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Trump: We Have to Start “Not being so Politically Correct”

Here is part of why Donald Trump has gained such currency among conservatives. Some of the things he says, beyond what’s intolerant and nasty, are what everyone knows but are afraid to say for fear of being cast as haters.

Speaking to Bill O’Reilly of Fox News Thursday night, Trump pointed out the obvious inanity that is President Obama’s failure to use the term “Muslim extremism” and the flight from reality by those who simply refused to recognize that terrorism is more likely to come out of the Muslim community than, say, the Unitarians or the Rotary Club.

We need to have a discussion that includes the overwhelming number of law abiding Muslims about how to approach this. But first, as Trump states:

If we’re going to fight elements that are causing tremendous problems, at least we have to start maybe not being so politically

I hope that’s still possible.

58 thoughts on “Trump: We Have to Start “Not being so Politically Correct””

  1. We? who is this “we” he refers to?
    If he means the MSM, the strident left, the Federal government, our military – well, good luck with that.

    Everyday Americans, as MrsClinton sees us, are not politically correct in our private conversations or ideals. We’ve learned, just like the oppessed peons of old, to not say anything in public that some busy-body finds offensive or “wrong”.
    Everyday Americans have lost jobs for speaking the truth about any old thing, or for giving their honest opinions on current issues.
    MrTrump was financially and publically punished for speaking his mind, for stating his opinion, so what does that portend for Everyday Americans?

    1. No one is oppressing me…peon though I am. In fact some gal on here attacked me for not repeating the “new” so-called truths Trump is encouraging people to embrace and repeat. So what can anyone do to us–except scold and insult us?

    2. srdem … the IRS shutting down the tea party and Dinesh D’Souza’s court appointed shrink came to my mind first. I’m sure there are so many other signs of our anger.

      Don’t shut up Mr. Trump, don’t ever shut up :)

      1. JoanRivers. Everyone in Arizona. ClarenceThomas. BillCosby. MiaLove.
        Any entertainer who voices an opinion not PC.
        Every Southerner who saw their flag as a source of pride and family.
        The bakers whose religion kept them from making a ‘gay’ wedding cake.

    1. He has….worst Secretary of State ever…as I recall. I agree with him on that and many other things he’s stated.

      Trump is not PC and that’s a good thing.

          1. Hillary knows better than to respond to Fiona. Fiona would give her a public tongue lashing Hillary would never forget. Hillary would be saying, “Ouch, that really smarts” for days. Just a theory.

          1. In Obama’s World ? I think, yes. Do bad actions mean what Trump is saying or doing ? He does appeal to the Mad As Hell crowd, I find it refreshing.

          2. I think his blurted out statement on Mexicans has at least turned this site toxic, I hope only temporarily. Sure, people should say what they think–and many have and now I am wondering if maybe we ARE are a hateful country.

          3. Pretty much I think that the President’s refusal to identify our enemy as the radical Islamic jihadists that they are is the most damaging politically correct thing out there. And because of it we are perceived as weak and ready to be picked off.

          4. I don’t think Trump’s blurted out statement on Mexicans is any more toxic than what spews from the mouth of Gutierrez (who referred to Kate Steinle’s death as a small thing) or the Mexican flag waving, si si pseude spouting LaRaza crowd.

  2. OT but the perp from the terrorist attack in Tn also at one time worked for TVA (Tn Valley Authority) the company that has a nuclear power plant on Watts Bar Lake in Megis County Tn about 65 miles from the attacks.

  3. A discussion? That’s the problem. We’ve been discussing our country to death. Time for politically incorrect action! If an arrogant, nasty blowhard is what it takes to call Americans to action, then damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

  4. I’m so sick of hearing and seeing the word INTOLERANT. It’s nothing but a new way for passive aggressive, bully types to say “I think you’re a bigot and you can’t express a differing opinion. Freedom of speech is only reserved for pop culture approved beliefs, buddy. But, I’m not judging you and make sure to friend me on Facebook!”

    The good news is your country will suffer a financial collapse in a few years leaving most everyone unemployed and free to talk about gays, flags, Mexicans and lactose intolerance to the cows come home… while at the same saying, “We didn’t see this collapse coming.”

  5. Yes there a lot of law abiding people.
    Those people may be as afraid to speak against the maniacs..
    A woman back home cannot speak her mind about anything! So for her to come out in public and trash the maniacs. I can understand why she does not. As far as the men’s excuse not to speak. Don’t know. Maybe they are just scared.
    On the other hand:
    The citizens deserve still the right to speak their mind. If we loose that piece by piece we are doomed.

  6. For those going to the Redstate Gathering in Atlanta next month, Trump’s going to be at the Tailgate party ! He’s not listed on the regular speakers schedule, just there to party ! Oh, I’m sure he’ll have a few words…..

    1. That should be fun — if only to be in an environment where one can openly speak one’s mind and to laugh at the ridiculous without being chastised.

      1. I call it ComicCon for political junkies, I’m going dressed as a conservative :D They’re having a debate watching party too, Joe Scarborough will be previewing and watching with us.

        I really hope to get to CPAC this winter also. Political events are not to be missed in election years!

        I did the Netroots Nation in 2007 and heard all the Dem candidates plus tabled for John Edwards for that event. Boy, I’ve grown up since then :D

      1. I think I’m more excited about Carly than anyone ! Ok, maybe Scott Walker too. Rick Perry, Cruz, Rubio…OH MY! Then there’s Nikki Halley too! The list is long :)

  7. This is a very interesting testimony from a father whose son (Carlos Bledsoe) had been radicalized and who killed a soldier at a recruiting center. It was in TN.

    It connects directly with political correctness about Islam and Muslims and terrorists and the dangers that lurk here in our own country that we do not reveal or acknowledge. Bledsoe gave his testimony to the Department of Homeland Security in 2011. And today they are asking questions about who, what, where, why, how. BS.

    1. He stated: My hope is that this committee can somehow address this issue in a meaningful and productive way.
      I thought of o’s comment yesterday while reading the father’s words.

  8. Death by 10,000 paper cuts is what Obama is doing to US.
    I for one am aware of his tactics.
    I see them.
    Subtle inroads into the very fiber that this Country was built upon.
    The progressives have been very successful in their endeavors, hence, you see the society we have now.

    Conservatives have allowed them to take the Country way too far to the left of what we know is right.

    Both Biblically and morally.

    1. I guess that’s why nothing, NOTHING that comes out of DJT’s mouth worries me, it inspires me to tap my inner Zelda :)

  9. OT: I was watching On The Record, Judge Jeanne is hosting.
    On tonight’s show she explained they were having a memorial for the youngest marine killed.
    Another military person left army cloths on a bench. The cloths were placed to make it look like someone was sitting on the bench. He also left his strips (off of his uniform) to pay tribute to Skip Wells. He had the small flag pinned to the TShirt.
    That picture should be on tomorrows front page.

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  11. Trump is correct regarding political correctness. I try very hard never to be PC.
    A lot of people should try it. It is refreshing.

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