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Iran Nuclear Weapons Deal Expected Sunday

Negotiators are expected to reach a “provisional agreement” Sunday on a deal addressing Iran’s nuclear weapons program, according to the Associated Press.

The deal will be be sent to capitals for review and then officially announced Monday. AP sources spoke on background.

Secretary of State John Kerry publicly noted Sunday that “a few tough things” remain to be decided but added “we’re getting to some real decisions.”

One of the biggest sticking points has been Iran’s demand that the United Nations Security Council arms embargo and ban on its ballistic missile program be lifted immediately upon striking a deal.

Here is some video of Secretary of State Kerry’s remarks in Vienna, where talks are being held.

Here’s another version.

Of course, today’s events are not particularly funny, but a little laughter helps get us through it.

26 thoughts on “Iran Nuclear Weapons Deal Expected Sunday”

  1. The article states:
    The Pact is meant to impose long term, verifiable limits on nuclear programs that Tehran could modify to produce weapons.
    I do not see a topic of how we are suppose make sure they stand by these limits.
    The article than states:
    In return, Iran would get Tens of Billions of dollars in sanctions.
    Tens of BILLIONS………
    There is a long list of things in our Country that we want answers to. We are still waiting for the answers, and or someone to be held responsible. So how the dickens can I feel relief on this long verifiable limits?

  2. Thanks for the videos. Yes, laughter does help my blood pressure. I just wish a lower BP would be accompanied by a lower risk of Israel and other infidels, like us, being blown up by the Iranians!

    1. It’s absolutely coming, and not in the far ahead future. Even if they don’t actually use the bomb, the fact they will have the capability to use it gives the Iranians an awesome negotiation tool to get their way in future demands. We are watching this human tragedy evolve before our very eyes.

  3. Laughter is the best medicine, but the Iranian “deal” is no laughing matter! Might as well sign a “deal with the devil,” since that is what they are doing.

  4. Are we “live and let live,” or die and let die? We have such incapacitated jerks as “leaders” of our country. We know children who are more aware of the RIGHT things to do!

  5. I thought they would just keep negotiating until Kerry gave Iran the nukes and a map of Israel. Seriously, I would at least think Kerry could have negotiated a ratcheting down of the “death to America” rhetoric. But no.

  6. Excellent comparison & yes, appreciated the humor. If these people are intent to ignore history, not to mention well-known Iranian nuclear plan, for an Agenda, then humor is about all we have left.

  7. Aw shucks-audio not working on my temperamental laptop.

    Why all the cliffhanging for the last year? There was absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind that Obama was going to get a deal – any deal – to further his anti-Israel/America agenda.
    It also gives him the opportunity to hand what’s left of Iraq over to the Shia govt.
    Most of the Sunni army is now working for ISIS, thanks to Obama’s big vacuum.

    W-H-A-T A M-E-S-S!!!

  8. This so-called “treaty” isn’t worth the paper it is printed on. Owe-Bama and Kerry have literally wasted millions and millions of dollars to fluff up Owe-Bama’s so-called legacy. The only good thing I see is that it kept Kerry out of mischief else where. He doesn’t care because his wife’s net worth jumped a couple of BILLION dollars when her family sold the catsoup business.

    Just another nail in the coffin – God save the Queen!!!!

    1. Benjamin Netanyahu has to be beside himself. Death to America, death to Israel. Kill the infidels. The devil will be in the details.
      Happy World War III.

      1. Israel and the Arab states–Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc. are beside themselves over this travesty. They think Obama has gone mad.

        The nuclear arms race in the ME has officially begun.

        “Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.” The world will have to learn this lesson for the 10,000th time, at the cost of more innocent human lives.

        If you are so inclined, now is the time to pray for humanity.

  9. Worthless McConnell is on FNSunday re. Iran. The Corker bill already neutered Congress. McConnell thinks it’s going to be a “hard sell” that’s all he had to say.

    That said, I wonder if there will be a Rose Garden ceremony for the return of the Americans currently held by Iran. You know like the one for the Deserter Bergdahl for the release of 5 death to America terrorists.

    Because surely the return of these Americans in Iran will be part of the American surrender.

  10. Iran’s Zarif says no nuclear deal on Sunday, more work ahead

    VIENNA (Reuters) – Iran and six world powers were close to nailing down an historic nuclear deal that would bring sanctions relief in exchange for curbs on Tehran’s atomic program, but the Iranian foreign minister said no agreement would be announced on Sunday.

    After more than two weeks of negotiations in Vienna, Iranian and Western officials said the earliest an agreement could be ready was Monday, the self-imposed deadline for clinching a deal, though that could be extended again.

    “We still have got work to do tomorrow,” Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told reporters from his hotel balcony. “No deal today.”

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has cautioned that “major issues” remain to be resolved, and comments from both senior Republican and Democrat Senators on Sunday suggested that any final deal would also face tough scrutiny in Congress.

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