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    • I live in a town of around 14000 people.
      This is Redneck Country.
      If that happened in my town, he would be dead.
      If you don’t have a gun, use a truck.

    • I saw that this morning. That is digusting. That is unfair and unhealthy for the other citizens. Especially the yonger citizens that are just starting to walk and love picking up things from the ground.

    • We live in Westchester, go into the city almost every week. Last nite we had a cocktail by the river, strolled over to Amsterdam Ave for dinner, walked back to our car, zero incidents with vagrants. But, they are on the rise, thanks to a mayor that wants to install progressive lifestyles everywhere. NYC is still a very safe, relatively clean city. We love it, but there is constant chatter about the change going on. We hope that Stop n Frisk is revitalized, it keeps us all dafer


    • MarjoJimbo
      I tried to pull this article up on Drudge early this morning.
      There is a big square listing: Home, Local, A&E, etc. blocking the article.
      Weeks ago, Louisiana was listed as one of the states. A week later I saw the list of states in an article, and Louisiana was not listed on that list.
      As well I have not seen a word of this on the TV news.

    • Great news. Obummer has proven over and over he is not to be trusted!

      He is the enemy and hates the us. This drill has to be part of that hate!

      I wish I could watch them too. California seems to be listed as “friendly territory” from a map in a New Zealand newspaper yet!!!

    • Marjo, thanks for the link! Gee, this is the first I heard this! I am a born and raised Texan,so I will try to find out more about this!

  1. Here is some coverage and video of Trump’s press conference with the families of victims of illegal immigrants. I have not watched it all, but the video is difficult. The reason I put it here is because the one constant in the comments was how much time and compassion and respect Trump allowed these people to say what they have to say. He did not use them as pawns or give them a mere 30 seconds of time. 2 cents

    • Thanks AFVet.
      He mentioned that his conversations regarding the illegals is also putting attention on our pathetic trade deals.
      Ford building 2 1/2 billion ddllar plant in Mexico.
      He also made comment to the Stupid leaders and Reps.
      I took the time to listen to the famlies as well.

  2. Let us hope Trump does not go off and start a 3rd party if he gets rejected by the Republicans. That would split the vote and the Dems would stay in power. His voice needs to be heard but not as president.

    • Whatever MrTrump does in the future, it’s the here and now that has put the chilling fear into all candidates that the silent-majority is speaking out.

      SensMcCain and Flake (r-AZ)have to be walking about wide-eyed and stunned by the response to the anti-illegal feelings of the voting public. The Dems might be acting superior in public with their supposed support of this issue, but they are just as concerned in private.
      There has never been a poll showing Americans wholeheartedly approve of the current treatment of illegal aliens or of MrObamas welcoming quasi-amnesty or even his DreamAct.

      • Agree many Mexican nationals, legal and otherwise, out here in AZ don’t approve of the negative element sneaking in, but they still know and support non-negative elements however they get here, the flying of the Meican flag, the non-Eng speaking enclaves, etc. Disagree that McCain does not know of the mixed attitude of Arizonians.

      • srdem,
        I watched the whole video of Trump that I posted above.
        It is not all him.
        He brought in people that have lost loved ones to illegals, and the sentences are ridiculous.

        51 minutes of your time.
        To those people that lost their loved ones, a lifetime.

    • Agree on the third party. But the Donald speaks the truth, while the chosen ones, Hill and Jeb lie lie lie!

      If either of them are elected we will just have another helping of the poop we have now.

      Renew America with some one else!

    • Correct. We do not need a third party effort–which would divide R’s, Independents and conservatives and land Hillary in the White House. This just isn’t the right time for it. What we need is for citizens to learn the issues, get off their duffs and vote with all the knowledge and insight they are capable of reaching. We’ve got all the tools needed to straighten this mess out, and it’s up to us to do it.

