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Video || Trump Bamboozles NBC Reporter

You’ve got to be on your game to spar with this guy.

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    1. I agree. Trump is right of course, but he humiliates people and creates more enemies for himself. Ben Carson and even Ted Cruz would have challenged her without embarrassing her in the process.

  1. MsNoonan-WSJ:
    She allows an interesting observation that almost all the MSM and the Pols choose to ignore: it’s not just the right-wing Repubs who oppose the onslaught and coddling of illegal aliens in the US.
    The assumption that ALL Dems are just okay-dokay with the dumping of Spanish speaking only children in their schools, with the loss of American culture to millions of people who wave the Mexican flag, and of course, the Black community with the promotion of White Hispanic’s needs over theirs, is wrong and going to be a major campaign issue.

  2. Trumps demeanor is condescending, brash, and honest. And every politician in our country inwardly admires his bravado but fears emulating it will cost them their jobs.

    Think about what would have happened if Romney had 10% of the hutzpah that Trump possesses. But he chose to be nice.

    Nice is nice, smart and bold wins.


    1. “And every politician in our country inwardly admires his bravado but fears emulating it will cost them their jobs.”

      That’s the problem Harv.
      No balls.

      The hand wringing and the ‘advice’ of their handlers tell them to not rock the boat.

      Trump doesn’t have a handler, he doesn’t need one.

      He’s the boss.

      Is Jeb the boss ?
      Is Rubio the boss ?

      Is Carl Rove the boss ?

      The Glenn Beck show is beginning to piss me off because they are demeaning Trump for his past opinions on several issues.

      Reagan was a democrat.
      Trump was a democrat.
      Does that mean that they cannot change their opinions ?

      Beck needs to get out of the process and let things evolve.

        1. I have no problem with people changing ideologies.
          I was raised in a home that dictated to me that FDR was a god.

          After studying history I determined that he was not, far from it.

  3. Almost the identical situation occurred with a female CNN reporter yesterday. Trump’s rapid-fire responses are intimidating to most reporters. They’re not used to it. He has no patience for their stale rhetoric. Fortunately for the Donald, he is spot on most of the time. Would love to see the fearless Trump take the ‘fearless’ Obama on one of these days! What a show that would be!

    1. True. Trump doesn’t play their little game, and these “reporters” are flat-out gobsmacked. He exposes their political biases and ignorance in 10 seconds. Lordy, this is fun to watch.

        1. Trump is teaching the other R candidates how to campaign. That may be what his campaign is really all about. Be out there, don’t take any crap from reporters, tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may.

          It’s interesting to compare Hillary’s awkward, silly, amateur, robotic campaign and Trump’s.

          1. 2:14 pm Agree!.
            I was almost in tears when I watched the later debate between Romney and o. Someone advised him (as mentioned earlier), to be nice.
            This harnhness, being blunt, upfront, etc. is needed also when dealing in foreign affairs.

    2. He is intelligent and fearless and is a world class negotiator.
      You just saw an amateur attempt to throw a professional off his feet.

      Some may say that he is too rough on the info-babe.
      That’s BS.
      What did she think he would do,….roll over ?

      Submit to her survey results ?

      He’s right in her face.
      And he is right to interrupt her because she is talking nonsense.

      You go Trump.

      You will note that O’Reilly put that vid on his show.
      He doesn’t take any flak either.

  4. Remember the media is out for the Katie Couric Gotcha Question. She won an award for it and probably lost McCain/Palin the election for the “stupid” meme that followed.

    That’s how the Dems play kids, Go Trump Go !

  5. With the U.S. now leading the world into a deep dark hole, I don’t care so much about “rude.” At this point, truth is the only thing that matters.

  6. Typically there are two people in these videos: a politician and a member of the media. My instinct tells me America is fed up w/ both. I know damn well Donald Trump is fed up w/ both.

    I’m enjoying him. Play on.

    1. Refreshing isn’t it ?
      Nothing like setting the libs back on their pins.
      God knows the conservative needed someone like this to along after what we have been through.

      1. His words represent payback for all these years of conservatives being the punching bag for these wacko leftists. I like what Lee Iacocoa(sp.) used to say; ” you got to either lead, follow or get out of the way. ”

        My bumper sticker message to ALL the illegals;

        Go Trump or go home!!!!!!

  7. Lovin’ Trump!

    Be who you are & say what you feel,because those who mind don’t matter & those who matter don’t mind.

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