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105 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || July 19, 2015

    • Excellent article, AFVet. And it demonstrates why the public perception of the American media is at an all time low, according to Gallup.

      From Gallup:

      “After registering slightly higher trust last year, Americans’ confidence in the media’s ability to report “the news fully, accurately, and fairly” has returned to its previous all-time low of 40%. Americans’ trust in mass media has generally been edging downward from higher levels in the late 1990s and the early 2000s.”

      Most of us here are aware that much of the big MSM is lying to us, omitting relevant facts, lazy, spinning, deceptive and otherwise untrustworthy. But too many people still think they are the “go-to” source for “news”. Though with a 60 percent distrust score, more and more people are recognizing much of the MSM is corrupt to the core. Readership and viewership are dropping like a rock thrown down a well. There’s a reason for that and it ain’t just the internet.

      • I clicked on Fox a little while ago, they were again discussing Trump.
        They were not discussing, O’Malley apologizing for his comment.

    • Thanks. I put SA in my feed. It’s hard to find well researched objective reporting/commenting and SA so far seems to meet that mark.

      Trump, taken out of context. But he needs to be more careful.

      Fox — have to watch that henhouse.

      • I agree Grace, but in this case, Trump exposed the media for the charlatans they are.
        I commend SA for standing strong on this one.

    • I see late tonight that virtually ALL the MSM are going with the “How could Trump say that about McCain?” They are really having a ball with this story and completely ignoring what Trump actually said in full context. Bunch of trained lab mice, that’s what they are.

  1. I guess Obama is too busy in NYC to see that flags are lowered to half-mast. Where are MO and Jill Biden? If it were five street thugs who were dead, Obama would have made a personal appearance and a TelePrompTer statement of condolence.

  2. Did you notice that Obama was not vetted at all and Trump has all the media after him? Why? Because he is not the chosen one.
    The chosen are Hill and Jeb.

    If you are the chosen, all the bad stuff will be laughed at and made fun of.

    If your the one they do not want all hell will rain on you.

    The race is fixed and we are peons to be bent with propaganda to our masters will. We are screwed.

    The chosen has had 7 years to create havoc and get away with it. Worst POTUS ever and re elected!!

    • Probably going to inform them that should there be conflict between Israel and Obama’s new BFF Israel should not expect our support. So, buck up boys!

      • I’m sure Israel has a workable plan in the works. They have been spit upon by 0 too many times & this Iraq “deal” could be the straw. I don’t know, but it seems possible .

        • I hope so. Probably. They are new to this. Over at Legal Insurrection there’s a good read out and analysis of what we will do to help them and protect their facilities.

  3. I am curious as to why police in a police station are certainly armed but why then not in a military post or recruitment center?? As someone commented this morning, all of the military people are trained in weaponry so what is the reason here?

    • Posse Comitatus Act is mostly responsible for the unarmed US military while on American soil.
      However, our ancestors never imagined a hostile force would be allowed to run amok here after they ousted the British.

      • Do we really want soldiers not just getting low on the floor at the sound of gunfire, but dashing around a strip mall taking positions and shooting away?

          • What about mothers with strollers without the context to know a gunshot when they hear it…? Or passing cars–bullets tend to travel a long way, as you know.

          • One idea I had was bring recruiting online–at least to start the process–then the recruiter could come to the enlistee. Why out in the open–is this really an impulse decision–wow, Look at that jet in the picture in the window, I am signing up! This is twice now (or is it more) that these evildoers have tried to hit soldiers inside the US. They may do something diff next time, but maybe this one situation does need looking at. Remember–one shoe bomber and now we take off shoes forever, it seems.

        • The problem, the outrage at our military shooting our citizens would be loud.
          We’ve never had citizens shooting our military until the Muslims moved to the US with their terroristic tendencies.
          It’s a delicate issue and one that I wouldn’t want to argue.
          Maybe allow civilian based military to have ‘ready access’ to weapons for defensive purposes? dunno.

          • Or have guards–national or otherwise if militry is clustered in the open like this–but to expect the recruiters to not only recruit, ans questions, show videos or however they do it and also watch every little nuance around them and then start shooting is an iffy idea, in my opinion.

          • So….we will let military personnel carry arms on foreign soil (admittedly when in battle) but we cannot trust them to be intelligent to defend the innocent on American soil?

          • It is a police function–they get training on when to shoot or not, a group of military in an office would not be a patrol, with a leader. The margin for error is tight in a civilian strip mall…I don’t go to strip malls bec I can’t get out, but my daughter works in a public place…If there were recruiters near he work, I would worry. What would that Navy yard thing been like if everyone whipped out a gun and started to shoot back…

  4. Obama’s golfing today at Andrews, with Senators Chambliss, Corker and Udall. This, after his big Friday night and Saturday in NYC with his daughters, their friends,his sister and bil. Let the good times roll, NOTHING stops his fun.

