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Obama’s Iran Deal Nonsense

I actually think President Obama convinces himself that most of the things he is saying are true, and even, wise.

That they are neither doesn’t make him a liar, nor even a fool. It makes him an egoist completely convinced that things are right merely because he does or says them. And, being an egoist, he wants to have the presidency he has always dreamed of, which includes things like spreading the wealth around from those who have earned it to those who haven’t. And not fighting wars, which he was always told were things greedy capitalists and Republicans like to do, not crusaders for social justice like himself.

And so, never having been serious about attacking Iran, he started negotiations with the Iranians in a very bad position, since attacking Iran was his ace in the hole. Having conveyed to the Iranians that he had taken his best card and thrown it in the garbage, he let them take him to the cleaners, even though they weren’t even playing with a full deck.

At a White House press conference today, Obama repeatedly defended his Iran deal by challenging skeptics to say what else they would have done. As if there were no other options than the surrender he had arranged. The answer to this is of course very simple, and was expressed by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu during his address to Congress: Get a better deal.

Obama press conference

Obama specifically addressed this with his usual straw man approach, saying that a better deal could only mean eliminating Iran’s nuclear program, which he asserts no one in their right mind believes Iran would ever do. Which begs the question: Why, then, was that the original intent of the Iran negotiations?

How about a deal that severely limits their program, unlike this one. How about one that allows the anytime/anywhere inspections were were promised?


With a nice, large-gauge figurative gun pointed at their heads, the Iranians might just have decided they could accept a very limited nuclear program, or none at all.

And if not, we had to be prepared to go ahead with an attack, which Obama was not. Unless maybe by leading from behind, so far behind that nobody would want to be in front.

I’m currently reading a biography of Julius Caeser. Quite a good one – Caesar: Life of a Colossus, by Adrian Goldsworthy.

The barbaric lengths the Romans went to during that time to preserve and expand their empire were bracing. Thousands of hostages from defeated tribes, captives sold into slavery, killing of men, women, and children, burning of villages – all to the convey the idea that the Romans weren’t to be messed with.

This was standard practice of the time and accepted by everyone as doing what was necessary to maintain and strengthen Roman civilization. It wasn’t even surprising to Rome’s enemies, who frequently did such things to each other.

Of course, I wouldn’t want us to return to anything like that. And I think we should use our military sparingly. But there are times when, if we are going to maintain our civilization, we have to evince a sliver of Roman toughness. We need to look at the world with a steely, unforgiving eye that recognizes that many of our foes are still living in barbaric times, thinking barbaric thoughts. And that they want to attack us, because they simply hate us and want to advance their own rotten civilizations.

white house Iran flag

Iran’s leaders are never going to be reformed, as Obama hopes. And with the victory he has given them, they won’t soon be overthrown either. In 15 years they be off to the atomic races, developing nuclear weapons while their neighbors – no less barbaric, most of them – start developing their own as a countermeasure. And this grave, existential threat to the world will arise because in the moment of truth, our civilization stood down from what had to be done.

Obama is right that military force is no guarantee that Iran won’t develop a nuclear weapon. Unfortunately, the deal he has struck is a guarantee that they will.

Israel is an older civilization, with a longer memory. They understand the type of people they are dealing with, because they’ve been dealing with them for millennia. They get that 15 years is nothing in the long history of a civilization as old as Persia. Unfortunately, they may have to act alone. But, I believe, they will act, because they have to.

And whose side exactly will Obama be on when they do?

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  1. There are two good things about this deal . The first , when the mullahs cheat ,and they will , it will demonstrate that diplomacy does not work with this bunch .Second , as Lee Smith noted yesterday over at WS , there is a good chance that the mullahs will go for their bomb before O leaves . They know they can roll O , but may not be able to do with whoever comes in next . Except of course Hillary . Fade to the close of Dr Strangelove

    1. I believe that Iran is still working on their nuclear program and won’t stop bc a little egoistical man says we have a treaty which is just a piece of paper. I hear that the mullahs are still laughing at the Nobel Prize Winner who did nothing to earn the award.
      BTW – John Kerry’s daughter from his first marriage is married to an Iranian doctor – any influence on his negotiations??????

      1. And as Von Ebb points out below, VJ44 has some rather strong Iran connections, as well.

        Obama is big on “You don’t mess with us” — but mainly as to his White House. Today he browbeat Major Garrett for a legitimate question on Iran.

        He’s also big on selective honors. Personal letters to 46 convicts and his WH science guy today sending an email asking people to send congratulations to the Pluto team. But still nothing for the family of the innocent lady killed in San Francisco by a much-convicted, much-deported illegal alien, a death which could be at least partially credited to Obama and his selective policies.

