As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

39 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || July 12, 2015

  1. Good morning to everyone. I know that it is easy to get down in the dumps with all the none sense going on. I just want to remind all that it is always darkest just before sunrise so if you are going to steal your neighbor’s newspaper that is the time to do it.

    • Or, like the songwriter once said, “There’s glory in the epic of life, comfort in ensuring it survives. So don’t tell me it’s the end of everything; it always seems the darkest before the light.”

  2. Happy Sunday morning to all…

    While this may seem trivial to most, the DM had a huge write up yesterday on the nuptuals of one Nicky Hilton and the Rothschild heir at Kensington Palace. One of the guests caught my attention instantly – our own celebrity First Daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

    If she wasn’t such an integral part of the Clinton regime, i.e. the Foundation and the campaign, it would just seem bizarre. However, it doesn’t bode well for HRC.
    Chelsea wants the WH back just as much as her parents. Probably will redecorate her old bedroom and entertain her celebrity BFF’s in grand style. Same goes for Bill and Hill.

    Funny, how all three of the major players in this dysfunctional family…Hillary, Chelsea, and Huma have sham marriages.

  3. Dana M. of the Washington Post was on Fox a few minutes ago and called Donald a “rotten pig”. Pretty sad but I do think Donald will survive the “isolate and destroy” tactics. You’ve got to love the guy for speaking out so forcefully on the #1 issue!

    • An amazing article. It screams WAKE UP PEOPLE! Summarizes what Obama and his posse of Progressives have managed to do to our rights, our civil society and our lives. And yet, they march on in their cob nailed revolutionary march of destruction, and that’s exactly what is going on. Thanks for sharing.

  4. When ready, the Chinese will hack the EBT card system and set the USA on fire.

    A comment borrowed from elsewhere. I suspect if that were to happen, unlike with the OPM hack that does not seem to bother Obama a bit, Barack Obama would hop to it.

  5. Check out what Obummer has planned for this week:

    President Obama will visit a federal prison next week for a documentary on crime – making him the first sitting president to visit a jail

    President Barack Obama will be the first sitting president to visit a federal prison next week in a historic move that will be documented by Vice for HBO.

    The White House said the president will visit a federal correctional institution in El Reno, near Oklahoma City on Thursday.

    Obama’s visit to the Oklahoma federal prison comes as he continues to focus on reforming the criminal justice system.

    The medium-security facility for male offenders houses about 1,300 inmates and once housed Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

    The White House said Obama will meet with law enforcement officials and inmates at the prison.

    Obama will also be doing interviews for an up-coming documentary by Vice news about the criminal justice system and will be joined by Vice founder Shane Smith on the tour.

    Smith said: ‘There’s an emerging consensus in this country — on both the right and the left — that the way we treat criminal offenders is utterly broken and weakening our society in profound ways.’

    The program, which is set to air on HBO this fall, aims to deliver ‘an in-depth look into the dire impact the current criminal justice system is having on millions of Americans,’ HBO said.

    It will also delve deeper into the inequalities that Latinos and African Americans face within the penal system.

    According to HBO, the United States has just five percent of the world’s population but detains a staggering 25 percent of the global prison population.

    And the number of inmates incarcerated continues to rise. In fact, the U.S. prison population has risen 700 percent since 1970.

    It’s an issue that the president is keen to address.

    At a press conference last week, Obama said he would look at ways to overhaul the criminal justice system during his final months in office.

    In March Obama commuted the sentences of 22 drug offenders because their sentences would have been a lot shorter if they were convicted today.

    It was a move that The White House dubbed as ‘a push to make the justice system fairer.’

    Obama is also scheduled to speak at the 106th Annual NAACP Convention in Philadelphia, on Tuesday in a speech which is expected to look at the inequalities within the prison system.

    On Wednesday, Obama will visit Durant, Oklahoma, during a visit to the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma where he will speak about economic opportunity.

    • So he supports illegal and American criminals. Big whoop. I think he is there to get the vote also.

      Maybe Castro gave him some ideas about emptying the prisons — of the unfairly incarcerated illegals and blacks that is. It is a popular move among dictators around the world.

      • I just pulled up
        13 month old in stroller was hit by a suspect who was fleeing the fleeing the scene of a shooting.
        These types of horrific things happen and o has a bright idea of visiting them.
        That should make them all repent and be wonderful good law abiding citizens.

    • The malignant narcissist just has to be the ‘First’ potus to perform these ‘historic’ acts!

      I wonder if he will ever be the FIRST potus to be serving his third term – sitting in a Federal prison cell for all of his illegal acts. Here’s hoping!

      Oh, and btw, he makes me s-i-c-k.

  6. Just curious. I keep hearing about all these tunnels from Mexico into the US — quite elaborate from what I understand.

    If I know about them I assume the government knows about them. Why don’t we blow them up — or whatever it is you do to make tunnels inoperative.

    We could consult with some prisoners like the recent escapee with tunnel experience.

    It sounds ridiculous but I am curious. I assume something is being done.