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Trump Tops White House Dossier Poll

Donald Trump won the White House Dossier Republican presidential candidate poll with just under 26 percent of the vote, easily outpacing his nearest rivals, Scott Walker, who garnered 19.6 percent of the vote and Ted Cruz, who received a little over 18 percent.

Trump’s victory no doubt reflects the massive publicity he has received since announcing his candidacy nearly a month ago. But it also likely indicates strong satisfaction with his straight-shooting style and his willingness to talk bluntly about illegal immigration, a subject other Republican candidates have tiptoed around.

Trump 2

The poll is not “scientific,” since it was not randomly conducted. Instead, readers were asked over the course of 24 hours from Thursday to Friday to choose their candidate from a list on the website.

But given that 83 percent of the 1,960 respondents described themselves as either “conservative” or “very conservative,” it at least presents some idea of what those in the party’s right wing are thinking.

Jeb Bush, who leads in other polls, did strikingly poorly among this group, getting only 3 percent of the vote. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, viewed as strong ideological conservative contenders, were way behind chief rival, Cruz, getting only 6.6 and 3 percent of the vote respectively.

Both of them were eclipsed by Carly Fiorina, who showed surprising strength at 7.5 percent. Fiorina, who has been wowing audiences with her impassioned speeches and impressing viewers with intelligent, forceful commentary on TV, may be the great sleeper in this race.

By contrast, Mike Huckabee, Lindsey Graham and Rick Santorum, all regular TV presences and well-known names, hardly registered in the poll, scoring less than one percent of the vote.

For me, Huckabee’s negligible showing and Fiorina’s solid performance may be the poll’s biggest surprises.

Ben Carson received a respectable 5.3 percent. But since he has done better in other polls, it may suggest that his star among conservatives is dimming.

Of the 1,481 responding about their political leanings, 57 percent said they are “conservative,” 26 percent said “very conservative,” 12 percent chose “moderate,” and less than one percent said liberal. One person said they are “very liberal.” Four percent chose “other,” with most of those saying they are Libertarian.

Here are the results of the candidates poll. Was this what you expected? Let’s hear your analysis!

GOP poll

96 thoughts on “Trump Tops White House Dossier Poll”

    1. I don’t think it has to do with “massive publicity” more than waking the silent majority. His words resonate with those who give Congress an 8% approval rating :)

        1. Maybe, hopefully, instead of Obama destroying America, he has destroyed PC. It’s time we stand up to Washington and let them know how we really feel. Trump may have started a true revolt!

      1. Agree. My Sunday column has a Thursday p.m. deadline so I’m always having to second guess what might happen in the days up to print.
        Got lucky this week as it’s on Trump may be “crass and arrogant” but his message is speaking what the vast silent majority of Americans have been aching to scream for years now.
        Looks like his Phoenix event is going to be a blow-out. Of course the media will portray it as just another gathering of extreme, right wing, racists who hate Mexicans and have no heart, but the rest of us know better.

        1. True,Geoff Caldwell.

          We’ve been screaming it for years, faxing, E-mailing, calling & writing to our failed elected politicians in the District of Corruption.

          They are more interested in Illegal Alien LOBBYISTS like La Raza & gaining new voters than the very people who elected them.

          I’m glad Trump is standing up for American Citizens instead of Illegal Alien INVADERS.

        2. Trump is currently on a roll with the media, getting his name and politics out there like no other candidate has been able to.

          His numbers are rising and his exposure is huge. GOP higher ups are worried that he’ll hurt the GOP brand and that he may spoil the 2016 cycle for them. They are, in a word, panicking. And well they should. He resonates with the people, something that they have failed to do for 7 years,

          The idea that Donald Trump is so damaging to the GOP brand is itself laughable because the GOP has worked rather well in destroying its own brand. The GOP has only themselves to blame.

  1. ver-r-r-y interesting, as they used to say on “Laugh-In.”

    this poll feels like it more accurately represents what the average non-Democrat voter is thinking than the TV polls that have Jeb Bush leading. where are all these Jeb voters? I don’t know even one.

    it makes sense that Trump is leading since he’s all anyone is talking about right now, but he’s not going to be the nominee. but we like it that he says what he thinks, so we’re enjoying him for the moment.

    as for me, since my girl Susana Martinez isn’t running, I had to support Carly Fiorina in this poll. whether we like identity politics or not, we know that the Democrats are going to a) run Hillary Clinton, and b) keep calling the GOP the party of old white men–even though in point of fact the only old white people running are all Democrats.

    longtime WHD readers may remember me saying in 2012–ad nauseam–that the election was lost the day Romney chose Ryan and not Rubio.

    we MUST have some diversity on the ticket this time.

    1. Susanna and Nikki of SC are a couple of my favorites too. Would love to see them on the ticket. In any event, we have a very strong field for Cabinet positions. :D

          1. I’m not so sure Trump can’t be bought. He is still a businessman whose devoted his life to making money. I will give you that he doesn’t NEED more money, and thus can be and probably is more idealistic. I think he would probably be good for this country, but not necessarily a good President. There is more to the job than economics and immigration.

