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Live Stream || Obama Press Conference on Iran – July 15, 2015

The press conference has concluded.

75 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Press Conference on Iran – July 15, 2015”

  1. The beginning of the lies to build “the legacy”. Will be about as useful as a Josh press conference.

    Barack Obama is a disgrace.

  2. Oh, look! Here’s a photo of Obama at his little press conference. Let’s listen: “Step right up, folks! Don’t be afraid! You’ll see something inside that will amaze you! It walks! It talks! It crawls on its belly like an alligator. It defies belief, ladies and gentlemen! You’ve never seen anything like this! Just pay a small price, and get something that will change your life forever!”

  3. Please stop, haters. He will go down as one of the best presidents in the history of the US. I know that’s hard for you to take but you just sound so lame when you spout off for no reason. #GiveItUp #Hilary2016

    1. So far, one question he didn’t answer, the second – he cut off the reporter.
      All he’s doing is explaining, making it up as he goes, and sounds desperate.

      1. I didn’t watch it, but your comments suggest you were right the first time. Speechifying. No questions when speechifying.

        Role of the media is to nod and approve. And perhaps applaud. I am unclear on the WH diktat on that.

        One day perhaps in the not too distant future we will adopt the Iranian way of dealing with infidel press corps.

  4. I’m watching at about 1:50 but on mute. Lots of hand gestures and a VERY set jaw – who’s got him fuming? Looks like about a 10 minute answer where he pauses and then keeps going on and on and on.

    Looks like he’s regarding the reporter as a 3 year old asking “why?”.

    1. Looks like he’s regarding the reporter as a 3 year old asking “why?”


      Like he does with anyone who disagrees with him.

    2. ” Lots of hand gestures….”

      Maybe Obama, you know, is showing us he really could fly by batting his hands around. That is, if he wanted to fly around the room, which we aren’t supposed to ask him about. Cause he doesn’t like to be asked questions that are hard to answer, or that he hasn’t been prepped for. And he doesn’t like to show us ALL his magical powers. Not all at once. He wants to leave the room with the audience begging for more. Like Beyonce.

  5. This was a stale performance, like all of Obama’s lectures.

    In his sing-song robotic speaking style, he mocks and condemns all those who dare challenge him, accusing his opponents of “politics”, of being misinformed, of not having the best interests of the United States, of not having “alternative ideas”, of being, essentially, of bad character. Accusing the “Republicans in Congress” of doing nothing.

    How dare anyone question the Emperor of Malarkey?

    1. Major Garrett asked him about the four Americans that Iran is holding.
      Obama told him that if that was on the table, the potential of granting more concessions to Iran could have become a problem.

      Go figure.

      1. On the table? That is the ignorant comment he gave regarding the hostages?
        Why in the world are people still supporting him?
        Yes I know that is an older question many people have asked.

    2. I just watched the video of Major Garrett asking him a question.
      First of all from now on o should be told to address him as Mr. Garrett.
      2nd of all: Major Garrett should have interuppted him and stated: I did not ask you what you thought of me.
      3rd Craft questions, That was a young child would have thought of saying.
      4th. Nonsence. Major Garrett should have comeback with Nonsence! You have been nothing but Nonsence since you took your so called oath of office.
      On fox they just stated that o should not have responsed in such a thin skinned personal way.

      1. You should know better student,…..
        Sit back, shut up and listen to what I’m saying !

        What a petulant condescending asshole.

  6. Now that Iran will be making it’s nuclear weapon’s, thank you Obama, I remember something that will come in handy.
    To gage how far you are from ground zero, count the seconds from when you see the “flash” till you hear the “bang”. Each second of count will represent approximately 1 mile.
    Of course this is followed by the “blast”.
    I’ll be thanking Obama & Kerry in those last few seconds.
    Bibi, not all Americans are behind Obama on his sellout of Israel, America and the world. Just wanted you to know.

    1. And to think how this whole deal started with odummy writing private little love letters to the
      supreme diaperhead of iran.. You know, the one who
      was chanting “death to amerika” just days ago..
      Seems these two have much in common… talking on the phone & praising “allah’ for this agreement & then he dials up BiBi & spews his hate toward the joos!

    2. And to think how this whole deal started with odummy writing private little love letters to the
      supreme diaperhead of iran.. You know, the one who
      was chanting “death to amerika” just days ago..
      Seems these two have much in common… talking on the phone & praising “allah’ for this agreement & then he dials up BiBi & dumps his hate on our only ally. He is one twisted excuse for a leader.

      1. HA! In defending his nuke deal with his new BFF there was this Twitter exchange — brilliant again from Iowahawk!

        David Burge @iowahawkblog

        Obama is now Iran’s personal Marie Harf.

        Buzzard @buzzard1984

        @iowahawkblog Lecturing the USA on behalf of Iran is he?
        2:15 PM – 15 Jul 2015

      2. And add to that, Hillary had two of her secret envoys begin secret talks with the Iranian madmen in 2009!! (under the orders of Obama, no doubt). This wreck of a deal has been 6 years in the making, ever since Obama became Dictator. And we got nothing. No wonder the Ayatollahs are dancing in the street.

