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Iran Nuclear Deal is Sealed

The United States and other world powers this morning announced a deal addressing Iran’s nuclear weapons program for at least ten years. The agreement restricts Iran’s nuclear programs in exchange for the lifting of sanctions against the country.

However, the agreement may be flawed. According several reports, many people are planning to live longer than ten years and could become adversely affected if they do.

According to other reports, the agreement restricts Iran’s nuclear production, requiring it to reduce its current stockpile by as much as 98 percent. The number of centrifuges at its Natanz facility would be reduced by two thirds.

The “breakout” time to a nuclear weapons is supposedly reduced to one year. But the breakout time would begin to decline after only ten years, and Iran will have few impediments to developing a nuclear weapon after 15 years.

However, in a key concession that is sure to fuel opposition to the deal in Congress, access to Iran’s military sites is not guaranteed, possibly preventing a full view into what Iran is up to and an accounting of what it has done in the past. Iran will be able to challenge inspections of such sites, and the issue will be decided by some kind of panel that will include Iran. That means inspections will at the very least be delayed, and “anytime anywhere” is a concept that has been discarded.

Speaking at the White House, Obama said of the Iranian leaders, “It is possible the change.” He is apparently betting the world’s future – because there may not be much of a future once Iran’s extremist, murderous leaders begin mass producing nuclear weapons – on the willingness of the Iranian rulers to reform themselves.

They haven’t for 35 years, and they won’t.

Iran agreed to the continuation of a U.N. arms embargo on the country for up to five more years, though it could end earlier if the International Atomic Energy Agency definitively clears Iran of any current work on nuclear weapons, the Associated Press reported.

It can begin selling oil possibly as early as the end of the year. And the Iranians could by then also receive more than $100 billion in assets that had been frozen overseas.

Israeli Prime Minster Netanyahu termed the deal an “historic mistake.” He said:

Iran is going to receive a sure path to nuclear weapons. Many of the restrictions that were supposed to prevent it from getting there will be lifted.

Iran will get a jackpot, a cash bonanza of hundreds of billions of dollars, which will enable it to continue to pursue its aggression and terror in the region and in the world. This is a bad mistake of historic proportions.

Israel undoubtably felt it had to wait for the negotiations to conclude before it could take military action. We will see what they decide to do. No doubt, if Congress rejects the deal, it could provide extra justification for the Israelis to move.

Congress now has 60 days to review the arrangement, meaning a vote will occur in September. But even if Congress rejects the agreement, Obama can veto the measure, and an override is considered unlikely.

13 thoughts on “Iran Nuclear Deal is Sealed”

  1. I listened to the Supreme Leader’s remarks live on my drive in to work this morning. His constant wavering, between this is a good deal, and hey, if you don’t approve it, I will, comments were nauseating.

    If the deal is so good, it sells itself. We don’t need the President threatening Congress and all citizens with his veto comments.

    Iran is not to be trusted and in his comments, he even alludes to that…so why go in to a deal whose foundation is based on trust, when there is none?

    Reagan said ” Trust, but verify”

    Obama’s version ” Trust, or I veto your denial”

    I am appalled


    1. Laura Ingram made a point of one of the details to be released was the fact the we will let them know when we want to check on things. They will have 14 days notice. They will have 14 days to hide, cover, move anything they do not want our inspectors to see.

  2. It’s a “bad mistake of historic proportions”, for sure. Will Obama take the blame when the world goes up in flames?

  3. His comments regarding Iran changing, becoming more open…is he a fool? Just another Hope & Change item on his agenda?

    This is what college professors do…talk in theory and hope for change.

    Leaders enable change through tough negotiations backed with strength, not hope and theory.

    Obama is still a rookie after all these years.

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  5. I listened to Brit Hume last night on Fox discussing how Obama has structured the Iran Deal, not as a Treaty requiring a 2/3 Vote of the Senate to Pass but as some sort of Monstrosity that will require 33 +1 or 34 Votes to Stop it at which point He Can Veto it unless the House and Senate can Each Muster up a 2/3rds Vote to override his Veto. WTF?

    It was such a Convoluted Mess I could not keep up with it. It was harder to understand than E=Mc2. It was so Difficult to understand that even Britt had to Read it.
    But the Bottom Line is while Obama was Getting Outsmarted by the Iranians he again outsmarted the Republican Congress.

    Plus it must be remembered WE ARE NOT IN THIS ALONE. We Have 4 (or is it 5) EU Partners that are Chomping at the Bit to Sell Cars, Machinery, TV’s, Furniture, Computers, Cell Phones and thousands of other consumer goods and of course WEAPONS and Ships to Iran to bolster their economies. And Iran will once again reap Billions in Oil Sales. Think of Every Barrel of Oil they sell as a drop of Poison that will not kill us all at once but will do so over a period of time just like low doses of Strychnine.

    So you tell me, if these EU Countries are selling everything they can make to Iran and the US Congress decides its a Bad Deal, or we hopefully get a Republican President who says NO DEAL, how on Earth can we put a Stop to it when Germany, France, England, Russia and China, say Hands Off. Don’t even think of putting Sanctions back on Iran. It would throw our Economies into a Recession or destroy Billions of Dollars in Construction Contracts and Consumer Sales we already have in the Pipeline.

    Obama, the Community Organizer, has once again proven that he is smarter and has more Power than the Entire Congress many of whom probably favor the deal because they have constituents like Zuckerberg and General Electric that can turn a Profit by supplying Iran with their products and know-how even as the Iranians Chant Death to America and Death to Israel. You never heard them chant Death to China. Death to Russia. Death to France. Death to Germany. It was only Death to America and Israel. Does that tell you something? It does me!

    By the way have you ever in your life or in your studies of History heard of a Super Power such as the United States of America Begging a 3rd World Terrorist Nation such as Iran to make a Treaty with them as they were Chanting Death To that Country and Burning that Countries Flags? This is a First for me and it is just another of Obamas Promises to Fundamentally Change the United States of America, at any costs.

    Obama and what he has done to America and what he is doing to America is No Different than a Homicide Bomber who KNOWS that once he pulls the Trigger or Pushes the Button He Himself will die, but he doesn’t care as long as his Mission is Carried out.

    It looks like the Ayatollah in the WH may just get his wish and he won’t get 72 Virgins. He will instead Avenge his Dreams from his Father. God help us!

    1. Very good point regarding the next President daring to draw back on this deal, when other Countries will not want to…and as you stated, state: Do not put sanctions back on them!

  6. Let’s see. What happened to Obama ‘Walk Away’ if inspections of military sites not included? Here’s what happened-All Blow & Dust from Obama&Co.-Latter’s SOP. The Bought & Sold for Prezzie just made an Arms Deal with Iran, except they’re not paying. We Are.

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