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Webb: We are “Accepting” that Iran “will Acquire a Nuclear Weapon”

The White House will accuse Republicans of “playing politics” with the Iran deal.

Here is not just a Democrat, but a Democratic candidate for president – former Sen. James Webb of Virginia – lamenting that the deal doesn’t prevent an Iranian nuclear weapon, but rather, allows it.

He told Diane Rehm of NPR today:

At the bottom line of the agreement, here is what we have. We are having Iran having their sanctions lifted,d having a number of these other issues with respect to these activities not addressed, and having the rest of the region receiving a signal that we, the Untied States, are accepting the eventuality that they will acquire a nuclear weapon.

Webb, who leans left on social issues but is more of what used to be called a “Scoop Jackson” hard-headed type on foreign policy, is a Vietnam vet, a truth teller, and an honorable fellow.

Maybe the White House will think he is politicizing the issue – that is, by harming his cause in the Democratic primary by telling truth about Obama’s grand deal.

4 thoughts on “Webb: We are “Accepting” that Iran “will Acquire a Nuclear Weapon””

  1. Some other dems will begin to question the
    $’s bho is planning to send to our avowed
    enemies who daily threaten the US and Israel who will, in turn, purchase Russian weapons and armaments from any nation that will sell them to Iran.

    One not so well know or high profile dem said that bho is calling the so-called deal an ‘Executive Agreement’ for which he should bear the full wrath of the American citizens first and any allies we still might have in the World, next! I am pleading with them to speak-out quickly and loudly! jb

  2. Allows it! Short and to the point!
    O should have just stated those words at the press briefing.
    Big pathetic smile stating:
    I allowed it. Waved and walked off. That is all we needed to hear from him.

  3. And I suspect that Obama’s desperate grab at a Chamberlain legacy is also responsible for our pathetically weak response to ISIS and the difficulty in gettings arms to the Kurds.

    He could not and not cannot ever afford to go against the Iranian backed terrorists wherever they might be.

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