      1. I live in S.C. & we supported Haley BIG TIME in both of her elections. I wouldn’t vote for Haley now for dog catcher.
        She turned into a Communist Democrat boot licker. You do NOT want that weak-kneed, crying, whiny, easily swayed by Communist Democrats & Soros backed agitators turncoat in our WH.
        If she can’t stand up for the people in her state how can you expect her to stand up for an entire country?

      2. I do not believe Susanna will run for VP. She has a very needy handicapped sister that she takes care of and responsibility for. Its who she is!
        Living in Santa Fe, I can tell you, this woman makes herself very accessible to her NM constituents. Also, I do not believe either Susanna’s husband nor Jeb Bush’s wife are cut out to be political spouses. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with being an office holder’s spouse.

  2. I voted for Carly. I think if she had more exposure she would gain ground. She has not played the “Chick Card” like Hillary has.

    Fox will hold a Republican debate on August 6th. They will limit it to the top ten candidates. I hope Carly gets included. Fox also is asking their viewers to submit questions they would liked to be asked.

    1. IMO, I think ten is too many.
      I think it should be five or six.
      With the time constraints, they will not be able to respond adequately if ten of them are up there.
      At least Fox is doing it instead of the lib media.

      1. A one-hour debate with 10 candidates means they each would get less than 6 minutes (more like 4.5 minutes, most of which is just pandering) to respond to all questions asked. So, at most, each might get asked 2 questions. With that many it should probably be a 3 hour debate to make it worthwhile.

    2. Liking Carly. Trump is antagonistic, bombastic, and quite possibly right. Watching to see if he can moderate and provide a more measured response. This is where Carly and Cruz seem more likely to me.

      1. No, I like antagonistic and bombastic.
        Right in your face Obama bombastic.
        I’m tired of the limp wristed RINOs that say one thing and do another.

        I haven’t seen Carly or Ted back down yet.
        Neither has Trump.

        That kind of an attitude is the lefts worst nightmare.

        They depend on their ability to intimidate you.
        They are at a loss when you refuse to be.

        1. REaLLY ! Would love to meet up, have a drinky poo, goodness knows they have included a lot of parties and meals. Good deal! I think even Cspan is covering it for their Road to the White House series.

  3. While I like the issues Trump is bring to the front and his way of attacking them, I just don’t think we need another egotistical narcissist in the White House. We need someone who is able to admit when they are wrong and change course if needed. There are so many good, conservative people to pick from that, unlike the Democrats, we really have the opportunity to nominate one that can restore pride in being an American and hopefully, be a conservative representative to our brainwashed young.

      1. I’m actually waiting for the field to narrow and we can really get to the important stuff. I voted for Rubio in this poll, but I could easily vote for Fiorina,Carson or Walker. I will however, vote for the Republican nominee as any of them (including Trump) would be better than Clinton or Saunders.

        1. Trump reminds me of George Patton.
          Both are egomaniacs.
          Both are successful.
          Neither backed down from a fight.

          None of this redline BS.
          No deadline extensions.

    1. I agree Terri. But I’d rather a “narcissist” with actual accomplishments in his/her (Carly and the lady govs) professional life, which includes making decisions and learning from their mistakes than another Obama political experiment based on rainbows and unicorns.

      I voted for Walker in this poll, btw.

  4. Not a great surprise given our somewhat conservative makeup here. The results don’t yet line up with the various polls going on in the country, though in NC, Trump is #1. He’s pretty far behind in Iowa, so far, with Walker #1 there. (I could certainly support Walker).

    If you look at the poll results on Real Clear Politics, you can see that the results are all over the place over a period of time. That says that most voters have not come anywhere near settling down to a preferred candidate or two. It’s much too early for that, anyway.

    In NC, Trump comes within three points of Hillary, which is interesting.

    1. You and I both know that Trump doesn’t need this.
      Is it love of Country ?
      Self promotion ?

      Is he tired of seeing weak politicians trying to strike deals with dictators and his ego stepped in and told him that he can do better ?

      Time will tell.
      In the meantime, I like his fire.

  5. Here’s part of the reason why MrTrump is in the forefront of some polls:
    “San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi backed up his controversial decision to release Francisco Sanchez months before the fatal pier shooting.” (AOL news)

    The powers that be can’t just admit they made a mistake in allowing any and all illegals to plant themselves here. The SanFran Sheriff could just as easily said how errors were made on all levels, starting with the ‘sanctuary city’ and Dream Act.

