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Saturday Open Thread || July 18, 2015



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  1. Obama spends time in NY with his daughters. The young daughters of the murdered sailor will never be able to spend time with their Dad.

    • I was almost in tears–what a pointless waste… The govt people interviewed seemed upset, yes, but kept saying they can’t stop all this. So does a bullet spray in the strip mall, no matter how unlikely it will be in YOUR strip mall, just become a fact of life now?

      • 30 round magazines are illegal here in California/Mexico north.

        As if that would stop someone from getting them.

        What happens next will be different from this attack.

      • “just become a fact of life now?”

        Only if it is allowed to.
        All members of the military are trained on weapons in basic training.

        GHWB started this nonsense of no armed military personnel, (except for base police), and Clinton signed it.

        The attack on Ft. Hood would never have happened to the extent that it did.
        Do you think that that asswipe would have gone in there if all of them were armed ?

        Nope, because they are cowards.

        • Maybe relocate these facilities? In one case, the creep shot into the place–should armed soldiers start firing out into the strip mall? In the other case, I think, the marines were outside–is that a good place for a crossfire?

          • I note they do seem to want to get to military people in soft sites. So IO think location could be an important factor. In schools–also not a good place, although I agree many schools have tried to keep recruiters out–very unpatriotic.


          • Sorry you don’t like my post Denise but DEATHis what happened to those 5 marines and the Ambassador and other men in Benghazi — and Obama doesn’t seem to care about those deaths or other death that has been caused by an arrogant SOB. Yes death is a tragedy that happened under Obama’s watch so put it where the sun don’t shine and stand up for the dead people killed by the government! Not Obama and his band of crooks and criminals that don’t care if YOU OR I LIVE OR DIE.

      • Yes. It’s the ‘new norm’. The FBI Director issued a dire warning this week by telling us they can’t stop it all.

        The military and our law enforcement personnel are under attack thanks to the ISIS JV’s (military) and Obama/Sharpton (What do we want? Dead cops).

        America has lost its innocence.

    • I knew he was up to something with his Friday afternoon trip to NYC!!!
      Just rewarding himself and the family after rewarding Iran with nuclear capabilities… and one more nail in the coffin of the USA. He’s celebrating!

    • Rush has said this before.
      The libs have no commonsense arguments so they shut down the debate by calling us racists.

      A debate isn’t won by one party shouting the other down.
      But when confronted on any issue, they resort to intimidation.
      For a conservative, it is maddening, for a liberal it is victory.

  2. Collateral damage. What are a few Americans killed in the service of sustaining the lie that none of this is Islam. Just as Kate Steinle died, but illegals in sanctuary cities are more importantly kept comfy and feeling that Obaman welcome.

  3. Apparently the UN Security Council vote on the Obama/Kerry surrender to Iran is scheduled for Monday.

    Iran’s message remains Death to America

    • Monday’s vote came despite calls from some U.S. lawmakers to delay the Security Council approval until Congress reviews the deal.
      Bob Corker, Thurday wrote a letter to o saying: “We urge you to postpone the vote at the UN, untill after Congress considers the agreement.
      Chief U.S. negotiator in the Iran talks, Wendy Sherman, rejected that idea Thursday.
      She said the counsil resolution allows the “time and space” for a congressional review before the measure actully takes effect.

      • Corker already had his say — he ditched the advise and consent role of the Senate — and the Senate backed him — all Republicans except Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz (absent). Not interested at all in what Corker bloviates now. No do overs here.

        • Today the leader of Iran told this deal will not change what he thinks of America and Israel.
          He said USA is: Still arrogant.
          Joshi the other day, said taking N off table, we can focus on their constrain on Israel.
          O had said Iran is just spinning.
          Where is Congress today?
          Shouldn’t they be holding an emergency meeting. Monday is going to come real quick. They have been tossed out like stinking old trash.

  4. A couple years ago I met with a young man that was recruiting in my area.
    Army, 82 Airborne.

    I asked him how he was received in the school systems.
    He said that some of them them won’t even let him in the door.

    I grew up in the sixties, and I remember troops with a small table in the hallway with brochures and willing to talk to us about serving the Country.

    Now, they won’t let them in the door.

    I live in a small town that does not have a recruiting center, therefore, the people that are assigned that detail travel from the centers to the smaller towns.

    It’s a shame that our volunteer troops have to go through this.

    They say here I am, take me, I will serve my Country.

    Battlefields are dangerous, strip malls should not be.

