrows to see if I can tell what they are really thinking while he runs his mouth.

    • I think you’re right. The group will be polite and listen, and not react in any raucous, negative way. They’ll applaud and smile and that will be that. It’s not inconceivable that some may boo and hiss, but it would be surprising. It would be interesting to know if the group will have been given “guidance” beforehand to behave themselves.

  8. Rubio’s office said the decision to lower the flag is the Speaker’s decision.

    Called Boehner’s office — got on hold and listened to scratchy rendition of the National Anthem. Finally of course I got the VM.

    Oh yeah, as long as I had Rubio’s boy on the phone, I asked about the UN/Iran diktat and what they were going to do about it since they had blown their wad with Corker. I was assured that Rubio was looking at other legislative ways to go forward.

    And this ladies and gentlemen is just one small example of why these people do not need to come back after recess. If they do anything, they can phone it in after a video conference.

    • The have a whole office dedicated to running Am flags up the pole and lowering them–and then they give them away as having flown over the capitol. Not relevant, but somewhat related.

  9. The daily comments of the WHDers are as interesting and informative as the articles! I would luv for the background of y’all…Star, Shark,sl,girly, etc., to be posted.

  10. The Daily Show again. I guess The One feels the need for a little worship this week. And a fundraiser to top off the day? But, of course.