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Politico Piece on Trump and Conservatives

Good morning.

I want to let you know about a piece I have running in Politico today, “How Barack Obama created Donald Trump,” explaining why so many conservatives have embraced The Donald, even if, as many of you know, I haven’t.

From the piece:

Despite what you’ve read in the media, even some outposts of the conservative media, these Trump acolytes in general are not racist against Latinos and they have not been seized by madness.

They are, however, angry. Very angry. And many are agonizingly fearful about the future of the nation. They believe that vast changes to the country are being wrought in ways that are undemocratic, dishonest and perhaps even illegal.

Trump, who seems perpetually angry, is an expression of the angst of conservatives who believe the United States has gotten so deep into a mess that a little extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. What they adore about Trump is that he is a pugilist who has emerged at a time when someone needs to start throwing punches.

I hope you get a chance to read it!


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  1. Great article, Keith. Solid as always. If only some liberals would read your way of describing conservatives.. normal people with genuine concerns for this country, not the vile (insert name calling here) as normally portrayed. I don’t want a President Trump, but if he wants to build a wall, have at it!

  2. Your last paragraph in the Politico piece is important. It’s imperative that we nominate a strong leader who will be willing to buck PC and move us back in the direction of being a republic. I am not seeing much of that in the Rep field. All the senators disqualified themselves by their treasonous votes on the Corker bill. That leaves the governors and Trump. I see some good in Walker, Jindal and even Christie, though each is flawed by immaturity, inexperience or excessive moderation. Perry is good-hearted but not up to it. Huckabee is too Baptist. Bush? I think not. So who will it be? It’s a crying shame that this weak field of Republicans, together with Hillary and Bernie, are the best we can come up with to run the country. No wonder Trump looks attractive.

    I am with you in not falling at the feet of the Donald. But unless someone else stands up and shows real leadership and backbone, I and many others will determine he’s the best choice of the available prospects.

    1. Good analysis. The Donald is the only one with backbone. Illegals are destroying this country. On Drudge today the gov estimates another 1.25 illegals will enter this country. We already have between 20 and 40 million. NO ONE REALLY KNOWS how many are here.

      1. I agree as well. Keith noted self-aggrandizing demagogue with no agenda. At this point yes. If I were in that postion, I would not be releasing full details of I intend to fix everything.
        The word Augment was spot on.
        Immigrants in the past brought a piece of their homeland with them. They did not intend or want to change anything and everything about our fine Country.
        I feel terrible for the people from Mexico and other nations who worked hard to come here the right way.

  3. Excellent, Keith!
    “What conservatives who support him are missing is that he too is a unilateralist who will only carve further cracks into the foundation of the republic.”
    That’s quite the weighty one-sentence paragraph! Left me hanging for more.

  4. Thanks for the link, I read it all. I also read about 200 or so comments. I decline to join the comment section to defend my “racist” feelings about illegal aliens. The conversation there turned into a racist rant for and against MrObama.

    What to say, how to put it.
    How many illegal aliens from Mexico or S.America do the people of VA or DC see every day – are there 50 Mexican men standing on the corner in your neighborhood hoping for a day job, are they standing on any corner in DC?
    When you go shopping, do the clerks speak Spanish among themselves and have trouble with some English words?
    Are your schools inundated with Spanish-only speaking children who must be educated, and do your first responders take Spanish lessons so that they might understand the emergency they must address?
    I don’t think so.
    I think the DC pols, the VA residents see ‘undocumented immigrants’ as the kindly landscaper, the nanny, the cook in the diner or fast food place or as poor immigrants hoping to make lives better for their many children.
    They never see the Mexican gangs pushing drugs with violence, pushing other crimes as they intimidate their own people and create backlogs for justice, and stuffing of our prisons with criminals. They don’t see the Mexican women buying food with SNAP cards and beer with their welfare money. They don’t see their hospitals crammed with Spanish-speaking people who look for free medical care, free to them, but not us.

    My point – until you find yourself swarmed with illegal aliens you can’t imagine the frustration with our government’s programs for them. Most of the liberal US refused to understand the threat and fear that gripped residents of Arizona years ago that forced us to try to stem the onslaught of illegals into our state.
    Now, it’s California that is a cesspool of illegal aliens, uneducated, feral, illiterate, and desperate people.

