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Christie: “The President’s Lying to us”

See, this is what I mean about Chris Christie possibly emerging as an alternative to Donald Trump if and when Trump fever subsides. Because he has the same straight shooting style, but he takes careful aim and makes a plan before he fires.

Christie, who appeared on CNN this morning, eloquently put the case against the Iran deal, saying it’s “an awful deal” that “could lead to the destruction of Israel,” which is fact, not hyperbole. And he added:

The president’s lying to us. The president stood up and said, “inspections anytime anywhere” – 24/7 access. What have we found when read in the document, the document says we could wait as long as 24 days to get access.

I also like that he calmly answers questions about “Bridgegate,” instead of flashing his incisors and gnashing at his interlocutor. “In the end, I don’t think the American people are going to make their decision based on a traffic jam,” he said. Good line.

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  1. They were saying in MoJoe that some Rep should take Trump on–even if he name calls and slimes in return. One, it’s good exposure and publicity, and two, why not–take a chance–it might benefit you. Hear that, candidates?

  2. Plus–it said in the Wash Post that in his “prison” outing, Obama said without his family’s support he would have been in prison. Claptrap? As I understand his family’s support, his mother flitted around the world a lot, his Kenyan relatives were not in a position to lend “support” to an adolescent in Hawaii, his dad was absent, his biggest mentor was a communist ideologue, and his grandparents who took over his rearing were “average white people,” and you KNOW how they are. And what the heck does this statement mean–is he saying he had no inner core, no ethics, no sense of right and wrong? Well, darn, wish we had known that.

    1. OMG…he didn’t say that! That explains the disgusting photo of him behind bars yesterday. (It was on MOTUS, I believe).

      It’s hard to imagine anyone turning to a life of crime when they are attending an exclusive private school, smoking pot all day, and hanging out on the idyllic beaches of Oahu.

      His criminal behavior had nothing to do with his family support or non-support. It began on the streets of Chicago.

  3. You sort of get the sense that the CNN interviewer is trying to “get” Christie?

    She staunchly stands up for the Administration’s position on the Iran deal and, worse, she’s trying to breathe new life into the Bridgegate scandal.

    Nice job by Christie keeping his cool

  4. Barack Obama is a liar? OMG! /s
    Is there anyone left in the US who believes anything this man says about anything?
    He lies about his past, his present, and fantasizes about his future.

    GovChristie only seems to be a conservative when measured against the great liberals of the NorthEastern states.

  5. Since Bridgegate, Christie has been trying to ditch his rude and obnoxious behavior. Fat chance, Chrissie. It will always be lurking just under the surface.

    Sorry, Keith, I find nothing ‘eloquent’ about this phony RINO. He is an arrogant, egotistical blowhard who has spent most of his time as gov. on the fundraising trail. His approval rating is something like 30% with his constituents!

    Unfortunately, he is probably going to be one of the top two contenders by this time next year…thanks to the LIVs.

  6. I cannot vote for Christie Chris, I cannot vote for him for sure.
    I cannot vote for him no sir.
    I cannot vote for him in rain, I will not vote for him in sun.
    I will not vote for him today, I will not vote for him in any way.

      1. I honestly have to say I don’t know at this point. He’s as much big government as Hillary and with what Boehner and McConnell have done to cave to special interests so far this year I really don’t think it would make much difference between Christie or Hillary.
        Remember, New Jersey has been downgraded what 9 times now? That’s as bad as any democrat candidate.
        I take solace though in the fact that the field this year has so many better than Christie that I don’t think I’ll have to face that “staring into the abyss” moment.

        1. You’re right, Christie’s an unlikely candidate. I like Scott Walker, maybe with Rubio as his running mate. Seems like a good combination of an executive and someone with foreign policy chops.

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