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Video || Obama Statement on Iran Nuclear Deal

12 thoughts on “Video || Obama Statement on Iran Nuclear Deal”

  1. Did he say Congress would have access to all details, he welcomes their comments but he will veto any measure against his plan? And, did he seem more concerned for the Iranian people in their struggle? PS: I haven’t had my coffee yet…forgive any errors I may have made in interpretation. Really, I do want to be fair…..but, somedays, I just don’t feel comfortable and / or confident with his statements.

    1. BTW: My feelings about Ketchup boy will not now or ever change. He is a disgrace to the military service. No problem with my interpretation when it comes to this person.

  2. David Ignatius somberly summed it up on MoJoe by saying that Obama made “cosmic bet” on Iran becoming a peaceful power.

    This is nothing more than an ‘agreement’ – so easy for Iran to violate. Who is Obama kidding?

  3. The surprise is not that Barack Obama surrendered the United States of America to Iran, a country that sponsors terrorism worldwide. The surprise is that he did so early in the morning. This must be quite important to him as the only other thing this important to this despicable man is golf.

    He is a disgrace as is every Congress person who agrees to this.

  4. text of the Iran Deal.
    There were more lies and half truths in Obama’s speech than I have ever seen.

    Inspectors will have to wait 24 days to see military sites that may have weaponization programs. That’s 24 days every time inspectors want access.

    If the Iranians cheat, it will take 60 days minimum to get sanctions back under the terms, but everyone knows that is not going to happen?

    Major companies are not going to pull out once they get their foot in the door.

    In addition, Iran will then have 150 billion dollars we have locked up in banks. And they will be able to sell 40 million barrels of oil now floating in tankers around the world.

    So there will be no going back when iran Cheats.

    Thus Iran will start WWIII, using the bombs we let them build through Obama’s naivety.

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