  3. Hey–gang!–the death panels are slowing slinking back with the more pay for docs to discuss your end game regulation. Now, I living will is not enough–you need a doctor visit…or maybe, like with mammograms, they will pay YOU to jaw about this with your doctor. DC is maybe going to approve assisted suicide…At least as proposed by one council member, who commenters at the Post say is a wackjob.

    • As you and others here already know, much of ObamaCare was patterned after the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. A feature of the NHS has been what is called, ironically enough, the Care Pathway–where docs can simply decide on their on, that you are suffering too much to make your life worthwhile, OR that the meds and treatments needed are too expensive to administer to you. No consultation with family members is needed or required. You’re not worth it, so your life is over.

      This is far, far different from palliative care. We would call this the Death Panel, and it’s all there in ObamaCare, and has been all along.

      They call the Death Panel the “Independent Payment Advisory Board” (IPAB). MIghty fancy term, eh? Note the use of the term “Payment”. You see it referred to sometimes as Patient Resource Efficiency Board (PREB), which may be just another element of ObamaCare which justifies your death. Either way, it means if your doc thinks your treatment costs too much, you’re not getting it. In a more honest era, this was called barbarism.

      And it’s already happening:

      • My BIL is on the faculty of one of our large University teaching hospitals specializing in high risk OB/GYN. He laments the fact that almost all of today’s Generation X trainees have abandoned the original Hippocratic Oath and opted for a modern version upon graduation. A few even leave the stage when the modern Oath is administered. He readily admits they are not interested in the doctor/patient relationship-only their lifestyle and time with family and friends. The patient be damned. He still has a few trainees that he mentors, but the future looks bleak.

        The elderly, the indigent, and the simplistic are being neglected. The Obamacare death panels fit very nicely into this scenario!

        • A sad state of affairs and it is more common than we believe. Before I retired from a certain very large company (international type company) I was on the recruiting team–interviewing prospective hires, new college graduates, including engineers, accountants, HR types, etc, the whole nine yards. While there were some really outstanding kids (which we hired!) there were far too many who were only interested in how much vacation time or and how many days off they would get–that type of issue. When we told them they’d be on call often, work weekends and expected to show up to work on time, you could see their faces drop. Many showed up for the interview in shorts and flip flops, unshaven, even a bit smelly. They were stunned when we began asking them the details about their work experience, their achievements, what contributions they wanted to make for the company, what talents they were ready to demonstrate if they were hired. So many were completely unprepared to be hired by anybody. Some thought they would be clever and would start interviewing me, as though I was to be so honored by their magnificent presence. One even told me that his parents were very rich and it would be to my personal financial benefit to hire him right now!

          A very sad experience overall, though we did find some outstanding hires, I must say. They stood out completely from the rest of the applicants.

          We eventually stopped trying to recruit from the “elite” schools, Harvard, etc. It wasn’t worth the effort. We found far better choices from the technical and vocational schools and the state universities.

          • That was a great post, Marcus. So accurate and insightful. Years ago, my husband recruited for Texaco. The students he loved the most were from Texas A&M. He loved those Aggies. Seems as though they had a great work ethic and could fix anything that broke in the oil field.

          • Just realized that my reply to you probably wasn’t completely relevant to your comments, but I guess the gist overall was the changing ethic of far too many people, and the destruction that creates. And that was on my mind tonight. So there. ;+}

          • That’s quite a story, Marcus. Looks like we have a new generation of spoiled, entitled kids who are seeking instant gratification.

            Agree with you 100% on the vocational and trade schools. We need to have more of them.

  4. Since 2008 and the election of Obama and his version of Democratic Socialism I have never seen the degree of attacks on religion, freedom, race relations, the economy, freedom loving Americans, and the Constitution as has occurred the last 6.5 years.
    We’re not headed toward depravity, we’re there. Not only do we have a SCOTUS but also a Congress, that applauds it. They have turned away from the people, the Constitution and God.

    • Satan is a very divisive entity.
      The ebb and flow of morality has gone on for years/centuries.

      Mankind is foolish, and needs to be reminded of the mistakes it has made in the past.

