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Video || Media – and Democrats – Rip Iran Deal

13 thoughts on “Video || Media – and Democrats – Rip Iran Deal”

  1. If you like your plan…blah blah. Townhalls, press conferences galore. Arm-twisting Dems behind closed doors. Horse heads in Senator beds. Media whining too little, too late. Let’s face it, this is a done deal.

    I’m praying for Divine intervention.

  2. Everyone has figured out that Obama and Kerry have created a wheelbarrow full of septic system sewage, and that they are trying to peddle it as fresh strawberries. Fits perfectly with Obama’s constant mantra to us: “You are not seeing and hearing what you are seeing and hearing. So shut up.”

    1. I just read an article on
      Biden said on Wednesday he expects U.S. Congressional Democrats to back the nuclear deal with Iran once they understand it.
      “I’m here to answer questions and explain what the deal is, and I’m confident they’ll like it when they understand it all,”
      He told reporters as he headed into a closed door meeting with Dem members of the House of representatives.

      1. Yea, Biden will “explain” the Iranian deal. We can figure that if the deal has to be “explained” so that Democrats can “understand” it, then the deal smells like a rotten pumpkin. Biden’s explanation to the reluctant Democrats will sound like this: “Support this or else.” That’s how that works.

        What a mess.

  3. What really upsets me is his limp wristed excuse for not addressing the hostage issue with these persians.The man has mustard seeds for gonads. Yet he graciously returns ancient relics our military collected from a raid in syria.Can anyone convince me we dont have a muslim in the WH?

  4. Well, a few minutes ago when I went to switch to music for the day I saw a snippet of a Dem who was formerly opposed to the deal now consider how bad it would be for the foreign policy of the country if the Congress and the Executive were split in the direction.

    I assume he was just out of a personal meeting with Joe Biden where he was asked to consider his political and personal future and told he could leave any remaining principles and loyalty he had to the country in the basket at the door on his way out.

    I see the Dems selling out pretty quickly on this. The Republicans will follow — after all there were only two — Cotton and Cruz (absent) who did not vote for the Corker Mendendez hand off of advise and consent.

  5. Obama and his minions promised we could inspect Iran anytime we wanted. Now, Susan Rice says NO Americans will be allowed to inspect. There will be inspection teams from other countries, but we don’t have a formal diplomatic relationship with Iran, so no American inspectors. However, we apparently had enough of a relationship to make this lousy deal?

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