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OPM Director Archuleta Resigns

Office of Personnel Management Director Katherine Archuleta resigned Friday, a day after it was revealed that some 22 million people – millions more than had previously been admitted – had their data hacked by what is believed to be Chinese attackers.

Beth Cobert, the U.S. Chief Performance Officer and a deputy director at the Office of Management and Budget, will take over as acting director of OPM Saturday.

The White House made it as clear as anyone ever does in these situations that Archuleta, who just Thursday proclaimed she wanted to stay on and address the problems at OPM, was fired.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said President Obama believed Archuleta was in fact not the right person to continue at OPM:

Director Archuleta did offer her resignation today. She did so of her own volition. She recognizes, as the White House does that the urgent challenges currently facing the Office of Personnel management require a manager with a specialized set of skills and experiences. That’s precisely why the president has accepted her resignation and assigned Beth Cobert to take on the responsibilities of the OPM director on an acting basis . . . she spent three decades working as a management expert at Mckinsey.

What the president thinks is that it’s quite clear, that new leadership with a set of skills and experiences, that are unique to the urgent challenges that OPM faces, are badly needed.

While not acknowledging any White House culpability – Earnest said Obama brought cybersecurity up at a recent Cabinet meeting, though or course that was after the hacking – Earnest tried to involve the Republicans in the problem, noting their desire to cut federal funding.

Right now there is a vigorous debate on Capitol Hill among Republicans who want to slash government funding, and slash funding for agencies, that will necessarily have an impact on a wide variety of priorities that these agencies confront, including basic cybersecurity.

So the clear lesson here is, if Obama can’t manage the government, it’s because the government isn’t big enough. Or something like that.

Even as he suggested a strong manager was needed, Earnest refused repeatedly to say specifically that the failure to prevent the hacking stemmed from a failure in management.

25 thoughts on “OPM Director Archuleta Resigns”

  1. Should never have hired in the first place. Not a smidgeon of qualification. Good riddance. She was very arrogant in her refusal to resign prior to this.

    Hopefully this will become a trend in the Obama Administration — IRS, DOJ, etc.

  2. This breach is even larger than 21 million. A friend of mine noted that higher security clearances require in depth information about all family members as well.

    1. An SF 86 is no joke as it is. One hundred and twenty plus pages, and they ask for everything but your preferred size of prophylactics.

  3. If she wasn’t right for the job, then she shouldn’t have been appointed tothe position.

    That being said, how was this her fault and not the fault of the IT people who designed the sites? Are they being dismissed, too?

    1. It doesn’t matter in this administration if you’re qualified. You just have to have the right attitude and march to his majesty’ drums.

  4. The entire administration should be sacked, fined by lowering their salaries or simply fired for total negligence or stupidity. And I’m also referring to the Veteran’s Adm. and the IRS. I think at times I’m living in Latin America.

  5. As others have said here, she should never have been hired for that position in the first place. How did she get that job? Affirmative action? Some rule in the Personnel Handbook? Now 21 million+ have the most intimate details of their personal lives, and their family members, are all out there.

  6. As usual, blaming the big bad republicans for not funding this and that and whatever BO feels is important for that hour. And.. wow, they actually have cabinet meetings still?? Never see it posted on the daily schedule. I thought BO was allergic to them.

    There have been a ton of funding for cybersecurity in the past few years. Not really showing much success with internal and external hacking still going on. If you remember, DHS is responsible for most of the government cybersecurity planning, prevention and response. However, most of the people have resigned or quit the past few years because the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, or they’re tired of the bureaucratic BS they have to deal with internally.

    1. As well: The same o who wants nothing to do with the blame game of this issue, is the same one that did not disclose his records.
      Everyone else now has their info invaded, however his is still hidden.

  7. All I was offered was 18 months of identity theft protection. How about a little coverage from the “stuff” I did for Uncle Sam in the name of national security… or dare I say freedom. Not looking for a “thank you for your service” or an applause on an airplane, but I would like to be able to live the rest of my life in relative safety, protected from retribution for what I’ve done for this @&!%ing country. Instead, I got a knife in the back.

    I know most American’s are too damned pathetic to care… the feeling is mutual. But, I should remind them, Karma is a female dog. Be prepared!!!!!

    1. I only worked for the DOJ for nine months & I got the warning letter with the offer of “protection” from identity theft… I logged onto the site to sign up for it & one of the first questions was, “what is your social security number?” I didn’t complete the application.

  8. Most of the Obama hires remind me of the people I see behind the counter at the DMV.

    What was it Obama said about Edward Snowden two years ago? “I’m not going to scramble jets to get a twenty-nine year old hacker”?

  9. Yet another example of the underlying damage Obama has done by putting loyalty above competence throughout every executive agency.
    And the money whine is another sham. Transfer from EPA, ED, NEA and all the other non-essential services that only prop up the Dem agenda and there is plenty of money to pay for true Constitutional duties.

  10. Just checking into Katherine Archuleta’s vast, deep and wide experience which would have convinced Obama and won the Congressional approval she needed, and to demonstrate that she was the most qualified person in the United States to be chief executive of the largest and most sensitive civilian personnel department in the country.

    Well, let’s see what we have here.

    -Undergraduate and graduate degrees in Education.
    -An administrator for Denver Public Schools 1996 -1997
    -Senior adviser to Denver politician Federico Peña, 1996 – 1997
    -Deputy chief of staff to Peña from 1983 to 1991, while he was the mayor of Denver.
    -Executive Director of the National Hispanic Cultural Center in New Mexico,2002 to 2005
    -Co-founded the Latina Initiative
    -Did something or other with the Clinton Administration

    -*********National Political Director for Barry’s 2012 re-election campaign.*******

    -Obama appoints Archuleta as the director of OPM on May 23, 2013.

    In other words, she’s a total political hack, with not the slightest degree of the deep, long term specific experience needed for her job at OPM.

    And there we are. Another fine mess, Obama has created and for which he has not the slightest regret. Hackorama.

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