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Netanyahu: “We Will Always Defend Ourselves”

And now we must turn to the question, what will Israel do now that Iran is guaranteed nuclear weapons under today’s deal?

I’ve read some reports that Israel has already waited too long and that it would be difficult for it to take out the Iranian nuclear weapons program. I’ve also read that if the Israeli air force dropped by Iran for a visit, it could set the program back at least a few years. Perhaps that would render the new agreement moot, since it deals with a program that would no longer exist in the same form. Then a future U.S. president would have the option to act militarily if Iran tries to reconstitute its program in the absence of an agreement.

An American strike would no doubt be devastating, and it’s not clear to me that Iran would pick up the pieces and move ahead. So there may be some value for Israel in kicking the can down the road by striking now.

The fallout from an Israeli attack would be immense. But I don’t know how Israel can possibly tolerate an Iranian nuclear weapon pointed its way, which is what the agreement ensures – albeit perhaps with a delay of ten to fifteen years, assuming Iran doesn’t successfully cheat.

Netanyahu hinted Israel might act. But he has also done a lot of hinting for a long time.

He said today:

The world is a much more dangerous place today than it was yesterday . . .

By not dismantling Iran’s nuclear program, in a decade this deal will give an unreformed, unrepentent, and far richer terrorist regime the capacity to produce many nuclear bombs. Intact, an entire nuclear arsenal, with the means to deliver it. What a stunning, historic mistake.

Israel is not bound by this deal with Iran . . . because Iran continues to seek our destruction, We will always defend ourselves.

13 thoughts on “Netanyahu: “We Will Always Defend Ourselves””

  1. I cannot believe this reporter asked Netanyahu:
    Why can’t you live with this deal?
    He should have worded differently, he sounded like a child.
    At one point of this interview, also has a mean stare on his face, like he is speaking to our enemy.

  2. Senator Menendez (D) just stated on Fox:
    Need to go through whole agreement.
    Basically legitimizing Iran’s Nuclear
    Not ending infrastructure.
    There were some Red lines crossed.
    Iran with 20 years of deceiving the world.
    Iran is destabilizing the region, regarding the terrorist.

  3. Earth to Keith…”assuming Iran won’t cheat”? How many centrifuge’s do they have spinning right now…for what and for whom? I’m cynical

    1. Yep. As you well know, Iran has never kept a single treaty/agreement it’s made in the last 40 years or so with any country. They won’t with this deal either (obviously). That’s the deal Obama is desperate to get approved.

  4. c’mon Keith: you say “he’s been hinting for a long time” sneeringly, as if Bibi was not serious. maybe you don’t remember that Israel WANTED to hit Iran several years ago but were bullied out of it by the Obama administration, which then promptly turned around and called Bibi a “chickenshit” for NOT attacking.

    can you imagine how annoyed our petty president would be if Israel attacked his buddies in Tehran? it’s almost worth it just to think of him sputtering to ValJar about how Uncle Rev. Jeremiah was right about the Evil Joos.

    so here’s a question for President I’m-almost-a-Jew Obama: what do you think your heroes Golda and Moshe would do if they were in charge of Israel today? think they’d just let Iran go nuclear?

  5. IMHO, the key will be if behind the scenes Israel can get the tacit support of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Turkey. At this point, Obama has abandoned them so they’re on their own. They can either start up going after their own nukes to keep up with Iran or they can form an alliance with Israel for mutual self defense and tell Obama to go F himself likes he’s already done to them.

    1. They’ll get up to $150 billion from frozen assets once the agreement takes effect and hundreds of billions more over the coming years from trade with Russia, China and Europe and being able to put their oil back onto the market.
      Oil that will further depress the market and put American oil workers into the unemployment line. But that’s the way Obama wants it. Better to have Americans dependent on government checks than making good money in good jobs.

      1. So we have frozen the $150 billion and now are unfreezing it. Correct?
        Why aren’t we unfreezing a little bit at a time?
        Anyone who is punished, is somewhat tested in one way or another, and to prove they learned their lesson, or will not do the same wrong.
        We should have said screw you and your oil, and started pulling oil out of our own back yard. As well allow the pipeline.
        As you stated we are the ones be restrainted in one way or another, and the enemies are awarded.
        Than their is the safety issue. These people fund terrorist!!!
        Congress needs to grow up and look out for the American people. Bottom line!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Iran will cheat and lie as they have always done. The deal is the biggest mistake in the Obama record of failures. His puppet clown Kerry agreed to be the standup comic in this charade. What can you expect from a fool who falls off a bicycle on his way to the big pow-wow. Netanyahu has reason to be concerned, and may find it imperative to destroy Iran…since the U.S. has opened the door to Iran’s nuclear arsenal, already in place. More supplies on their way from Russia. So, the president makes another speech claiming success, instead of the failure it really is..but that’s ok because he’s off to Kenya…his hometown…where he should stay!!

  7. The WH talking points are out… An NPR reporter
    (obama operative) this A.M. used the “snap back sanctions” catch phrase this as the propaganda machine is rolling along just fine.

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