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White House Dossier 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates Poll

Okay, it’s time to take your pulse. And have some fun.

Below is a list of the actual and likely candidates for the 2016 nomination. Make your choice. The system will allow you to vote only once.

I’ll keep the polling open for 24 hours and announce the results at 5 pm Friday. I will leave this post at the top of the website and put new ones below it. Happy voting!

UPDATE: The voting is now closed.

183 Responses to White House Dossier 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates Poll

  1. Rand Paul supporters have banded together and those that voted Rand Paul in this poll are also being tallied elsewhere so we can see if the typical GOP shenanigans goes on here as well. If so ..we will go viral on the internet about it and expose the BS !

  2. I struggled with this poll. I don’t see anyone yet who registers with me as someone who can actually beat Hillary. I may LIKE one or two or three R’s but the nominee has to balance a lot – he has to be able to carry people like me, the Independents, and he has to bring swing voters over from the Ds.Too many of the R candidates are too conservative to win the whole magilla. (In my humble opinion).

      • Hillary is a machine and there is nothing she and her machine won’t do to lie to win. She’s no different than Obama. Look at all the lies he told go get elected. That’s why no R will win. It goes back to Romney being too much of a nice guy. He would have made an excellent president. I wanted him badly, but he caved each and every time he had a chance to confront Obama.

        • I agree with that! It would have shown great strength for Romney to just let loose on 0 in the debates. Romney was too meek, unfortunately.
          Trump on the other hand, speaks the truth! PC be damned.

          • I voted for Carly as VP. I think we need a woman to compete against Hillary and Carly is strong against her. Not for president, but VP.

          • When Sandy Crowley said he wasn’t right and supported Obama because she had his positions in the notebook in front of her he didn’t argue with her. Next day she admitted she was wrong but it was too late. He should have played up his financial ability more even tho they accused him of killing people that were all lies.

        • Hillary is a crook, and so is her husband.
          They should both be in jail.
          The only reason they are not in jail is because of the corrupt congress that has allowed them to escape from the law that would have put all of us here in jail.

          Hillary is NOT a machine.
          She is a liar, a cheat, a crook.

          The only reason that she is out there running for the presidency is because congress is full of a bunch of pansies.

          And don’t tell me how Trey Gowdy is waving paperwork at her.

          Hell,….do you think she is afraid of him ?

          It’s all theatrics.
          I am sick of it.

    • Also too many Rep voters let the perfect be the enemy of the good–their candidate has to have every box checked or is a RINO or patsy or something. I see a lot of that on this site. No one is going to be what you want down the line.

      • Exactly right Star.
        I don’t want perfect.

        Perfection is non-existent.

        I want someone that has been through the battle that it takes to get to their goal.

        A survivor, a fighter.

        Perfect is not what we need right now.
        We need a warrior, with battle scars willing to go to the fore and take this Country back.

        Who will it be ?
        The game is afoot, we shall see.

    • So you like the Democrat Communist Party? Hillary? Do you like what the Communist Democrats have done to America in the past 7 years?

  3. Went with my first choice. As a Constitutional conservative, Ted Cruz is the obvious choice. Rick Perry would be my second choice. I like “The Donald” for saying the necessary things that are “unspeakable.”

      • I’m sticking with Walker, my goodness, he’s so battle tested and hasn’t even declared yet.

        Keith needs to put a 2nd Choice poll next time ;)

        • I like Walker too.
          But, I like how Trump is rattling the cages.

          About 1 month away is the first debate.
          Buy some cheetos Denise.

          • Good point on foreign policy. Trump eats world leaders for breakfast (they do love his money), and you have to be quite a diplomat to do that.

        • I live in Wisconsin. Walker has done some good things here, but he’s basically a wuss. He waffles and shifts depending on how he will be perceived. Always has a finger in the wind, not wanting to offend. He’s letting Wisconsin down in numerous ways as he primps and preens for the big stage. On foreign policy he’s clueless and would be a disaster.

          Trump, on the other hand, though not perfect, would be better, and none of the other candidates has shown the backbone he has shown. If he can stay strong, he holds great promise.

  4. Oh, this fun! A poll in which I will actually participate as opposed to those unidentified callers who want to know how I will vote.

  5. Went with Cruz — consistent and will at least adhere to the rule of law and the constitution.

    Can’t do the Vichy Republicans anymore. Even the conservatives who came in with the recent crop caved — look at Joni Ernst, stands with McConnell. What a disappointment that one is. Tired of voting for people who turn as soon as they are in office.

  6. I’m having a bit of a hard time with this one. Unfortunately, there is a difference between who I would like as our candidate, (i.e., who do I think is most able to win), and which one I would absolutely like to see as our next POTUS.

  7. Having a hard time here, also. None are presidential material, IMO. Most are just plain ordinary and over-rated…i.e. Rubio. The Rubio political ad currently running re Iran is just awful!
    I keep returning to Jeb as the only one who has a chance against the wholly corrupt HRC machine.
    It’s turning out to be a Hobson’s choice. Take Hillary, or none at all.
    And for that reason, I probably would pull the lever for The Donald.

