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Obama to Hold a Press Conference on Iran

President Obama Wednesday will hold an East Room press conference to try to explain what on earth he was thinking when he agreed to the deal with Iran. The proceedings will begin at 1:00 pm Obama Standard Time, which is generally Eastern Time plus about twenty minutes.

I will live stream it for you.

10 thoughts on “Obama to Hold a Press Conference on Iran”

    1. Even if all those people showed up, the R’s will still hand Obama a victory on the Iran deal. They seem hell-bent on delivering everything he wants on a silver platter. Ugh.

  1. Hopefully, Obama’s will now explain to the American people why he was so hysterically anxious to guarantee that the Iranian militant jihadists have a clear path to finalize their program of developing intercontinental nuclear-headed missile capability.

    1. All the military personal warned against giving them that military capability.
      He ignores all the advisors.
      I want him to announce each and everything this provides for all of the buddies (Countries) that went along with this. He does has not and does not like our Country being ahead of the game in any manner what’s so ever.

      1. I think Obama is on the verge of a mental crackup. He is completely, totally out of control, and his red-hot anger toward the people and traditions and history of the United States has completely taken what little sense he had in the first place.

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