    1. I don’t like the word cesspool referring to humans. In DC, you see blacks and Hispanics outside Home Depot looking for work–and also on the corners not looking for work, but shooting the breeze (not even drug selling sometimes). I needed yard work this week and had to ask the owner of the company–will I be able to communicate with the guys when they come? He said–oh, yes, they are white. Well, that made me uncomfortable–he saw it and said, I didn’t mean it that way. We had undocumented people working for us–probably still do on those crews. But I also knew a Mexican family who 10-yr-old came to the phone and made arrangements for the mother’s second job–cleaning–when the mother got done at the fast food place. Then the mother learned enough Eng to speak on the phone herself. These are anecdotes–yes–on these threads I always want to say who do you know–do you have gay friends, transgender friends, immigrant friends…Maybe people don’t, I don’t know. I do think people should “sign in not sneak in.” Commit a crime–go to jail, not just be sent back to try again. I doubt a fence will help much–but who knows–maybe worth a try after all these yrs.

          1. I have heard that about his SS number–never looked into it. Mine is legit, too–so–more anecdotes which you just dissed. And of course no one should die at the hands of anyone–legal or illegal.

        1. Try going to Home Depot where I live. It’s not “nice” people looking for jobs. You will be robbed and or car jacked…

        1. Stand with srdem65.

          Also nothing can justify the totally unlawful and arbitrary of busing the recent SA illegals all over the US and dropping them off without local notice or consent.

          1. I am not saying this is justified–good grief, can people read? I know that’s rude, but all this spew is getting to me. No, people should not kill people. I said if someone commits a felony, jail–not deportation with a try again later. I am talking about all this low-rent rhetoric. We just play into the hands of the admin using it.

      1. I blame the American people for this influx — and Obama! Why do we have to have so many? We have a lot of people here already. It shows me that Obama hates America and he wants whitey to be the minority because in truth OBAMA IS THE RACIST AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE not the other way around. How dumb is this man? To have such feelings of hatred and superiority trying to manipulate the races. God will punish him for his evil ways.

      2. It is a cesspool — my friend lived in Elmhurst Queens New York and she said all of a sudden it was only illegal immigrants all around where she lived. She said she couldn’t go to the stores in her neighborhood, it became so dangerous and the stores started to smell so bad from the illegals, different customs, different bathing hygiene habits? Whatever, she moved to Florida now, she felt trapped in Queens, too crowded, became too dirty. This may sound awful but its a true story, believe what you want.

    2. I live in Ca and you are right! It is turning in to a cellpool of illegals. I am sick of it. The others on here to not get it. They don’t have to see it. Every where I go its Mexicans, clerks, shoppers everyone. And the beat up POS cars they drive should be scrapped. Peasants and they do not know how to behave.

        1. Make that 2 hit my car. The other was a 15 yo with a learners permit and no one with her. Legal, maybe but still breaking a law and still Mexican.

          1. @Star

            Star, I love ya, darling, but there are ways of stemming the tide.

            For instance. If someone gets busted for a felony, and they’re here illegally, they don’t just get deported: they get air-dropped in the middle of the Atacama Desert with nothing more than the clothes on your back, a parachute to ensure a safe landing, and MAYBE a “bueno suerte” from the jumpmaster. It being the driest place on Earth, if you only know how to survive on yanqui welfare, you’re gonna need good luck.

            Or, perhaps, Congress could take a long, hard look at this part of Article I, Section 8:

            To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

            To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;

            Congress could, in theory, let the States know that it’s open season on the border, and any attempts to cross it illegally shall be met with lethal force, women and children not excepted.

            Heartless? Yes. Necessary? HELL, yes. Word would get around very, very quickly, the flood would slow to a trickle, and then we could get on with the business of sorting out who’s worth allowing to stay.

          2. Make that “clothes on THEIR back.” I swapped an impersonal second-person for third-person and didn’t edit all my adjectives.

          3. Desperate times call for…what kind of measures? Remind me?

            In Texas hold ’em, a suited 7-2 is still a junk hand. It may very well be pretty junk, but the operating word is still “junk.”

            Similarly, what’s going on in the American southwest is a slow-motion invasion. It may well be a slow-motion invasion, but the operating word here is still “invasion.”

            And an invasion is an act of war.

            It needs to be dealt with as such: namely, stopped as quickly as possible. But how?

            Logistically, we can’t fence off the entire border overnight.

            So, absent a physical barrier, the only thing America can do, is put up a psychological barrier: namely, make the risk of illegally crossing the border greater than the possible reward.

            And if the reward for making it across the border is a lifetime of free money from the yanquis, then the risk level is going to have to be very, very high indeed. Right?