  8. Will vote for any Republican who stands up against these ridiculous cuts to the military — including possibly removing the one aircraft carrier in the Gulf (at least that’s what I heard on Special Report).

    Guess someone told Obama that military purges were quite the vogue in some totalitarian countries and he thought he’d have a go at it. He can always blame the Republicans if it there is blow back.

    As for recruiting and retraining should we need to. Guess Obama’s Pentagon thinks this can be done overnight — this being the time of Obama and all.

      • Compare entitlement spending to defense spending. Consider the world environment.

        But if Valerie misses her drinks served by military officers in dress blues or Obama has to hold his own umbrella — maybe there will be a reversal.

        Let’s face it. Anything that this Administration can do to weaken the defense and health of the United States — either from outside threats or internal threats.

    • Why not let the ones that want to stay in stay in ?
      40 k eliminated from the Army ?
      Trannys and gays going into the service ?

      Mommas don’t let your babies grow up to be soldiers.

  9. I adore and respect Trump, he’s speaking the truth, but I fear he’s been paid by Democrats to do this to Republicans….. THINK ABOUT IT!

    Look at the backlash…does it seem REASONABLE? I hope poor Donald doesn’t get Joaned by NDAA (Joan Rivers sudden death)

    I keep saying, Ronnie Reagan was an asshole and he was reviled by fellow Republicans when he first ran for President…now he’s considered God.

  10. Don’t know that I could vote for Trump, but glad he has the guts to speak up about what’s really wrong with this country.

    Sadly, where I live in SoCal, personal safety means carrying a weapon.

    • Where in So Cal do you both need and are allowed to carry a weapon? I thought CCW’s in CA were mostly granted in No Cal.

      • F**k the CCW permits at this point. Never saw the point away, but at least I followed the rules back when I thought they mattered. I follow the Commandments and my savior’s Golden Rule that’s all that matters.

    • Maine just passed a Constitutional carry law. No more need for concealed carry permit. The liberal press and politicos went nuts, but we finally got it anyway.

    • I like Cruz and Walker, in that order. Would like to see either one run with Carly as VP.

      Jeb, Chris, Marco and Rand are non-starters for me.

  11. Why is no one talking about Ben Carson? He is doing great in the polls…..but it seems he is invisible. Here is why I think he would be a great president; he organized the most ego-centric doctors in the world to implement and successfully complete one of the most complicated surgeries in the world. That is true leadership. I believe that a president is only as strong and successful as his cabinet and I think Carson would choose the best of the best to lead him in making difficult decisions. Also, he will do what Obama could have done(had he been an honest person) which is to unify our races. And most importantly, he is a man who came from nothing but because of his mother and their faith, he broke through the challenges without government intervention and became an honorable man, husband and father. What’s not to admire and love?

    • Dr. Carson is a Black conservative and the liberal politicos and MSM don’t want him in the race. If he begins to rise in the polls, he will be mocked, ridiculed, embarrassed and otherwise “disappeared”. Think about what happened to Clarence Thomas and every single other Black conservative for the past 30 years.

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  13. My big concern with Trump is he is hinting around about going 3rd party – which would split votes and hand it over to the liberals. I like the guy, just want someone to make a stand within the conservative base.

  14. I am a registered Republican but I am so leaning Independent. There is only about a dozen in there now that have a back bone to do what we send them to do. Boehner and his Rinos need to GO

  15. Trump is a breath of fresh air. He tells it like it is. Bush and the other “Gov” were in office, yet why wasn’t their borders secured. Most, except Trump and Carly, are just politicians. Need new blood.

    • My cable was not working for 2 or 3 hours last night. The screen and voice was breaking up.
      Point: Trump was on Hannity. This morning I heard piece of the interview where Trump was stating that Planes and or helicopters would fly along the border to spot illegals. He would have that carried on till problem solved.

  16. my first “realistic” choice is Bush. My first “real” choice is Romney. I still think he would have won if it wasn’t for all of the great press Obama got the last week of the campaign because of Hurricane Sandy.

    • I would so love to see a brokered convention and a Romney draft. With this many in the hunt, anything could happen. Romney and Carly–look out.

  17. Mr. Trump, thank you for bringing illegal immigration to the top of the discussion list, but now please just fade away and leave the discussion to those who actually have a chance of beating the democratic contender.

  18. Ted Cruz is the only candidate talking about the Constitution and he is brilliant. I would love to see a Cruz/Walker ticket.

  19. Went with my actual first choice as others here, but love the message Trump is sending. I would have no trouble voting for him if he wins the primary.

  20. I am sick to death of Amateur Hour in the WH. Have we not seen enough buffoonery from the current 1st term Senator? Sure our first term Senator/Governor (or complete amateur who has NEVER held office or run a successful campaign) may have a better moral compass (maybe, since the amateurs have never had to vote on anything) but I’d rather see someone with some recent experience and conservative credentials be our candidate.