      1. Yep, that was the standard drill for me too.
        Every Tuesday the City would test it’s air raid siren’s at 10:00 am and let them run for a minute or so.
        A famous incident was occurred when then Chicago Fire Commissioner
        Quinn ordered the sirens to be sounded in the evening hours to celebrate the Chicago White Sox winning the World Series. Upset a lotta people this did, me, I was fast asleep.
        I’m to big to fit under a desk, so it’s a closet for me too.

  7. The WH Press Corps truly are bunch of sheep! Major Garrett is the only one who did his job!

    I love the challenge of do you have a better idea? Where is your idea Congress? He is the President and he negotiated a deal in which we get nothing? Screw Iran………..I remember everyday those worthless (insert favorite phrase) held Americans Hostages………I will never trust them nor this President!

    If you get a chance go to YouTube and watch Trey Gowdy speech at Liberty University. Wow, he has it!

    1. Even if they came up with one, he would reject it.
      The brass in the pentagon suggest ways to defeat ISIS,….he rejects them.

      1. There’s, no doubt, shelves full of detailed strategies to bring ISIS to their knees in the classified libraries located in the Pentagon. But, well, Obama….well, you know.

    2. MG got criticized by a CNN thing for maybe going across the line. HA!

      Elsewhere I did see a comment — what happened to never leaving anyone behind?

      Me — I guess that only applies to deserters and sycophants.

      1. Some sources say muslims are not allowed to wear jewellery during ramadan, which doesn’t end until the 17th of this month. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  8. Obama obviously hasn’t read Trump’s best seller “The Art of the Deal”. He is so in love with the idea of making a deal, any deal, with Iran to burnish his legacy-he has lost touch with reality. And Mssr. Kerry wants the Nobel so badly, he will say or do anything to bring the Peace Prize home to place on Teresa’s mantel.

    Obama is notorious for his inability to negotiate – it’s his greatest weakness. He doesn’t have a clue! It’s beneath him – he really does think he is infallible. In reality, we all know he is just plain dumb…and LAZY!

    1. This is the weird thing about Obama’s “negotiating” tactics”: When he’s negotiating with the Republicans in Congress he hunkers down and won’t give an inch, even if it would improve the result; but when he’s negotiating with the archenemies of the world in Iran, he gives away the whole store, and doesn’t make ant demands on them.

      This is beyond weird.

      1. Remember when he told Boehner ( I think it was Boehner) “I Won!”? That’s been his attitude for the last seven years. It’s his way or the highway.

        I have a theory about his weakness and capitulation with our adversaries around the world. I feel that he is giving the store away so that He (not America) can be ‘best friends’ with all of them. When they treat him like visiting royalty, he deludes himself into believing that they’re not really ‘bad guys’ after all. Everything with Obama is based on HIS feelings and nothing to do with reality.
        This is the United States of Obama.

        1. Yes, the key word is “delusion”. He has a masked view of the world whereby he wants so much to be liked by our–or the US’s– traditional enemies. And, as we can see, it’s not working for him. Or us.

          There’s a little bit of the Stockholm Syndrome in him–perhaps nesting in the atmosphere of abandonment he must have sensed when he was “left behind” by his father, his mother, his grandparents—as well as having moved from place to place to place. Not a lot of security or healthy emotional development in that kind of family environment. He’s allowed himself to be “captured” by the enemy, if you can see what I’m driving at. He is at their mercy.

          In his head, perhaps he felt, as a child, he was being abandoned because he wasn’t worthy of them, or that he wasn’t nice enough or good enough in some way. So now, if he is “nice” to the people (Iran for the moment) who clearly have no respect for him, don’t like him and mock him in the streets of Tehran, he might feel more worthy.
          If only they would tell him he was “OK”.

          It just seems like a life theme for him (abandonment) that must have been confusing and painful for him when he was a kid. There’s more to it than that, of course, and I’ve written about it elsewhere, and maybe I’ll do more here.

          At any rate, here we are, watching him acting out some bizarre pleading/lecture at a press conference, trying to convince us that what we are seeing and hearing, isn’t what we are seeing and hearing. Weird. And very dangerous for us.

  9. RE. the Americans still in Iranian prisoners. Here is a thought and a possility. Then the Mullahs can be seen as men of honor as Obama sees them.

    “Mark my words–the Iranians will release three of the four Americans (I think Levinson is dead and cannot be repatriated) at an opportune time. It will probably come in the midst of Congressional debate over the Nuclear Agreement and will be hailed in most parts of the world as a good faith gesture by Iran.”

    1. Gracepmc that is a great point. Another moment for us to be blindsided by another issue. As well make them look like they can be trusted because they did such a wonderful thing.

  10. I did not experience hiding under the school desk like so many others did.
    However as I have mentioned my family, all of them discussed the past with me as I grew up. So I fear what could happen.
    My point: There must be, so many citizens that did not care to pay attention in history class, or did not have discussions with people who went through things in the past. So… I feel it is up to the newstations to explain it to it’s viewers.
    I know: They are not a documentary. I don’t know what else to suggest.
    People have short memories with hurricanes as well. Unless you have been through one, you do not fear what someone else may have experienced.
    However the weatherman does his best to explain the danger. Big screen: Picture of the storm, pictures of what former storms have done.
    God bless America. God Bless our children. I pray to God that the slippery slope, The List, The Mess, somehow all gets fixed!

  11. how can obama forget that netanyahu advocated the invasion of iraq and claimed they were developing nuclear weapons which was not true

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