    2. Israel will now have to bomb the crazy Iranians. No question. Better sooner than later. Some people only recognize force. Unfortunate, but utterly true and historically accurate

      FROM THIS ARTICLE…. ” there are times when, if we are going to maintain our civilization, we have to evince a sliver of Roman toughness. We need to look at the world with a steely, unforgiving eye that recognizes that many of our foes are still living in barbaric times, thinking barbaric thoughts. And that they want to attack us, because they simply hate us and want to advance their own rotten civilizations “.

  2. I do not afford even the slightest of the grace you do regarding why he has made this deal with Iran.

    Obama will stand with Mohammed against Israel. I believe he has already said that — not in those exact words, and not in direct relation to Israel — but standing with Mohammed for sure.

    Under Barack Obama we side with dictators and mad men. Allies like Israel who oppose him are tossed aside and their fate is of no concern to Obama.

      1. I continue to say, ” You ain’t seen nothin’ yet “! Obama has lots of time to degrade and re-engineer our country into a 3rd World state before he leaves office… (IT’S STILL OVER A YEAR AWAY, AND LOOK HOW HE IS IS RAMPING UP HIS DESTRUCTION). Wait till the final months and see how insane he can really get with his omnipotent powers (He should be impeached as a traitor). The republicans keep saying wail till 2017. TOO LATE … He is stacking the deck with illegal voters. The Republican Party will be a Non-Entity by then.

  3. Your last question is key. Of course the answer is Obama will be anti-Israel on that day, since he’s already bent that direction and Israel will have defied him directly, on a matter Obama at least pretends is now settled to the civilized world’s satisfaction. The retribution will be hard to watch, for any who love Israel.

  4. The man is a menace and a mental midget. His vision of the world is that of a child, who was put on a the throne 40 years too early.

    There hasn’t been a mention of how he ignored the ‘Green Movement’ in Iran, 2009. The war on women only counts if the Left points in the direction that suits their agenda. This disgusting treasonous treaty will now be funded by America and our most contemptible partners in crime.

    As a Jew, I can’t begin to rant here and still adhere to Keith’s rules of verbal engagement. Suffice it to say, the list is long, colorful and descriptive.

    1. At this point all we can do for Israel is pray for it and them.

      Obama himself, has isolated Israel and left them to be perceived as an international pariah should they respond to protect themselves. This was intentional, imo.

      Further, once this crosses over to the UN Security Council, it will be moot. Whatever Congress does will stand only as a witness to the Executive violation of the people’s will and its own failure as well.

      So, whatever happens — Israel will pay the price for Obama’s soiled legacy.

      1. I have no confidence in the UN, and, in particular, the UN Security Council. All it takes is one voting member to say no and it’s blocked. We all know who those countries are.

        We saw how another democratic president handled North Korea, getting them to “close” their nuclear program, and look what it has gotten us as of today. A bit of Deja vue now with Iran.

        I feel that Iran will be fully nuclear weapons capable within 2-3 years tops.

  5. MrO has lived most of his life among a population that resolves personal conflict by taking the supposed offender ‘to court’.
    The aggrieved don’t force the offender, his whole family and all his friends to kneel as they are mowed down with assault rifles or beheaded.
    His naive assumption that Iranians chanting “death to America’ is the same as the tea party’s “take back our country” is strikingly dangerous to us all.

    1. And Obama stood in front of a “Take Back America” sign two years running as a keynote speaker at the liberal-run conference years BEFORE the Tea Party began.

  6. Your revised picture of the White House is proof positive of the say the “a picture is worth a thousand words”!

    In this case, sad but true.

  7. Ugh, I know I commented last night, (in the Quote of the Day thread), that ValJar was busy contacting her pals who lit the WH up in rainbow lights to now light it in the colors of the Iranian flag, but seeing it in this Photoshopped pic now makes me want to puke.

  8. In 16 months Bumbles will be neutered, in 20 we’ll have an adult in the White House (hopefully) who is not easily fooled and won’t bend over like a sissy.

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  10. “Which begs the question: Why, then, was that the original intent of the Iran negotiations?”


    no, it doesn’t.

    – – – –
    “Begging the question” is a form of logical fallacy in which a statement or claim is assumed to be true without evidence other than the statement or claim itself. When one begs the question, the initial assumption of a statement is treated as already proven without any logic to show why the statement is true in the first place.
    – – – – –

    Keith, I’m only mentioning this because I love you and it pains me to see you misuse this phrase.

  11. I truly enjoy WH dossier, it is one of the best of the Independent/Alternative News & Op-Ed bulletins/web-sites. This “deal” w/Iran is atrocious, and so are the people who enabled it. Very dangerous deed has been done, and it does much to undermine homeland security, to say nothing about confusing the Middle Eastern countries. This President knows exactly what he is doing. I hate to use that word that starts with a “T”, because that could get me, and all others thinking about it, into lots of deep doo-do. Perhaps, instead of Congress having to jump through hoops, in an effort to veto or dilute this “deal”, might go farther and faster by investigating the “T” word. This is an unbelievably fowl play!

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