            This is not some inter-border game of Red Light, Green Light we’re dealing with! “Go back to the starting line and try again” will not stop this invasion!

            This is an act of war upon the United States–economic, social, and cultural. For want of a war…what was lost? Remind me?

            And now, a word from Sun Tzu…

            Again, if the war last long, the country’s means do not suffice. Then, when the soldiers are worn out, weapons blunted, strength gone and funds spent, neighbouring princes arise and attack that weakened country. At such a time the wisest man cannot mend the matter.

            [B]etter than defeating a country by fire and the sword, is to take it without strife.

            To fight and conquer one hundred times is not the perfection of attainment, for the supreme art is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

            Therefore the master of war causes the enemy’s forces to yield, but without fighting; he captures his fortress, but without besieging it; and without lengthy fighting takes the enemy’s kingdom. Without tarnishing his weapons he gains the complete advantage.

            It’s war. And the United States needs to have the courage to face that reality; more, it needs the courage to face, and make, some very, very hard choices. Distasteful choices, certainly; necessary choices, absolutely.

            SO. If you have any better ideas on how to stop the invasion along America’s southern border, please. Let’s hear them.

            Absent a physical barrier, a psychological barrier must be employed.

            What other way would you construct a sufficiently deterrent psychological barrier?

            Or, if you went TLDR on all of that:

            Yes, I’m aware that defense by force of arms is distasteful, but do you have any better ideas?

            Darling? :p

          4. Defense of your home is not murder.

            Some US states, not all, have what’s known as a castle doctrine: the idea that if someone is threatening you in your very home, you have no further duty to retreat, and may defend your home and property by any means necessary, including deadly force.

            So, think of this as a castle doctrine writ large, on a geostrategic, national level.

            I’d walk you through the logic, but you evidently don’t care to hear it.

            Why do I say that? Because your response to my challenge, was not a better idea, but a straw-man mischaracterization of my argument.

            So, since you evidently don’t want to listen, and you have nothing better to offer yourself, there is nothing further I can say.

            I leave you with this:

            A man who CANNOT defend himself, is pathetic.
            A man who MAY NOT defend himself, is a slave.
            A man who WILL NOT defend himself, is a parasite.

            Exit question: can the same be said of nation-states?

            I have nothing further.

        1. Star sounds like she lives in a fairy world? These people are not American Star, they have a different culture and some of them are filthy, She just doesn’t get it. There are too many and therefore, they feel like they still live in Mexico, therefore, the filth is spreading here, they don’t want to become Americanized like our grandfathers did. Doesn’t she get it? Its a third world country now here and Obama wants it that way. He’s a sadistic POS trying to hurt America, he’s not the President of the U.S. he thinks he’s the President of the world. I only hope he goes to hell and soon for the damage he is causing to America and the AMERICAN people. There is no talking to Star, she thinks we are all racists and hate Mexicans when in reality they are ruining this country and they should stay in Mexico with their dirty habits and violence and drugs.

          1. Majority detained(if they can be caught) w/o are involved in a traffic accident here have no insurance, no license, speak no English, vehicles are not any where near able to pass inspection for a tag so they don’t have those either.

    3. There’s plenty of it not too far outside DC on the Maryland side.

      Montgomery County has a LOT of problems with MS-13, not that you can say as much in unfamiliar company in that neck of the woods…

  5. After a while, I went back to Politico to read more comments – oh boy.
    Who ‘killed’ more troops – the Repub or Dem presidents, who is owned by Wall Street, people can’t stand a Black President, racists all, MrTrump is a joke, a clown who will sell America to the highest bidder, and so on.
    The argument, the discussion of how illegal aliens are to be dealt with in the US has disappeared into right/left rants about everything but that.
    The WashPost has a piece that calls MrObama the President of Black America – something that they say White Americans feared.
    Racism, all the time, 24/7, everywhere.
    When will it stop?

    1. Keith wrote what I thought was a revealing article about what people like us (because, well, he was writing about us) are thinking and feeling.

      yet as you say, the comments degenerated into “you hate Obama because he is black.”

      it’s just pointless to try to have an intelligent conversation with these people. they’re so desperate to defend Obama at any cost. and when he does indefensible things, they resort to the race card.

      if this is majority-American opinion, I weep for our republic, and don’t see it lasting much longer.

