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Will Christie Benefit From the Trump Surge?

I’m not pretending to know what will happen with Donald Trump.

Some prognosticators say he inevitably will flame out, consumed by the fire of his own incendiary rhetoric as voters tire of his anger, his accusations, his threats, and his lack of serious policy proposals.

I dunno. The man has a lot of money to burn. He’s been a media sensation for years, just now more sensational. He may not be soon destined for the ash heap of Republican presidential primary history.

Or maybe he will. In which case, the ardor of conservatives legitimately infuriated by the state of their nation may turn to someone many of them have dismissed, Chris Christie.

A new Reuters poll puts Christie suddenly in third place, at 9.5 percent of the vote, behind Trump, who was second, and Jeb Bush, who was first.

Christie has a lot of what’s appealing about Trump – anger that can be directed at upending the status quo, energy, straight talk, fearlessness, and at least a whiff of conservatism about him.

Trump is in reality an empty suit. I’m sorry, an empty $10,000 suit. Christie, of course, would fill most any suit. And he has weighty policy ideas to match his personal heft, making him kind of a Donald Trump for people not fantasizing about charging Mexico for building a wall on our Southern border.

If Trump finally makes enough missteps that he plunges into the political abyss – screaming invectives against supposed hordes of immigrant rapists, Chuck Todd, and Macy’s on the way down – it may be Christie who fills the void.

Here’s Christie Monday morning telling the gang on Fox News, who were asking him about Trump, to put a sock in it and talk about something relevant to the concerns of voters

30 thoughts on “Will Christie Benefit From the Trump Surge?”

  1. Great–fat wit on Christie. Boy is this going to be a long election season. As for Trump–and I am sick of him already even as theatre–when guy says “whatever” when asked where he is going next–he is boring himself.

    1. Time to put a sock in the fat jokes, the sly slams about the guy’s weight and get serious. It’s offensive.

      If however, the pundit wishes to comment on GovChristie’s size, then we can expect some cute phrases to describe our skinny bag-o-bones President, right?

      1. x2

        Fat butt jokes and the like are fine for some humorous blogs, and I’ll admit to laughing out loud reading MOTUS. Butt, let’s not wade into that swamp here, Keith.

  2. I am content to sit back and watch the game.

    Very few of them have no skeletons in the closet.
    Some of them have very large closets and many skeletons, but, the media is so divisive that the only ones that will be exposed are the ones the media deems necessary.

    Trump is the target now, who will it be next week ?

    Hillary has already slammed Scott Walker.

    They are afraid of anybody that holds up the conservative flag and the people are paying attention to.

    They should be because the message they are promoting has lost the support of the American People.

    Sit back and watch the debates.
    Don’t be afraid to scream at the TV.
    It can’t hear you.

    1. The NYT is after Walker–he is not smart or sophisticated, they imply. Obama knocked him while in Wisc. I don’t think it’s enough to be disliked or slimed by the “right” people though–it’s not enough for me, anyway.

  3. Christie backed off answering the question. He should have boldly stated what he would do. I appreciate he does not enjoy discussing Trump or anyone else in the line up. He was there to discuss himself.
    One thing I don’t agree with is Christie going along with the Common Core.
    I just read that he is going to issue an Executive order in connection to Common Core. He declined to elaborate on the substance of the order.

  4. Walker will be portrayed as a bumpkin with no education…typical bash from the left.

    Trump will eventually implode or just bore people with his bluster. He is like the new Italian ice flavor that everyone flocks to until someone says, hey, its not that tasty.

    Christie could definitely gain momentum ( there, I said something potentially offensive) if he lets Trump clear the path towards clear talk and frank conversation.

    I see a serious cross section of the population in my daily work. Many regular “folks” detest Trumps arrogance, but they quietly admire his straight talk and his ability to once again put the USA at the front of the parade, not sweeping up the confetti at the end.


    1. Just a note – us yokels out here in fly-over country have never had an Italian ice. A snow cone with basil and pepperoni?
      There were a few Italians iced in LasVegas back in the day, but not so much now.

      1. ooooh-fah…. You can buy them in the frozen food aisle, but much better from the local Pizzeria… in New Yawk, they are everywhere… perfect for a hot afternoon.


      1. How can ya get bored with Trump when he says all the truths that we have locked up in our heads? I love when he talks like that, sooths me, sick and tired of the corruption in the White House and the phoniness of all of the politicians, bored and tired of them not Trump!

  5. Oh Noooooo!!

    NO to Christie!!

    I’ve already posted a few times about what a horrible governor he is and all the issues we have with him here in NJ. He has nerve even running with his record as a governor against some of the other governors and former governors. I’m really hoping that he doesn’t dupe people. He is nothing but a big mouth!! We are so very tired of his shtick here in NJ!

    1. Same here. Under Christie, our credit rating has been downgraded 9 times. He may not be an empty suit, but he is surely a bag of wind.

  6. I’ve been worried about Christie since 2012. Now that Trump has one-upped him, I would expect Christie to step up his game – the Battle of the Mouths!
    With or without Trump, I predict Christie will be in the top 3 by this time next year.
    He is the only one I would have a problem voting for if push comes to shove. Biggest phony on the planet!

  7. Cristie is the empty suit. I do not like him one bit.

    As for the Donald he drew thousands of people to hear him in Phoenix over the weekend. He hits home on the illegal invasion.
    We have an incredible number of Mexicans here in CA. I hear Spanish more than English here.

    1. Maybe back east the reality of the invasion is not real to you. Here in what the Mexicans call Aztlan the reconquer is going full blast.
      Calif has officially more Mexicans than whites now.

  8. After all is said and done, Trump is the real deal, not a phony baloney like Hillary Clinton. If only people would realize what horrible politicians we have now, the democrats and the republicans. A pox on all of them.

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