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Scott Walker Gets in the Race

Here is the video Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker released today. He’s running on his record. And he does have a record.

35 thoughts on “Scott Walker Gets in the Race”

    1. Speaking of ‘not electable’ – I’ll be voting for SenSanders – assuming he lasts until next spring.
      We Dems seem to have a choice of the old, the older and the oldest.

      1. LOL srdem ! I say let 2016 be Trump v. Sanders, a sort of a “sh*t or get off the pot” conundrum by letting voters vote for Capitalism v. Socialism once and for all. !!

      1. LOL! My composite would be someone with Romney’s distinguished good looks; Ted Cruz’s IQ; Fiorina’s business acumen; Trump’s immigration policies, and someone willing to tear Hillary the Hispanderer into shreds for her phoniness, her wide-eyed baby talk, her lies, her greedy, money-grubbing activities, and her imperialistic dismissal of the rules of law.

        So far, I’m not coming up with anyone who can meet the challenge. We are on the brink of a third world electorate now…it may be too late to overcome the damage created by Obama.

          1. I never noticed a bald spot, lol. He just lacks that certain air of confidence, inspiration, and overall leadership qualities. I can’t visualize him at a G8 meeting, for instance. He’s a ‘regional’ guy…an good at what he does.

          2. Girly, I totally respect that opinion. Something to think about for sure.

            I was a Carter Peanut in 1976 (I still have the “gold plated” peanut necklace he gave to his volunteers). He WAS a GOVERNOR and a VETERAN and well liked in GEORGIA.

            From that experience, I’m still keeping my powder dry. Carter was a miserable failure, until Obama, one of the worst Presidents EVAH !

            I really like the thought of a Walker/Cruz ticket, but it may take a Trump to fix the MESS Obama is leaving us.

      2. Unfortunately, there is no perfect candidate. I will vote for whomever is still standing when November 2016 rolls around, but I would be happy to vote for Walker. He’s irritated the libs, the unions, and tenured college professors… for me!

          1. Hillary must have a real problem with Walker as in her “speech” today, she mentioned Walker by name.

            I’m leaning to Walker although not quite there yet. I’m still cogitating.

      3. Thread is getting skinny.
        This is to Girly1.

        Someone strong on domestic policies, to reverse the damage Obama has inflicted on the Country.
        Someone who is a strong SoS, not the puss we have now.
        Someone that is going to put our Military back where it belongs, where it is an honor to serve our Nation.

        Someone that will de-indoctrinate the public school system and rid this Country of common core.

        Your composite is right on the money.

        In a few weeks, the first debate will be on stage.
        I hope they don’t reduce themselves to a chattering bunch of fools.

        All of the people that you mentioned are impressive.
        Egos permitting, they would make one hell of a cabinet, hopefully determined to reverse every EO Obama put his pen to.

        Rant off,….Well said Girly.

        1. Just thought of something, AFVet. It might be the first time in history that we need co-Presidents: One to govern, and one to devote all of his time reversing Obama’s mess.

    2. Walker/Cruz or Walker with somebody with solid foreign policy/military experience would work for me. Walker understands how to get things done within the government.

      However, after 8 years of Obama, our already tarnished system has been thoroughly corrupted — on the right and on the left — and we will not get good people like Walker.

  1. I like what he has accomplished, and what he stated.
    I would appreciate all of them being as bold as Trump. All of them now!
    Save our Country, and our Constitution, and our freedom!

  2. OT,….Rush just said that Obama has commuted 48 sentences of prisoners BEFORE he visits the prison in Oklahoma.

    Possibly foretelling what he will do just before he exits office ?

      1. Here is some of Obummers illegals. WaPost:
        “Three teenage reputed members of the MS-13 street gang were ordered held without bail Friday on charges they forced a 16-year-old into a wooded area of a Long Island golf course, where two of them took turns raping her while the third stood as a lookout.”

  3. Fair housing rule is on the books per Obama.
    Didn’t go through congress.
    Suburbia, watch out.

    I don’t have a link yet.
    Heard it on Rush.

    1. Citizens worked hard for those houses.
      No one in my family expected anyone to hand anything to them to purchase a home.
      I cannot afford a home on a wonderful beach. Do I contact the government and give a sad story of being deprived. NO!
      His fair housing will not included his future home.

    2. Forced integration! This is going to cause nightmares of untold proportions.
      We already have it here in southern Mexifornia…section 8 is wreaking havoc on the Westside. Newly arrived illegals are flooding the designated Section 8 apts all over town!
      Right now, the coastal and hillside areas are exempt- but not for long.
      There go our property values!

  4. President Walker would be fantastic, no matter what some of you would say. At least he is sane, which is more than could be said for some candidates.

    1. I don’t think anyone here has tuned Walker out of the race, by any means. He’s battle-tested, at least on a regional level, and is obviously bright and has his head in the right place.

      For whatever deficiencies he (or any other President) has, well, that’s why we have a Cabinet, and the President can invite the very best minds in the country to help him make the best decisions possible.

      I’m still watching at this point, and haven’t made any decision on anyone. Though I must admit there are some candidates that trouble me.

  5. You know Walker is REALLY REALLY good when the president of the AFL-CIO sends out a one sentence letter to his members: Scott Walker is a national disgrace. Love it.

  6. In the end, I think we’ll be looking at either a Bush/Walker ticket, or Walker/Rubio.

    Don’t want Bush…and he’ll lose anyway because of his last name. I hope Walker rises to the top.

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