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Obama Trumpets the Iran Deal

Speaking at the White House this morning, President Obama expressed confidence that the United States could hold Iran to the agreement.

“We will be in a position to verify all these commitments,” Obama said. “Inspectors will be able to access any suspicious locations.”

Sanctions against Iran will be lifted gradually, Obama said, and if Iran violates the deal, “all these sanctions will snap back into place.”

Obama added that the “military option,” which few think he has seriously considered anyway, would be back on the table if Iran resorts to cheating, which few think it is not seriously considering.

Um, unless of course Iran has cheated by developing a nuclear weapon.

Obama vowed to veto legislation that prevents the deal from going forward. He preemptively accused Republicans of playing politics. “This is not the time for politics or posturing,” Obama said. “Tough talk from Washington does not solve problems.”

Remember, if you don’t agree with Obama, you are either out of your mind or playing politics.

Obama said “we will continue our unprecedented efforts to” strengthen Israel, claiming he has done more on this than any other president. Israeli Prime Minster Netanyahu Tuesday called the agreement a “capitulation” to Iran.

Obama suggested the deal might be the beginning of a new Iran. “It is possible to change,” Obama said of the Iranian government, saying the ability of the Iranian people to “prosper and thrive” depended on it.

And that, of course, is the central misconception underlying this agreement. Because the ability of Iranians to “prosper and thrive” is not the goal of the terrorist, jihadist, Islamist leadership in charge of the country.

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  1. Two things:

    It’ll be interesting to see how Senator Schumer reacts this morning. He may, for the first time in his life, be silent on the subject.

    And if we get Israel so angry, then what good is America if we turn our back on our most important ally?

      1. You could be right because Schumer has nothing to lose by coming out against the deal if, as Obama stated, any vote against it in Congress will be vetoed. Schumer can look like he’s protecting his Jewish constituents while knowing nothing will become of his Obama naysaying.

      1. Speaking of being sexist, queen of feminists Mika Bzezinski made a huge goof this morning when she thought the High Representative of The Union for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini was “probably the translator”. Oh Mika Mika Mika. Pretty funny.

    1. Can’t recall a place in all of history where our President (odumbo) gushes over an agreement and the other leader (chief diaperhead of iran) chants “death to America” at the same time.
      Isn’t this insane????
      Having a hard time wrapping my brains around this one..

  2. Whenever Barry The Insignificant starts using trite little phrases like “snap back into place,” you know we are in trouble.
    Obama and Kerry think this is a win for America and the world, but all it really is, is an attempt to give them some sort of legacy.
    They are like children who misbehave. Any attention is good attention, even if it is negative attention.

    1. The Congress has all the tools needed to rein in this rogue President. Checks and balances. Unfortunately, we have two political eunuchs in Republican leadership positions in the Congress, and they have no interest in putting a check on Obama’s mad adventures.

    1. I am waiting to hear about that as well.
      I just heard Laura Ingram on Fox make the point that it will be days before we hear/see any detail of this deal with Iran.

      1. And even if we do — there will be a lot we will never know about what this horrible man who refuses to defend this country and that traitor John Kerry agreed to.

  3. The big reveal this morning? For the last six years our ‘fearless’ leader has been prepared to bomb Iran if necessary…LOL!

    1. Inspections do not include Military Inspections. However we could press for them.
      I 10 year old would not go along with such a set up.

      Just heard on Fox:
      Awaiting Netanyahu comments on the Iran Deal.

      1. Inspections will consist of head inspector Valerie Jarett and a coven of colleagues going to Iran for vacation and a round of fetes. She will sign off on the inspection(s) as she boards a US government plane to return to Amerika.

  4. Where was this talk when the Iranian people were trying to rise up against the regime YEARS ago?? Obama left them twisting in the wind.

    1. A comment I saw and borrowed:

      I need help from the outside to destroy Amerikkka. I will weaken the Beast, but you, Iran, you must destroy it.

  5. Katy Mcfarland just said this will Not prevent Iran…
    We have to go to a committee, instead of 24/7. After our request goes to committee. It than has to be approved. Guess who is on that committee, Iran!

    We do not have an agreement that can be verified….
    One of the family members of a hostage now in Iran, will be on Fox in just a few.

    1. Correction: Fox just mentioned the statement from Ali Rezaian, brother of jailed Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian.
      “The outcome of the nuclear deal does not change Jason’s cruel and illegal imprisonment for the past 356 days. Jason is completly innocent of all charges and it is inhumane for him to still be held behind bars after nearly a year.

  6. Someone should have told Obama that the Iranians are registered Republicans. As history has proved, Republicans are the only ones that Obama negotiates hard against, everyone else gets everything they want.

  7. Somewhere on the other side, Neville Chamberlain is no doubt smiling. It won’t be long, I fear, before his name is no longer the go-to shorthand for “short-sighted peace deal which ultimately lead to the most human deaths.”

    I pray that I am wrong.

  8. “Remember, if you don’t agree with Obama, you are either out of your mind or playing politics.”

    Don’t forget racist.

    1. Could we call this a “black day” in America’s history?

      Speaking of blank days: Here are words we’ll never see in Obama’s nearly empty daily schedule: “This is not the time for politics or posturing.”

  9. The Iranian mullahs and ayatollahs have promised many times that they will destroy the State of Israel. That’s what Allah wants them to do, they say. Obama and Kerry just paved the way for that to happen, and they are yodeling that tune all over the MSM.