      1. Just like it is not that Obama is black that I do not support him. He is destroying what centuries of Americans — and legal immigrants have built. And it is not that the illegals are Mexican. It is that they are illegal. Everything follows from that.

    2. I started commenting a little bit ago but hit a key on the keyboard so I hope my comments are not posted twice… I usually don’t comment on here and just come here to read…but I am compelled to throw my 2 cents worth in after reading some folks comments here. So….I am a 58 year old UNEMPLOYED for 7 months white lady living in North TX. And I just want to say, I voted for Trump here on this website because I have witnessed the illegal/legal immigration issue. I have an issue with illegals as they should not be here. Period. My issue with legal Mexicans and other Central Americans is they DO NOT ASSIMALATE. I believe that when you come to my country, America, and you are collecting benefits, sending your kids to our schools, shopping in my malls, etc, you should at least learn and speak ENGLISH!
      I have not been able to find another job in my field and feel that I am being discriminated against because I don’t speak Espanol. So many jobs that I qualify for and have applied to, you now have to be
      Bi lingual. What the hell is up with that?! I am at this point collecting food stamps. Yep, that’s right I am and I need them. I don’t have any one to turn to so until I am cut off I plan on keeping them. I paid taxes all my life so I don’t need any negative comments about that. But I have to meet requirements as when I was on unemployment and that includes doing job search (30 hours a week) and attending certain seminars at the workforce center. Well, I had to go to a job fair yesterday at the Texas Workforce center. There were only warehouse and labor jobs and one of the companies there said if you don’t speak Spanish you need not apply!! Really? What happened to these people coming here and assimilating? That includes them learning our language, English not the other way around. I am sick of going to Penneys or Sears and they repeat everything in Spanish. I don’t even shop there anymore. And, yes, where there is a high concentration of “Hispanics” it IS a cesspool. They don’t give a rats ass about this county. They just want what they can get. So if it takes the likes of Donald Trump to shake things up I am all for it. Everyone knows he wouldn’t win, but I think that the Americans that have to deal with this crap on an every day basis are happy to hear that someone is on their side I would no way in hell vote for the following: Bush Rubio Perry. I would vote for Cruz, Carly Fiorina, and maybe that Baptist as you put it, Mike Huckabee but, he won’t get it. He is too Christian. So I know I sound angry. Well, I am. PS, Obama has caused more of a racial split than Donald Trump has, in my humble opinion.

      1. If you need food stamps, that is what they are for–you. Don’t apologize. You said you didn’t want to repeat things in Spanish–so you speak some? I am jealous–I bought a course and do not think of myself as good with languages but wanted someone to take it with me for moral support–but they wouldn’t (fam members). This is a changing world–it isn’t changing “back.” If the Dems can somehow get these people into the voting booth, things will stay the way they are now.

        I also have done a daily blog on “working, job hunting, office life” for six years. The whole world of work is changing. My take is that age discrim is rampant. Illegal but rampant. Cos don’t want people who can’t speak Eng, either, but they hire people they can get cheap. And many Eng speaking people think they are entitled to start in the middle, toward the top, or at the level they once held. It does not work that way unless you start a company–and then you get to work 24/7. I agree, though, people should assimilate–I mentioned this once before, but someone said we now have a tossed salad not a mixing bowl. Yet, there are many immigrants here in Phoenix who have been here for generations, have well known businesses, are civic leaders. They are no happier than anyone else with people sneaking in.

        1. Star will never get it. She’s too busy acting ditsy in her writings and she thinks she’s a better person for standing up for the piggy illegal immigrants. Forget it — she sounds like Obama to me.

        2. I didn’t say I expected to start at the top, but I don’t think I should be expected to compete with more and more and MORE Spanish speaking people who come here and have not intention of learning the English language. English is and always has been the language of This Country. Not Spanish. I have no intention of learning Spanish. I don’t want to. I think it is time to stop ALL immigration at this point. This country is being sucked dry. Literally. I think more and more folks agree with me on that.

      2. I have a relative as well who lives out west. Hard working experienced and has to compete with the same issue of not being able to speak Spanish.
        They hire the person willing to work for less.
        Years ago I was upset with the issue of calling for a telephone number, and the recording telling me to press a certain 1 for English and so on.
        I complained about that, and not many people at all thought it was a big deal.
        I did! We went to school ourselves and sat through English. Now a machine was telling us to press something in order to continue to speak our language.

        1. You learned language from birth–because of an accident of where you were born, you get to decide this? I get frustrated with lack of comunication, too, when hiring people to work for me, but I tough it out–this is a period of adjustment–we better bend or we will snap.