    • I also find it curious that Sen Corker was invited to golf despite his calling for Obama to allow Congress their 60 day review of the deal before he goes to the UN. Will be interesting to see if Corker changes his mind after today…

      • Corker and Chambliss. I am discouraged enough to believe that for whatever reason Obama invited two Republicans to golf with him instead of his usual sycophants it’s not good for the country. Maybe Corker and Chambliss are the new sycophants.

          • Perhaps Obama will remind these two birds that he has lots and lots of dirt on them, and that they’d better play along with him or life for them could get, er, embarrassing.

          • As far as I am concerned all of the closed door meetings, private golf games, etc. need to stop.
            He needs to speak to the citizens of this Country.
            He needs to use pictures as well.
            We can flip coins to see who’s turn it is to watch, or listen to him.

    • Where was MO? She loves shopping in NYC, especially Agent Provacateur.

      **She must be selecting Sasha’s wardrobe – the photos in the DM are of a pudgy little girl wearing a skin tight dress – 2 sizes too small. Sad!

  5. Does anyone else miss our snarky and pithy Keith? I can’t figure out of this crazy world has finally gotten to him like the rest. Hope all is well, we have to keep our sense of humor (or dripping sarcasm) to survive!

    • Speaking of crazy. I just pulled up
      One of o’s administration’s top negotiators is defending the N. agreement from critics.
      Under the agreement, it will be “vitually impossible” for Iran to cover up N. activity, Energy Secretary, Ernest Moniz says.
      He made the rounds on Sunday morning talk shows.
      Regarding the (at least) 24 days before inspecting covert sites leaving some to fear this will give them enough time to hide traces of activity.
      Moniz said 3 weeks is a “reasonable” amount of time. I will let WHD readers pull up the rest of what he had to state.
      Do I feel better? NO!

    • Keith is doing fine, imo, so much hitting the fan these days, his posts still remain a joy to read and a respite from the Oblahma Media :)

      I’m do enjoy riding the wave of this early primary circus….Trump and Sanders are tapping into the anger of both sides forcing their parties to think outside the box.

      Netroots Nation was a disaster this year letting the BlackLivesMatter professional agitators take over their conference forcing O’Malley to apologize for saying ALL LIVES MATTER. Sanders just left the building.

      Enjoy the ride !

      • They ended up looking like 4 year boys who just go caught fibbing, fighting, sneaking a cookie out the cookie jar, while the agitator took stage. Than gives an apology!

      • Agree. We don’t want another boring campaign with results and end goals pre-designated. Given the nation’s critical issues, we need a knockdown, drag out political campaign where all the important issues are on the table.

      • Re. O’Malley — bizarre. Might as well hang it up. Who is going to vote for him? Black People because their lives matter (after being forced to say it)? Nope. White people? Nope. They no longer matter — only black people matter. All people? Nope — all people don’t matter. Only black people matter. Charlie Tango Foxtrot O’Malley.

  6. Not that anyone will remember, but I’m still a Walker/Cruz Fangirl. Love the Trump though and will defend his right to free speech. I’ve noticed my other favorites,Perry and Jindal, aren’t even registering on the primary richter scale are the most vocal against DjT.

    You have to remember the McCain/Palin ticket in ’08 were beaten up badly by the Dems, they didn’t fight back and lost, we got Obama.

    Then there’s Sanders on the left, drawing bigger crowds than Hillary. Funny, the media doesn’t report what HE SAYS.

    Obama played golf today with Repubs. Guess it’s easier to threaten the oppo’s families on the golf course /sarc.

    • I with you on the Walker/Cruz and I am all in on what Trump is doing. He had a hard choice to make with the McCain thing and I think he decided if he backs out now it starts up a pattern, so he did the best he could. Plus, it was poorly transmitted by the media that he couldn’t win. That said, I am hoping Trump will clear a path for Walker/Cruz who will look pretty darned middle of the road by the time The Donald is done.

      Re. the Golf thing — I am pretty sure that was 2013 and he played with Dems today.

      • And from Mod jail let me try short version. Denise agree with you re. Walker/Cruz and Trump. Hoping Trump opens door for them. Also Rep golf — 2013.

  7. OT here:
    I dislike this format on the comment section. It’s easy to lose the thread or find yourself responding to something or someone other than what you intended.
    Hard to read, hard to follow.
    Bad form, IMO.

    • Totally agree. Ever since the format changed, I’ve been hoping and waiting for it to change back. I see no advantages, as we still get error messages often. The old format, with lines between comment threads, and no narrowing of the reply columns was a million times better than this new format!

  8. Peyton Manning made a visit without notice to the media. He hasn’t forgotten the University of Tennessee and the opportunity he was given. He went to the Navel Marine Corps Reserve Center.
    There was an article as well regarding Kerry.
    In an interview on ABC, Kerry stated: It would be ‘Presumptuous’ to go to Congress before going to the UN.