      Those that refuse to read and learn history will be doomed to repeat it.

      The problem is though, they are in the government and they are systematically reducing our control over them.

    • I disagree–I don’t think “the people” have turned against God.

      The elites and the political class certainly have, but that’s not the same thing.

      Since the Midsummer Classic is coming up this week, a baseball comparison seems like a timely idea.

      The America of the Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, White Sox, and other large-market teams is a completely different America from that of the Chattanooga Lookouts, Arkansas Travelers, and Reading Fightin’ Phils.

      What I would call “New York Yankees America”–the America of the elites, and the wannabe elitists–is a whole different America from “Double-A America.”

      New York Yankees America–and I use that term, nota bene, to refer to the American elites, and not necessarily all Yankees fans–has long since gone the way of Actraiser: so prosperous and safe–or so it thinks–that it feels no need for Divine assistance, and thus views Divine law as a hindrance.

      (If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, take a look at the final scenes here. The denouement kicks in about the 9 minute mark.)

      Double-A America still believes it needs the hand of the Divine, and is generally just fine with the moral laws which inevitably follow from that.

      The choice America makes in 2016–Double-A values, or Yankees values–will go a very long way in determining its place in history. You will either return to the Source of your prosperity, or you will go the way of all prosperous human societies.

      For this has always been the condition of the human species. Once humans start believing they are the big kahuna, they inevitably reject the higher laws upon which their very own laws are ultimately based. Chaos and decline follow shortly thereafter.

      Historically, human societies which reject the Divine, and start suffering the consequences of that, turn back to the Divine only after it is too late to save their societies. I hope Double-A America does not let New York Yankees America make that same, fatal mistake.

  5. Never see new laws, changes.
    Mexican people are good people. I deal with. However illegal criminals should be held accountable. To see how many that are in our jail system we turn over to ICE keep coming back.
    What is going on. A big problem. As to be fixed one way or the other.
    The people are the ones you work for. I will tell Donald, I will take the blows and do it my way. He was quoting a song…
    Donald Trump:
    Good afternoon Maryann Mandoza
    said has been shattered we will never celebrate another birthday, or here him say I love you mom.
    An illegal criminal who stayed here. On 2014 smashed into my son’t car and killed him.
    There are Fed. judges that think illegals deserve right.
    75% of criminals in Phoenix are illegal aliens.
    It is time to stand up and be a proud American. If we feel our elected officials are not standing by law.
    Missed the next sentence.
    She said Donald Trump is on his way… Music is playing for a short time.

        • Kind of thinking. We need trade deals with everybody. We are getting ripped. Taking apart piece by piece.
          China laughs at our stupidity.
          Mexico I love the Mexican people. Many many people from Mexico are legal. Thousands they are incredible people.
          They are killing us in Trade.
          Nascar drops Trump. I took their deposit. Macy’s The guy said Donald your going contriversal. I have calls from Hispanic people saying they are going to boycott Macy’s. Donald said he told him to be tough.
          Thousands of people are cutting up their Macy’s card. I love it.
          He told NBC can’t do show, I am going to run for President.
          All of th guys running would have to have 2 hours of TV time as he does with his show, if he would have kept doing the show.
          So again don’t believe them. They have Al Sharpton working for them. Al Sharpton is a con man.
          They have lying Brian Willaims he is OK.
          Univison have 10 billion dollars in debt. They could have waited a couple of weeks. He thinks the Mexican Govt. (missed end of that sentence.
          He did mention we have stupid leaders.
          A couple of people booed. Others shouted USA. They are walking someone out I think…
          Trump said we have to be strong. We have to take our Country back, and run it properly.
          He told someone you can shout. He said I wonder if the Mexican Govt sent him over here.
          Remember this: He than said don’t worry, we will take our Country back, very soon….
          He said the other day I got a great review of my speech.
          So I say it once in a speech. I don’t talk with a telepromter like o. I speak from the heart.
          He called some news people dishonest. Didn’t catch who he was speaking of.
          He said polls came out stating I am tied with Jeb Bush.
          He said he is all in favor of Common Core. Meaning your children will be taught by Beaurocrats.
          He introduced a father who was killed by an illegal immigrant.
          Mr. Shaw said my kid was a good kid. We thought he would get him a good job.