    1. Trump is a lunatic? And Obama is not a lunatic? making a deal with a bunch of lunatics who will definitely have the bomb now because of Obama! How dare you call Trump a lunatic. He has more brains in his little finger than you and Obama have in your whole body.

  6. I totally forgot. The real powers have already chosen Jeb and Hill. We are just back ground clutter.
    An Open border New world order patsy will be elected. One of the above.

  7. Keith,

    I agree the Barack Obama has created the opportunity for Trump’s message. I also agree that it isn’t just Immigration that is the only factor. The fact is these people are looking for Leadership and a President who will do what He/she says they will while putting America first.

    Trump is everything that Obama isn’t. He is confident in his abilities and beliefs. You may not like what Donald Trump says,however, you know if he says if you like your plan (or Dr.) you can keep your plan (Dr.). it will happen. You know he is going to put this country first before any other country. You know he will get the U.S. economy rolling again. He is a man of action not a community organizer.

    The question is can he govern a Democratic Republic instead of a business/dictatorship. I will not vote for any Senator or Congressman. The Governors in the race all have a good chance and I would not count any of them out at this point. If I had to pick a ticket at this time it would be Jeb and Kasich. I believe Florida and Ohio will the key.

    1. I live in Ohio and Kasich is NOT a good choice.
      However,…if you like Jeb, I can see why you like Kasich.

      Both of them are RINOS.
      Both are for common core.

      1. Kasich explained his stand fully…I think it was on Facebook, which I don’t have. But I did google it.

        As for Trump doing what he says–all we have so far is what he says.

        1. Kasich did put our state in the black after Ted Strickland put us in the hole.
          Kasich is strong on running a good budget, but he is soft on the domestic policies.
          He is not a true conservative.

        2. Star, he also ran on a platform that he would adhere to the Ohio Constitution that states that no property taxes will be used to fund the schools.
          Guess what, crickets,….

          Our property taxes go up every year and the increase is the schools.

          I don’t care what he said on facebook.

          1. I would vote for him–I have watched his career for many yrs starting in Congress–and he has righted quite a few messes in Ohio, too. If common core is the only objection–and I have seen what he said–it would not sway me on that alone.

  8. Excellent, Keith. I personally think Donald Trump is a verbose ass. However, he is making a lot of sense about areas where the other “candidates” fear to tread. The others are primarily reacting to whatever Trump trumpets. Don’t any of them have any original ideas? Thanks

    1. Don’t you think that Trump is trumpeting what the conservatives think ?
      The ones that distance themselves from his message should be avoided.
      Although I don’t necessarily want him as POTUS, I like how he is stirring the pot.

      1. Yes, he is stirring the pot. Maybe he can make the others address the very real issue’s with the illegals. Pretending it’s not happening will do nothing to solve the problems.

    1. What a sad day for our military – more unarmed troops killed on American soil.
      Just sitting ducks for any kook or terrorist who wants to kill.

      re: MrObama going to prison
      No doubt he meant for his “historic” visit to be front page news.

      1. Well, now, never let a crisis go to waste don’t ya know…maybe Trump can make that comparison. While 4 marines are being massacred the Obummer visits Felons in prison.

          1. Also unusual for the FBI to be there and declare it domestic terrorism within 4 hours.

            Hope Obama is having fun with his prisoners or wherever the hell he is. Giving out free broadband and devices to the FSA.

        1. DOD does not allow these military recruiters to carry sidearms. Part of the BS in the military these days. Infuriating.

          Now imagine an unarmed America.

          1. But Obama has lots of guns protecting him. Go figure, the brave marines killed in a gun free zone they couldn’t protect themselves, the brave marines, while Obama the criminal is being protected by the guns that he wants to ban from everyone, but HIMSELF!

        2. This is so sad.

          “We realized it was an actual shooting, so we then initiated our active shooter drill: getting down low to the ground, moving to a safe location. And we waited until everything seemed to be clear.”

          This makes me so unbelievably sad and angry at the same time. It seems impossible to believe we’ve come to this. This is how they have to defend themselves?

      2. With a well funded Iran supporting terrorists it will only get worse.

        Obama and his policies deserve all the blame. He was so busy making nice with Iran — any effort to deal effectively with ISIS and terror has been soft pedaled.

    2. Lord have mercy. I just got back an hour ago. Did not turn on the news. I was busy reading Keith’s fine article and all of the comments here.

