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Live Stream || White House Briefing – July 20, 2015

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. letter that 100 former ambassodors have signed and newspapers large and small signed former senior politicians signed, we continue to have people to judge the deal their way.
    we will provide the letter. B
    On Cuba is o going to meet with Cuban officials.
    At this point I don’t have info on who person will be who will be the ambassdor.
    Won’t rule out that o will pick someone to be ambassador. Don’t have time frame;
    On Iran you have said you are not trumping Congress. She asked about what they did to their spirit as Congress.
    Josh said to assure the vote won’t go in to effect till after Congress votes. Last week he said the UN vote don’t have impact on sanctions that are implied by US and Congress
    What is o doing behind the scenes regarding golfing with law makers. Josh said he enjoyed and it did not focus on just the Iran issue.
    Don’t have additional conversations to tell you about he had with politicians.
    On Wednesday their will be classified briefings on hill.
    Another CLASSIFIED. There will be a open hearing on Thursday.
    Missed the title/name of that hearing.
    Jeff: Does WH have any comments on Trumps comment.
    There political differences have not reduced o’s admiration for McCain.
    Josh has not spoken to o about the comment.
    Need to take a break

  2. Journalist stated: In six and 1/2 years it is a rare moment to see him golf with the people he did so this past weekend. Are we wrong that this is a hardcore moment regarding the Iran Issue?
    Joshi gave a Big Smile and said Yes.
    We are back on the McCain Trump issue. We owe them a lot of respect.
    Reporter is asking the definition of what is considered a hero.
    He asked is Berdalh a hero. Joshi not going to get into that.
    Someone asking about nuclear sites to see if it is still the case Is anywhere in a certain time period?
    We are talking electronic survelannce Joshi said we will 24/7 continued monitoring.
    Guns…. article suggest that seniors will be restricted to guns. Joshi has not read the report….Number of steps we have taken to keep guns from people who should no have them like criminals or mental issues. It is a common sense way to provide saftey to the public.
    Did o see video on shark attack. I can’t believe he asked that unimportant question.
    Asked about the Turkey bombing by Isis. He expresses thier solidarity to them.
    Are you concerned they are expanding into Countries. He said Isil. We are mindful of them. o worked so hard to set up a coalition.
    We have started to see some extremist issues in other Countries and we are concerned.
    o is please to have support from several Countries.
    Major asking Has human rights been better or worse n Cuba. Joshi said we have not seen as much progress as we would have like to.
    Major would you like to see more progress. Joshi yes.
    What is his mandate. His topic to handle interest of us diplomats will have option to travel freely in Cuba. Business and human rights are important.
    o is going to have a speech. He is looking into better service to our Veterans. More work to do regarding the backlog. O is insisting we follow through we do right by Vets.
    Kind of duling charactor regarding the Iran deal. Major said it means US will be under pressure not to put sanctions back. and to ignore certain things. Is that a fair apprasel? Joshi said the only reason we reach this place is because of Iran’s finance crumbling. Iran will be under pressure not to back up. There is no sanction relief untill they take steps to roll back their program. (By 80%) If they cheat the international committee will be in better positon if they cheat.
    I heard enough.