  6. The father Mr. Shaw said Trump loves America.
    He said people protest me and Trump those people have to soul search. Think about your child.
    He said he is the only one who wants to save our Country.
    Trump now speaking again…
    The illegals flow in like water.
    I love immigration. My wife is a legal immigrant. In poll I am killing everybody on leadership.
    The only thing is a lot of people don’t like me.
    The press says Bernie Sanders blows this crowd away.
    Hillary was worse secretary of state in our history.
    Worse thing that could happen if Russia and China were doing now, what they are doing now.
    Who would you negotiating with Mexico, Russia, China?
    We have to clear the borders. One of many things. We need to make great trade deals.
    He said Japan has devalued the Yen which it makes it impossible for deals.
    Ford going to build plant 2 1/2 billion plant in Mexico.
    No tax no nothing as they send these cars trucks here.
    Where does this help us for Ford to do this without tax?
    o don’t even call to get our hostages back as they are doing a deal with Iran.
    Benghazi another issue….
    Hillary with emails. I am disappointed with the Rebulicans. They talk and talk.
    Example: Jeb Bush will be called by his lobbyist, doners, and tell him you can’t do that. (Deal with Mexico.) Trump said: He said I don’t need anyone’s money……
    He would tell Mexico we would charge tax for each and every car made in Mexico.
    I would get some calls that they want plant built in Mexico. He would be asked would you reconsider. Trump said he would tell them no.
    We need to get rid of o Care.
    We have to repeal and replace it. We have to take care of everyone get use to it Conservatives. Ocare does not take care of everyone……………
    We go through 25 years of being sued by enviromentalist.
    We have to bring back our Military and take care of our Veterans. OUr Veterans are treated like 3rd class citizens.
    Spent 2 Trillion dollars and lost many lives. Wounded worriers.
    Now Iraq is meeting with Iran.
    I would have a military that is so strong, we would never have to use. No one would mess with us.
    If you people go with Bush you are going to loose. Thousands of people Tens of thousands.
    He said ISIS would be in such trouble…
    There is no leadership….
    We send to our allies humvees, 2,300 of them. One bullet is fired in the air. The enemy takes them………
    If you think those people want Yemen. No they want the3 oil…
    Sadam was never has bad as ISIS.
    I said Keep the oil. I have been saying this 2 or three yrs. someone else will get it. So ISIS now has it.
    He mentioned again the stupid people leading us.
    He said he would have taken ISIS out so fast.
    o is weak, and is not respected.
    Here’s the problem James Foley is dead. Burghdahdl a traitor.
    I lost the video…

  7. It was a hot day in Phoenix, 106 degrees and Donald Trump was in town.
    Thousands of people stood outside on concrete sidewalks in the heat waiting for a chance to get inside the building where MrTrump would be speaking.
    The estimated crowd – 5,000 to 20,000 – depending on who was doing the counting.

    The reaction of comments on dozens of internet sites from conservative blogs to the MSM sites that allow comments were just what one would expect – the Dems ridiculed their fellow Americans and MrTrump, the Repubs and Indies were cheering a candidate that speaks what they are thinking.

    Who are these Americans who support the illegal aliens who sneak across our borders, and why do they do it?
    Are they not impacted by millions of Spanish speaking people who arrive here with only the clothes on their backs, are they drug addicts who think the Mexicans are going to supply their needs, or is there something else altogether that can’t be explained?

    Whatever is going on in the minds of Dems/MSMers, the reality of millions of immigrants at one time is a massive blow to the economy and social construct of every state.
    MrTrump spoke and the conversation around the country has changed, hear us now.