    1. Heard on Fox o is going to speak to Netanyahu, and King of Saudi Arabia this morning.
      Than they expect Netanyahu to make a statement.
      I would love to hear those conversations!

  10. As with so much of what Obama says, this statement comes from a planet inhabited by no one else. A “new” Iran? Seems that I just heard more “Death to America” talk from this one-and-very-same government. “Verifiable”? Well, sure. Right up until Iran objects to the verification and then we have to, what? Trust them? That will work really well.

    And of course, the Republicans are “playing politics.” Obama would never do that.

    This piece of paper isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. It will be violated before it’s official. I can only hope that it’s so bad and people are so sickened by it that there will be veto-proof majorities in both houses of Congress, since those simpletons gave away their ability to vote to ratify this treaty. Just maybe, the backlash will be so severe they will actually listen to their voters? Ya think?

    1. Even Mika’s brother said he talked to a lot of people who say Iran is not going to become our bud now and the “extreme” extremists might even say, OK, not it’s our turn, we want….

      1. I know this sounds OT, but hang with me. I just read a book (listened to) called The Know-It-All about a guy, AJ Jacobs, who spent over a yr reading the Encylopedia Britannica. Sounds boring, but it’s funny–and it puts some of this in perspective–the sweep of millennia. In the future, there will of course be an entry for Obama, but it won’t boil down to such a great “legacy.” He kicked this one over to someone else, basically–and wasn’t it to be 15 yrs down the road, not 10, etc.

  11. While Obama is taking laps over this Iranian deal, he should also thank Hillary and Billy for cooking up and supporting the Uranium One deal–and making a ton of cash for doing so. That’s the deal whereby Russian now owns one-fifth of the uranium mining and production in the United States. As we know, Russia supplies much of the uranium Iran needs to continue to build its nuclear bombs (which we know they are doing). So it’s all a nice little package for the Clintons, Obama, the Russians, and the Iranians. Ah, it’s nice to be a dictator.

      1. Here’s a wild guess: The MSM will not make the connection and will not report it. If a rogue reporter does stumble into the issue and writes or talks about it, that reporter will be rewarded with a lifetime of annual IRS investigations. That’s the sad state of journalism today. Too many (not all) journalists are either happily rowing Obama’s boat for him, or they are too terrified to report the deep truth.

  12. Israel has no choice now, does it?

    Okay, folks, quote me an over-under, in weeks, on how long it takes the IDF to get its bomb-Iran-to-hell-and-gone operation underway.

    I’ll take the under, sight unseen.

  13. Interesting that the Obama government “cooperates” with Russia and China on this deal.They do everything to thwart and oppose each other in other matters. How will this verification work ?

    1. It won’t. It can’t.

      And I doubt I’m the only one who thinks that that’s a feature, not a bug, where this fifth column administration is concerned.

    2. That’s our boy Obama — cooperate with America’s enemies and kill off a long standing enemy. What he calls a twofer.

  14. I simply don’t understand how any member of Congress could possibly vote for this path of the ISlamic Republic of Iran to obtain a nuke!

    Just insane.

  15. yup. this is a good deal. and if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.

    turns out the only time Obama WASN’T lying was when he said the “fundamental transformation of America” was only 5 days away…

    1. Many of Barry’s defenders this morning are quick to point out NO OTHER PRESIDENT has been able to accomplish this…he has succeeded where all others before him have “tried and failed.”

      As usual, it’s all about him…the good of our country be damned.

      1. They were celebrating Neville Chamberlain and his slip of paper, too.

        At least, at first.

        History may not repeat itself exactly, but it does have common refrains.

      2. Yea, it’s legacy time for Barry. Oh, he’s got his legacy already established, long before this current catastrophe. It ain’t a pretty picture.

  16. We can verify and you can keep your Doctor.

    Right. Obamernword lies, lies and more lies.

    O and we are not being invaded by Mexicans either.

  17. It would be interesting to see how much money ValJar and friends and family and cronies stand to make off this deal.

    I would imagine that part of the deal as well includes the Barack Obama Memorial Golf Course in Tehran.

  18. Now that the “deal” has been struck with Iran, the Duchy of Fenwick has demand nuclear parity with the United States.
    Kerry promises a treaty as ironclad as the one with Iran to prevent this.

    1. Barry has pulled quite a trick on this deal. In actuality, the Iran deal is an “Executive Action”, not a formal Treaty. Therefore, the “agreement” does not actually require Senate approval. Obama has trapped the Senate into an weird legal position, to say the least. If they reject Obama’s Executive Action with Iran, it does not carry the same weight as rejecting a formal treaty proposal. The Congress could withhold funds, of course, to cripple the Executive Action, but Obama is likely to find a way to fund it (the sanctions issue).

      Boehner and McConnell will stumble their way through all this, sadly, as they do everything else. And so Barry may well get his way. Hard to say how it will turn out.

      1. Judging from the way Boehner stumbled through his 30 second comment this morning, I would say he is permanently ‘out to lunch’. It’s more than incompetence.

  19. How considerate of Obama to keep the sunset clauses (which he denies exist) intact until HRC finishes her two terms.

    His legacy of ‘ICBMs Bursting in Mid Air’ will also be his parting gift to all of the children he and the wife have championed for the last 7 years.
    Hope no one contributes to his Foundations for My Brother’s Keeper, etc.

      1. I’m so glad Canada wasn’t involved in this mess not that it makes any difference. Canada’s sanctions on Iran include an arms embargo, an asset freeze, financial prohibitions, export and import restrictions, and technical assistance prohibitions.

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