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Obama Commutes Sentences of 46 prisoners

President Obama today commuted the sentences of 46 prisoners as part of an ongoing administration review of prison sentences designed to weed out overly harsh punishments and reduce the prison population.

Well, good for him. I am someone who believes strongly in giving people a second chance. Gosh, I give myself a second chance often enough. The guidelines for this review are very strict, seeking to ensure that only those in the best position to make it outside the can are put on the street.

Glancing through the records of the prisoners, it looks like most of them are cocaine dealers, particularly crack cocaine. This of course wades into a race issue, because convicts have received much harsher sentences for crack cocaine offenses than for the more polite forms of the drug.

Many involved in crack are poor and black, meaning they got harsher treatment than wealthier white people who had it passed into their noses by rolled up portraits of Andrew Jackson or Alexander Hamilton. Doesn’t quite seem fair. Those covered under Obama’s actions were nonviolent criminals, most serving more than 20 years and some life sentences. Seems too harsh to me.

Anyone receiving a commuted sentence had to be nonviolent, generally not associated with a gang, in prison for ten years, and on their best behavior while incarcerated.

“These men and women were not hardened criminals,” Obama said. “Their punishments didn’t fit the crimes. And if they were sentenced under today’s laws, nearly all of them would have served their time.”

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  1. Went to the dentist. Came back to this news and pending news that the Pentagon (what a slavish bunch those people are these days) is going to announce a new transgender policy.

    Like there is nothing else going on in the country and the world. This is the most destructive immature Administration ever — a pox on them and all those who voted them in to office.

  2. It’s the President’s perogative to reduce or commute criminal sentences.
    For those incarcerated for even 10 years, some 20 or more, release won’t be easy…. They are institutionalized by the system. They don’t have driver’s licenses, much less a car, no money, no job skills, never used an ATM or credit card and most of them have been forgotten by their families.

    MrObama might think he’s doing these people a favor, a grace, but their lives will become a nightmare if there isn’t help for them outside the system. Some might even re-commit so that they can go back to the life they have become accostomed to – prison.

    1. And, a stickler for timing, Obama is doing this just before a first-ever presidential visit to a federal prison. (Another standing O, perhaps?)

      Seems I read somewhere that these sentencing laws were first enacted at the urging of people like Charles Rangel.

        1. And this: Tomorrow he goes to Philly for an NAACP conference on the unfairness of the legal system and then — a FUNDRAISER. (S.O.P.)

    2. Who cares about them? Its Obama’s plan to saturate us with evil criminals and illegal immigrant criminals. Dumb republicans and congress are allowing him to ruin the country. Impeach, impeach, impeach. And maybe its too late, maybe America is being punished for all the MILLIONS OF HUMAN LIFE BABIES BEING THROWN IN THE TRASH MURDERED! Punished with an evil President, evil Congress, evil Supreme Court, evil Republicans and Democrats who allow all these terrible things to happen every day. Making a deal with Iran also is evil.

  3. You keep falling for Obama’s smokescreens, Keith.
    This will continue the rich vs. poor, white privilege vs. black victims.
    He’s been on a roll since Treyvon, to roil the racial waters and this is one more guilt of “whitey” Obama has to rectify.

    1. I believe that you are right, Nikon. Smokescreen. So much happening in the world and he gives a speech about this ? And yes, everything is “race” in one way or the other with this community organizer and he is always there to expropriate it for political reasons.
      This said, I think many of these poor, lost drug abusers need something else than harsh prison years to get back but this issue needs real debate and investigation works, not just Barrys political use of commuting.

  4. As always, everything is about Obama the Singular! His presidency is a reality show – a pictorial review or digital diary of every single thing he does on a daily basis.
    Seven years ago, I actually saw a photo on the net of Obama approaching a beautifully carved door of a mens’ room located somewhere in the WH…with a big smile on his face. Thankfully, there were no follow-up photos.

    Hopefully, his biographers will delve more into his megalomania, and the repercussions therein. He is building a shrine to himself – an empty suit with a gazillion photos and sound bytes.
    He is one sick puppy!!!

    1. Don’t forget his “moment of silence” pose, his “important phone call” pose, or the recently staged call to the Women’s soccer team in which his voice was loud and clear while the women’s voices were muted (subtitles were added and then mysteriously removed from the White House YouTube video).

      1. Every day is a Hollywood production…lights, camera action.
        Pete Souza must be the most over-worked employee in Washington.
        Wonder if MO has her own production crew – I would imagine she does.
        Even the older daughter is now working in the industry!


        1. Considering the amount of covers she’s been on, she’s got one heck of a PR crew. I’m guessing this started with her pre-election makeover.

  5. Why isn’t he discussing putting dicipline bac into schools.
    Start from the beginning.
    By the way I grabbed a silence of pizza and turned on the TV. I have caught most of Walkers speech. So far impressed of what he listed he has accomplished as Governer. As well what he wants to repeal.
    He stated he wants to protect our children from the maniacs.
    I feel his speech is worth listening to if anyone has a moment to pull it up later. :)

          1. No Lee, it works.
            WordPress does not allow you to edit, unlike Disqus.
            My comment did not nest properly.
            I posted the link under, “Here you go Lee.”

            Sorry for the confusion. :)

  6. I knew right away that most of these convicts had to be black. Since I have not seen them I really don’t know for sure if this is the case but after reading this article it makes me think I’m right. Democrats are going after the convict vote now, they need to keep adding to their base, let the convicts vote!

  7. I watched Kate Steinle’s family on OReilly and Megyn. Before I never expected Obama or anyone to reach out to them. But now it is glaringly obvious that there are political reasons for this — either they hate Fox so much or because it is a white family or perhaps because the guy was illegal. No matter the reason, it is just horrible that nothing has been offered, especially since this does involve federal law. Not one word.

    And this is on Obama. He chose to pick and choose which cases he would respond to — sending Federal representatives to funerals and DOJ to investigate. It’s just evil — this overt political lack of response.

    And by the way, that murderer was released on a drug charge.

  8. Every day he proves himself to be an enemy of America. We have never had a lawless creepy dictator president before. Gets his jollies telling the press all his absurd sadistic plans every day. Chronic depression? low I.Q, classless, lawless, How low he is by not calling Steinle’s parents and brother to give condolences which is his job, by the way. Beer and illegal drugs fueling this poor man’s stupidity and anger? Or is it just having a low I.Q. and just being low class? Can’t believe anyone in his position is acting so stupid every day. Bad to the bone along with Biden and Hillary and his entire administration.

  9. Will any of this “commute” the life sentence of disappointment, anger, sadness, and regret of the victims and the dozens or even hundreds of other people touched by and involved with their offenses? I thought not.

  10. Keith, some people do deserve second chances. However would you want any of these drug dealers living next door to you or dating your daughter?

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