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Obama Schedule || Thursday, July 16, 2015

10:10 am CT || Visits El Reno Federal Correctional Institution and tapes an interview with VICE; El Reno, Oklahoma
10:55 am CT || Delivers a statement
12:45 pm CT || Departs Oklahoma
4:25 pm ET || Arrives White House

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    1. He met with the Choctaw Nation late today (Wednesday) in OK:

      He was there playing Santa and delivering free internet. This pilot program through a HUD grant is just the beginning. Ever since the internet was deemed a utility earlier this year and subject to being regulated by the FCC, I’ve been predicting that we’ll all be paying a fee on our internet bills, just as we do on our cellphone bills, for free internet for others. ‘Cause, you know, internet at home is an absolute necessity, says Obummer:

      President Barrack Obama visited Durant, Oklahoma, today and announced the ConnectHome initiative coming to the Choctaw Nation.

      ConnectHome is a project by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to bring internet access to low income housing areas. It will debut in 27 cities and the Choctaw Nation and provide low-cost internet to 200,000 children.

      Obama said support for the program will come from HUD but also private companies and nonprofits like Cox Communications, Best Buy and the Boys and Girls Club of America.

      The Choctaw Nation itself will receive $50,000 grant from the USDA for the training stages of the program.

      Obama said internet access is incredibly important in this day and age, and for many people it is still out of reach.

      “The internet is not a luxury, it is a necessity,” Obama said.

      Lacking internet access is causing children across America to become disadvantaged and is creating an opportunity gap, Obama said.

      “Our whole country will fall behind unless we have the whole field playing” Obama said.

      Obama said it is important that children have internet connections not just in their schools, but also at home because learning takes place as well. He spoke about another program ConnectED, which is on track to provide internet access to 99 percent of America’s schools in the next five years.

      “A child’s ability to succeed should not depend on where she lives or how much money her parents make,” Obama said.

      Having internet connection at home can make all the difference for many Americans to change their lives for the better, Obama said.

      “If we don’t get these young people the technology they need for success, then it’s all our loss, not just their loss,” Obama said.

      1. Not just service but devices. The next time I need a new computer I will put on my Princess headdress and head on down to the government store.

    1. After his press conference today he left the WH to go to OK:

      See my post above, with OK newspaper link. I didn’t quote the entire article, but at the end it says he spoke to the Chocktaw Nation at 5 pm at a high school in Durant, OK. Then, he flew back to Oklahoma City to spend the night there.

      Tomorrow, (Thursday), he’ll visit the prison in El Reno, OK.

      With any luck, someone will push him into a shower that has a tunnel, and we’ll never hear from this PO(t)(u)s again!

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