    • I did check out the “Columbia: section of the Root’s blog and I must thank you for referencing it. It explains a lot about Obama’s experience at Columbia, from a guy who was right there with Obama. A lot of it we here knew about, but just reading about Obama’s weird student life reinforces the notion that Obama is not who he says he is, and has been psychologically and politically poisoned by an array of influences. And here we are paying for it.

  5. I am offended daily by Barack Obama’s arrogance about the defense of this country. But not since Benghazi and the Bergdahl swap have I been this outraged at his indifference to the deaths of these Marines.

    His refusal to put America and Americans above radical Islamic terrorism is just beyond outrageous. Narcissism is no longer an adequate explanation.

    • They are having the time of their life on our dime.
      Why should a soldier’s or a Sailor’s death come before that.
      C’mon,…one little 5 minute speech, and I’m off, I’m outa here.

      These occurrences are nothing more than a bump in the road to him.
      Color means everything to him.
      Wrong color, don’t care.

      He and his wife are heartless monsters that couldn’t give a tinker’s damn about what you think about them or the Country.

      He’s in the catbird seat now, and he knows it.

      • The deal was to solidify his legacy and he would have traded anything to get it done. His stock argument that it was either diplomacy or war is total BS. The UN resolution over Congress just makes it even more outside our Democratic process. And every single legislator who approves this deal is just as much a traitor as he is.

  6. Anybody know if this “deal” includes an obligation to defend Iran in case of conflict? Too afraid to scan the document to find out.

    “You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war.”

    • I tried looking looking it up. I typed the question in several different ways. Nothing came up regarding defending them upon a conflict.

  7. Five beautiful hero American men dead now by another animal from the Middle East who came here, enjoyed the freedoms and lived with civilized Americans. These mutts act normal and polite, attend school, work and smile at Americans and then just like in the movie The Manchurian Candidate, they are conditioned and programmed to one day kill their friends and neighbors.
    Beware of these middle easterners who live here, they will fool you because they are trained to act like you and I with a purpose to kill all of us. Its in their bible to do this. Don’t be fooled run away from them as fast as possible.

  8. I can’t believe Trump said the following about McCain
    “He’s not a war hero, Trump said. Sarcastically, Trump quipped, “He’s a war hero because he was captured.” Then, he added, “I like people who weren’t captured.”

  9. I watched 2 movies in the last 24 hours and they both made me cry and they both made me so proud of our military…if you havent seen “Taking Chance”, you should see it. Then I watched “American Sniper, again”. So proud of all of our American Military and so frustrated that Our “President” is indifferent and disreptful of this current nonsensical tradgedy.

  10. This morning I heard on my morning news in the public radio over here that the family thought that the Chattanooga-murderer suffered from depression. What !!!!?? Who offered that piece of “news” to be dished out abroad ? The White House PR-bureau ? Because now it begins, the white washing. I just read an interesting article on Drudge report, ” Exploding Muslim immigration overwhelms FBI” ( WND). The murderer had spent 7 months in Jordan the previous year, he grew a beard. And still not enough red flags for the FBI. The police chief in Milwaukee, David Clarke, was certain that the Obama White House now would “muddy the waters dissassociating the killings from Islam”. Well, I believe Mr Clarke is absolutely right there. And that is why Trumps voice is needed on this issue.

    • Swedish Lady, you are so smart, exactly, whitewashing from the traitor Obama. What else is new. I wish something was new, like the Congress and Republicans telling it like it is, its Islam, stupid! Obama is the biggest traitor since the Rosenbergs, he should be jailed and executed like them! Maybe he’s worse than the Rosenbergs, we may never know exactly how traitorous he is. And so is Hillary and Bill Clinton traitors, selling us all down the river, giving our country to the illegals, ruining healthcare and businesses with constant thousands of rules and regulations to the small business owners. May they, the Clintons and the Obamas be put in prison for all the damage they have done and are still doing to us and the ruination of our once proud country, schools included, in ruins with commie socialist teachers indoctrinating our children to be socialist failures.

  11. Good morning WHD.
    Yes coffee is ready.
    I read an article on
    Former Gov. and Democratic Party Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley, along with fellow candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders were shouted off state at the Netroots Nation conference in Phoenix Saturday.
    O’Malley’s offense was saying, “Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter.”
    O’Malley has now apologized for including “white lives matter, all lives matter” in his statement.

    I don’t know WHD readers. Yesterday I made a comment that Trump should apologize for his statement.
    After I saw those people take over the stage and making those two men stand on the side, I feel Trump should speak his mind! If he would like to clerify what he meant, fine, but let him speak. I don’t want anyone Dem or Rep candidate being taken over on stage like what is demonstrated on the video.
    I do not want the canidates to go back a step, in speaking their mine with the political correct ****.