    The Dems wanted a new base and so believed that the illegal Hispanic would follow the path of the Black community with their ‘110%’ votes. Now they find a slithering snake of activism promoting criminals that has aroused Americans to action.
    MrTrump is no dummy. He reads Americans better than the most savvy political pundit or polling exec.
    The Dems/MSM thought exposing MrTrump to daily or hourly on their news channels would reflect badly on the Repubs, but even before the shocking murder of a young American woman by a known criminal illegal alien, the voters were cheering MrTrump’s honesty,

      1. Denise: I’ve never been a Dem or rarely voted for one, but I still think of myself as a moderate, by comparison to the conservatives in the GOP. I’d always been registered in NY as a Republican until I couldn’t take the phone calls and mail onslaught anymore so I changed my registration to “no party.” In NY you can’t register as an Independent. The downside in NY is that means I can’t vote in any party primary that might make or break a candidate. It’s a dumb system and I think Independents SHOULD have the right to vote in either party primary. Guess I’ll have to speak with Governor Cuomo about that.

  6. I’ve never been a member of a political party. I’m a dyed in the wool independent. I consider myself a moderate, but I’m not moderate on any single issue. My views just “average out” to the middle of the road. I voted for Walker in the poll, but if Trump should win the nomination, I would vote for him for the sheer entertainment value of having him in the White House. If we’re going to hell in a handbasket anyway, I’d rather laugh than cry.

  7. I wonder if Trump is part of the same phenomenom we have in Europe. He can be seen as an anti-establishment, not PC , politician ( is that correct ? ) and he has strong views on immigration. Such politicians have strong appeal over here as well. People are sick and tired of the establishment and do not trust politicians anymore. Right now we are watching the Greek drama unfold in front of our eyes and it has been very interesting. Gosh, how creepy politicians can be. And politicians can not hide so much anymore because of the Internet ( even if they try very hard ). I think that Trump is very refreshing and I like that he has so little respect for the media. But I gave my vote to Rand Paul, I wish he did not come across as so reserved though. I mean, I like reserved people but it seems like you have to have a tough image, or be surrounded by bullies, in American politics to be heard. But Obama ? He is timid, feminine, long- winded, tedious . Oh, but I forgot, he is black. And surrounded by treacherous bullies.

  8. Not impressed with Donald Trump who is all about himself. I do agree with his statement about illegals, but believe he has a “trump” card awaiting him with the Mexican government, Chinese government, etc., allowing him to be outspoken, unlike the R wimps.

  9. Like to see you run this on a weekly or monthly basis. Maybe expand it to first and second choice. My pick(s) were Walker with Fiorino second
    Surprised to see Lyndsey Graham get 7 votes. How desperate does one need to be to want Graham as President?

  10. Why was Lindsey Graham even on this poll. He’s no Republican, he’s a turncoat Democrat. He needs to switch parties, the dirtbag!

  11. Yes! Trump is the only decent person in the running for President.
    He has earned his own money, he does not treat with traitors, and he will do what it takes to stop illegal immigration, terrorists, and America-hating groups. He is a straight shooter who knows the difference and has the cahones to fight for our country’s freedoms!

  12. Can’t say I’m surprised that Trump was the Big Fish in this poll considering the dynamics of the Pool the voters represented here. Self identifying as Somewhat Conservative, haven’t we seen about enough of belly-button gazing, self absorbed Presidents, who also have NO real political leadership experience?

    I voted for Rubio here, and Fiorina intrigues me. But recent historical precedence says Governors with real political management experience are the likeliest candidates to win, and also the most likely to lead successfully.

  13. I, for one, am disgusted with our current Senators and Representatives who no longer have concern for we, the people, but rather for the big money that put them in power and pulls their strings on voting for anything. Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air in the circus we call our administration. I would vote for hime because he’s NOT a politician but rather a businessman. America is the biggest business anyone could ever run and it’s not being run properly…at all…period!

  14. Carly is well spoken and delivers a message based on how to grow the economy and return liberty to the average person. Very Regan-like

    It will be a shame if she is not included in the debates and on the ticket.

  15. Trump is a lark but would be a nose-holder for me as a vote. He only wants to be a spoiler or kingmaker–as Lee says, not in it for the distance. Our country would remain a laughingstock. You guys would be complaining about him in a second!

  16. The media darling will be JEB, who will lose because of the Bush name, that is why he has been picked. Donald Trump is the Popeye of our time. “It’s all I can stanz, I can’t stanz no more.”should be his mantra.

    1. I agree. The MSM, will decide that Jeb is the proper R candidate, and push the envelope as far as they can in order to influence R voters. At the same time, the MSM will demonize every single other R candidate.

      If Jeb then wins the R nomination, the liberal press will bring out all their artillery to make sure Jeb loses to whomever is the D candidate. They did it with McCain and Romney, so they know that tactic works. That’s how they get the liberal President they, the MSM, want.

      I’m not a Jeb fan, but that’s is likely what we see happen to him. You can bet that the Journ-O-list creeps have worked out all the details to make this happen.

  17. The simple truth: finally someone has taken up the immigration-mantra of most conservatives:

    “immediately deport the law breakers, build the fence, confirm e-verify as the law of the land, then deal with the mess we have left.”

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  20. I find it difficult to believe that I support donald trump! however after reading what he has said, in contrast to what the mealy mouthed pols are saying and what the gop has presented us with, HMMM, I’m with trump all the way. keep on talking Donald! You have a new listener in me!

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