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Quote of the Day || July 15, 2015

“Today is a great day for the cause of international peace. Oh, and if I might add, death to America.”

– Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote.

12 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || July 15, 2015”

        1. Death to America has been his goal all along. Now he’s managed to work in Death to Israel as well. And when the only 2 sane countries on the planet (I don’t count Western Europe, ’cause they may not be insane, but they ARE impotent) are gone the whole house of cards will come falling down!!! Thanks so much Barack! You the MAN!!! (Fist Bump here)!!!

          1. Quick commentary on:
            El presidente vindicktive.

            Obama pushed hard and even harder for his Iran deal because he was really ticked off that Netanyahu spoke to a Joint Session of Congress against the deal.
            Bottom line: We (America) get nothing from the deal, in fact less than nothing. Israel gets screwed, more screwed, from my perspective. The EU, has never been pro-Israel, let alone pro-Jew, and were more than anxious for a deal for oil.
            p.s. Iran still holds 4 Americans, but oh hell, we got Beau Bergdahl back and gave away terrorists and cash.

  1. Congress is no doubt going to scream bloody murder, and well it should. The question now becomes, how many Democrats want to fall on their swords for this wicked, evil man.

    The Democrats really should take a long, hard look at why the Whigs went bust in the mid-19th Century. The short version is that the party couldn’t make up its mind on the deciding issue of its day–slavery–and the ideological split in the party was too much to overcome.

    Right now, the Democrats could be making a similar, party-ending mistake. What do they stand for on the defining question of our day…the safety of the American people, or the short-term legacy of their little tin messiah? If the Democrats do not put the country first, and stand up to Obama on this “deal,” the next act of Iranian aggression will be blamed on them.

    Obama has already done quite a number on the Democrats’ bench. Hillary isn’t the presumptive nominee because she’s that good…she’s just all they’ve got left after the 2010 and 2014 mid-terms ended a lot of Democrats’ careers. I read one think piece that wondered in print, and not entirely in jest, if Obama might actually be a closet Republican on a lifelong mission to destroy the Democratic Party from the inside.

    Because if the Democrats go along with this, and then Iran does God-forbid attack the US or Israel, that’s it. It will be too late, game over, and good-bye for the Democratic Party. And it couldn’t happen to a nicer group of two-bit tyrants.

    Anyway, I need to go get something which reasonably resembles sleep–after today’s events, no small task, that.

    But I’ll leave you with this pleasant little chaser, if I may. It’s appropriate for today, if perhaps eerily so.

  2. I imagine that ValJar has tasked some White House employee with searching around for that old “Mission Accomplished” banner to hang outside the White House. Meanwhile, ValJar will be busy contacting her pals who helped light up the WH in rainbow colors. This time, she’s requesting lightbulbs in the colors of the Iranian flag. Screw you, Val.

    1. One of the great mysteries of modern life is how the MSM refuses to investigate ValJar, and uncover her activities, influence and corrupt character. The only explanation is that she has so much dirt collected on members of the press, that they are terrified of her. They all remember Val’s attack (and that’s really what it was) on James Rosen and his parents when Rosen got too close to the truth about Obama.

      Even Hillary knows not to mess with Valerie. Remember this story?

  3. Death to America? Death for peaceful Persians more likely to happen first. Not likely the leaders will be opening doors and allowing free return of exiles. A well funded and now victorious regime will not hesitate to put down any form of protest. And like all good oppressors, they will scoop the spoils and leave the scraps for the people.

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