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Video || So Obama Got a Tough Question. He’s Not the First

Some, including journalists, are simply appalled that President Obama was asked provocatively Wednesday why it was he didn’t bring U.S. hostages home as part of the Iran nuclear deal.

Seems to me I remember lots of provocative questioning of George W. Bush. The Washington Free Beacon has dug up a sampling, not all of it verbal.

23 thoughts on “Video || So Obama Got a Tough Question. He’s Not the First”

  1. And the ever-desperate charges of RACISM from the left:
    Exhibit A (Bill Maher via Twitter)
    “#MajorGarrett is a huge a%%hole. If U wanna “strike a nerve” with POTUS, why not just scream the N word? That shld get his attention.”
    Since when does polite inquiry equal racism?
    Better question: Just exactly how much have race relations gone downhill since 2009?

      1. Obama’s DOJ loves to dig into national issues. If we start a GoFundMe to get the facts, do you think they’d look into the real roots of this problem?

    1. why is he an ….. because he is asking
      this moron a question. He is so thin
      skinned ..and used to being coddled.
      Listen, you fool…look back at other
      presidents and see how the press handled
      them!!!!! look in the mirror..maybe
      you are a racist? hmmmmmmm?

  2. Once again the O shows no class. No one should question the all mighty Zero. What an amateur.
    This is a 2x president. The American voters should be ashamed.

    He should be arrested under the RICO laws.

  3. Best quote.. ” so what, he threw a shoe at me” heck of a lot tougher skin than grifter in chief. Note I only mentioned skin thickness not pigmentation

  4. Obama acts like a baby, but last nite, when I saw The Donald, he had his frowny face on, lower lip pooched out–and he looked like a big baby. Just an observation.

  5. Why wasn’t Obama prepared for Garrett’s question? The hostages were the most discussed, viral topic since “the deal” was made, so he should have had a quick response and moved on.

  6. Thanks. That was eye opening. I used to lament the lack of a real press. But after watching that with new eyes, they have always been a liberal press, and only beat up on conservative presidents. I knew that, but it is wrapped up in a tiny package via that video.

  7. After any of those questions did he say “you should be ashamed of yourself” and refuse to answer like prezzy sissy did?

  8. Let me put this in baseball terms.

    There’s no crying in baseball. So if you can’t handle an inside pitch at the big-league level, Barry, then there’s a bus leaving for Double-A right after the game.

    And at this point, I’d say half of America wouldn’t mind seeing you under it.

  9. From 0:00 to 2:04…CUNTS AND PRICKS. From 2:05 to 2:13…BAMF.

    “So, what if a guy threw a shoe at me?” *shrugs*

    DEAD. :)

  10. And, that video proves why dumbo does not do live pressers. He can’t handle the questions and cannot formulate an answer without his teleprompter taking the “uh…” and “ummm” and at least half the “folks” out of the answers.

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