    1. We shouldn’t, in theory. But that’s not the situation on the ground.

      The ONLY reason this spawn of the kingdom of Darkness hasn’t been thrown out of office and tried for treason, is the color of his skin. Period.

      TELL. ME. I’M. WRONG.

      Eric Holder was right about America being a nation of cowards on race, but not for the reason he intended.

      That we continue to permit behavior from this tyrant that would have gotten a WASP thrown in a very deep hole, is, I submit, ALSO racist–it’s just the soft racism of low expectations.

    1. Have you seen the gorgeous home where the shooter and his parents allegedly live? So much for Obama’s insane theory that ISIS and other terrorists are just poor, disenfranchised ‘youts’.

      1. I did see it. Beautiful home.
        Mayor of Chatanooga said he would respond with every resource.
        I just heard o’s comment, after he stated:
        We take seriously, I muted the TV.

  9. Katherine Harris said a Maniac twitter account sent out a message 11 mins. before this happened.
    John Roberts on Fox said U.S. Atty not ruling out anything yet.
    Associated Press said 2 females were led away in hand cuffs. They were in the maniac’s home.

    1. What they are not saying on the news is towns as far as 60 miles from Chattanooga went on lockdown for military, schools even the YMCA. This is info from my family who still reside in East Tn.

  10. Obama gave a weak, politically correct, comment with all the outrage and emotion of a dead animal. Gathering information to determine what can be done in the future.

    1. I agree. He showed more emotion when he thought that he was insulted yesterday at the faux presser.

      We don’t expect him to cry, but he could at least show some anger..

  11. Kudos, Keith. Not only did the policies of BHO create the Trumpster, some in the DEM party are saying he is a DEM plant/mole.

    Whatever the case, Trump has tapped into the anger that has built up for the last 7 years. It’s not only Conservatives – it’s Indies, some DEMS and even some Blacks.

    As much as I’m loving the ‘show’, there is no way I could pull the lever for Trump. 2016 is all about ‘electability’. IMHO, all of the GOP candidates are lackuster – my vote will to to whomever is leading in the polls on election day. My guess it will be Jeb. HRC’s disapproval numbers are still less than any GOP candidate’s approval numbers. She is leading the latest poll of ‘Americans’ by a healthy margin.
    Living in sunny Mexifornia means my vote won’t count for anything. If we run out of water, maybe the illegals will just go home!

  12. Keith, thank you for the article. It was especially good.

    You do a really good job of capturing the frustration. Most of us age 50 grew up in a world where there was honor and fair play. You didn’t win them all, but when you lost you respected the rules and redoubled your efforts.

    What I see in Obama’s lawlessness is a lack of honor and fair play and an unwillingness to be bound by the checks and balances in our system. And when our representatives let him get away with it, it leads to despair. “Win an election” they said, so we did, and they still cave on everything.

    The only politician in DC now that seems honorable is Tom Cotton. At least he seems to stand on some principles.

    I personally think that politics is getting too important for politicians and lawyers. The next generation are going to be military people. They understand honor and they understand the stakes. You can already see a number of veterans running for office. Most of them make a lot of common sense. Cotton and Alan West fit this bill, but so do Eric Grietens and Ryan Zinke.

    Keep up the good work and thank you again for the great article. I agree with you on Obama and on Trump.

  13. I love Trump! He’s the only one who speaks the truth about ILLEGAL immigration, Obama, ISIS and everything else. He’s so exciting to listen to, not like the boring Obama, I cannot stand to look at Obama’s face and I have to turn off the sound when he speaks, cannot stand his boring, lectures like he’s better than us? Got news for him, he must have a low I.Q. if he made a deal with Iran and gave them billions of our taxpayer dollars, he must really hate America if he could do that, real dumb deal with the devil is what it is. Shows what a creep he really is, dumbest most hateful president of all time. The marines that were murdered today, they weren’t allowed to arm themselves, the dumbest thing I have ever heard of, not to trust the marines to arm themselves just to protect themselves, when there is a war with ISIS going on. But its okay for Obama to have lots and lots of guns to protect his skinny ass, why? he’s better than the brave marines? Not a chance. Trump for President, not the democrat and Rhino politicians who only care for the power, not the people. LETS GET THEM ALL OUT AND START OVER. WE DON’T NEED THESE CAREER MILLIONAIRE POLITICIANS, POWER TO THE PEOPLE, NOT THE DISGUSTING POLITICIANS.

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