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Obama Gets Peevish at His Press Conference

This is really breaking my heart. President Obama got all upset when asked Wednesday at his press conference by Major Garrett of CBS News why he was “content” to leave U.S. hostages in Iran as part of the nuclear deal.

Major later admitted that he was trying to get under Obama’s skin a bit, which is what a reporter should do in order to elicit an unscripted response. Amazingly, for asking a direct question, even some of Major’s colleagues are apparently calling him disrespectful, like CNN’s Dana Bash.

Here’s the exchange:

GARRETT: As you well know, there are four Americans in Iran — three held on trumped-up charges, according to your administration; one, whereabouts unknown. Can you tell the country, sir, why you are content, with all the fanfare around this deal, to leave the conscience of this nation and the strength of this nation unaccounted for in relation to these four Americans?

OBAMA: The notion that I am content as I celebrate with American citizens languishing in Iranian jails — Major, that’s nonsense, and you should know better. I’ve met with the families of some of those folks. Nobody is content. And our diplomats and our teams are working diligently to try to get them out.

Obama is obviously sensitive about the topic, as he should be. Can you really negotiate a “deal” with another country that is holding your citizens hostage? It was certainly another sign of our desperation and perhaps contributed to the lousy deal we got.

That’s why Obama chose to understand “content” as in “happy and satisfied” when obviously Major meant it in the sense of “accepting a situation.”

As in, I, Keith Koffler, am content not to be a professional football player, even though I’m not happy and satisfied about it.

33 thoughts on “Obama Gets Peevish at His Press Conference”

  1. What they really meant:
    MrGarrett: So what do we get from this historic deal that you’re so proud of?
    MrObama: I know you used to work at FOX and I’ll never forget that.

    MrO oversold this no-deal/bad-deal… That much was obvious to anyone watching this faux presser.

    1. No, he is afraid of the people that see him for what he is.
      What you see is a defensive posture of a person that knows he is running on thin ice……IMO.

    1. Wouldn’t matter Denise.
      He has a short fuse and is intolerant of anyone that has the audacity to confront him on anything.

      If anybody needs to be slapped down, he does.

  2. He always uses phrases like “you know better!” Which is so darn annoying. Placing himself forever ‘n always above everyone is for his own upliftment, the sorry useless incompetent boob.

    1. Personally, I have taken the word “folks” out of my daily vocabulary. He uses it, and always has used it, in a derogatory fashion to show that he is better and that “folks” must stand in awe of him.

  3. Obummer really is his own worst enemy sometimes. Due to the way he reacted to Major Garrett’s question, that clip is being shown everywhere over and over again. So, while he wanted to highlight his Iran deal, and certainly not discuss the hostages, that is exactly what the American public is being reminded about tonight – that we have four forgotten hostages.

    If this administration knew how to negotiate at all, they would have insisted on the release of the hostages before ever sitting down to the negotiating table. Or, at the very least, demand the release of two hostages prior to beginning the negotiations as a sigh of good faith, with the other two being released upon the finalization of an agreement.

    1. Obama played the old “It’s my baseball and I’m not going to share it with anyone!” game with Garrett. Without breaking a sweat, Garrett was able to bring out the real Obama–a petulant, spoiled brat who is playing miles above his actual batting average .

  4. Lucifer!! complete with the wicked fake smile and looks like green eye shadow and pointy ears. YUCK
    yes my taxes are in order

  5. I think it is very interesting how so many members of the Press are “Content” in allowing this farce of a Presidency to go on. I am not starting to wonder if Goebells had this much cooperation?

    Present company, Major Garret and Ed Henry are not included. No one asked about sanctuary cities ? I just loved when h started down the path of never commenting on possible legal issues …….since when? It took all of 4 seconds to give his opinion on Bill Cosby.

  6. I’m predicting that Iran will release the hostages when it will do the most good; just before the vote in Congress. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this was baked into the cake and that Obama and Kerry are complicit in the plan.

    1. Swisstoons, that was my thought exactly. He was hoping to do the hostage release separately so as to get all the glory for it as if he had a hand in it, so it could be its own media story to make him look good. Instead, it is its own media story alright… but does the opposite. It is all the media talked about, his hissyfit!

  7. I wonder if Obama told Iran “if you want your bomb you can keep your bomb” but was telling the truth ….unlike the keep your doctor comment !

  8. Maybe the Prez thought Major was still working for Fox and was confused on how nuanced his response should have been.

    Good for Major!

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  10. Good on MG. Someone needs to expose this jerk for what he is. As for the media response to MG “over the line comment” — well, you know the response to that.

    On the hostages/prisoners held by Barack’s new BFF. I heard in all the reporting — and I think by Mike Flynn being interviewed on that not real news show Fox and that some terrorist well known for having killed many Americans was somehow connected to this deal — so even more shameful that Americans are still in Iran.

    Does anyone know about this? I’ll look around for a link.

  11. It is just further proof that the Indonesian Citizen In Chief doesn’t give a damn about America, nor Americans. He was oddly willing to give up five of the worst of the worst, Generals in the ISIS/Al Qaeda regimes, for one lousy, stinking deserter. But ask for four Americans back in order to go ahead with this awful deal, the precursor to WWIII? Not a chance. And Garrett becomes the scapegoat for DARING to even ask the question. Obama is a pathetic lout. Somehow, in some way, at some time he needs to pay the price for his misdeeds.

  12. A psychologist might point to Obama behavior when confronted by a dominant male as a loss of father syndrome. remember how Romney made him look like a lost little boy in the first debate. it was probably a mix of that and the egoist behavior that we see. He thought he did not need to prepare for a minion like romney. obama overestimated his ability much like the iranian negotiations. give obama one thing he is the perfect example of history repeating itself and the history maker never taking note of his actions.

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