  21. This has been fun reading the opinions of the WHDers! It was tough for me to vote for only one. I went with Ted Cruz. Bobby Jindal a close second. They are the whiz kids of the bunch! Unabashed constitutional conservatives. Yeah, baby!

    Unlike others here who say they would never vote for some on this list, I will gladly vote for ANY of them (yes, even Jeb) if it means we keep a Democrat out of the White House!

  22. Commie President is it for Obama. Terrible president and he followed his father’s dreams (he was a marxist) read Obama’s book about his father and his roots….Dreams of My Father.

  23. It really to early yet for me to make my choice. Hopefully you’ll repeat this next yr sometime. Trump 2nd choice. At least he has a backbone!!!!

  24. Politics as usual is what got us to this point…it is time for a departure from the so called ‘Normal’–I will play the Trump card..pun intended!

  25. Look at the problem first. Obama has completely destroyed the “American Pride.” We are only a skeleton of what we used to be, and our society now asking, “Where do I get in line?” That is NOT the America I knew. Trump can “pump up” our nation. There is NO ill that a JOB won’t cure. And where are our JOBS? They are in Mexico, China, Japan. Obama had never even run a corner grocery store. Trump can change all that because he knows our spirit is sleeping. No more manipulation of currencies. No more career politicians. Trump owes no one, lobbyists, other countries, corporations, banks. Let him go to work. Give him a mandate, America.

  26. I checked Marco RUbio but can easily vote for Jeb or Lindsey Graham. RNC should really think about asking candidates to WITHDRAW from the presidential race. It’s making the GOP look far more divided than it is, which is not a good image to give potential voters. Having too many candidates means donors funds are dispersed among so many that a really good, experienced candidate like Sen. Graham, may not get the backing he should and won’t be able to afford as much ad time as other candidates with huge war chests. RNC should look at the candidates who can be REAL Contenders, given their experience, views and general appeal. Christie, Fiorina??? Really?? I’d love to see a woman candidate but Carly isn’t it.

  27. Too early.. for me… (I am a slacker I guess).

    But I have been following Ben Carson and put him down as my vote… In a poll I recently took on the “issues” my views were:

    1. Rick Santorum – 91
    2. Marco Rubio – 90
    3. Ted Cruz – 85
    4. Rand Paul – 82
    5. Scott Walker – 78
    6. Carly Fiorina – 71
    7. Ben Carson = 68

    But there is more than issues when it comes to a president… Like… Honesty, Integrity…

  28. I like Carson a lot, we need Cryz in the Senate, Jinsal would be Sec of State, under Trump as President. I’m tired of corrupt b.s. Of typical Washington, let’s get a proven leader for a change.

  29. TRUMP all the way. I am disgusted with our reps…gutless and afraid of being labeled as racist if they dare to challenge this first black president no matter how lousy he truly is. They allow this enemy within to continue his moronic path. I have NO faith in our system at this time. I want nothing to do with politicians; we need someone with balls.

  30. I follow politics heavily. Actually most people do not want to discuss politics because they are “fed up” with Washington and its minions. Trump tells the truth and doesn’t NEED the special interest or groups willing to “bribe” him into making a decision they want. He is his own man and he CAN MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

    • Seriously–can you see Trump divesting himself of all investments and projects in a blind trust–he would be bored with the day to day in a hot second–much like someone else. He may be a straight shooter (all words), but he is a loose cannon shooting.

  31. I’m so tired of the mainstream media crowning Jeb Bush as the next loser to run on the republican ticket. The last thing we need is another Bush family member running against a Clinton.

  32. Rubio is smart and quick, but I like what Jindal has done for his state. I’m a combat vet and would love to see a military vet step up, but oh well. I want to see action, not words out of the next POTUS.

  33. If held today…Since Walker hasn’t “officially” entered the race, I chose Trump. He is being chastized for speaking the truth. I despise political correctness but the GOP does not. Money will decide the primary outcome and that is disastrous for free thinking, liberty minded citizens. The GOP will nominate “Bob Dole” once again, so when the general election is held, I will vote for Gary Johnson….again. The socialist movement will prevail and the Dems will retain the White House.

  34. Keith, thank you for this opportunity. I voted for Walker due to his ability to walk through minefields and accomplish common sense reforms. I deeply respect Carson and also support him financially. I am thankful for what he contributes to the current campaigns. Trump I respect for his business acumen but his “common sense” comments, though grounded in reality, digress into nonsense and ammo for the Democrats. Jindal I respect, too, and see him as preparing for a stronger run in 2020. If we end up with Jeb, I can support him, but I appreciate the variety of contenders right now and what each brings to the discussion. Carly, you go girl!!!

  35. I, too, went with my first choice as a moderae. But wish Trump was a little more diplomatic — think he delights in the showboating. Am concerned that if elected he won’t want to have advisers & could be very dangerous making a lot of decisions in fields in which he has no knowledge. Economics is not 100’% of our problems. Looking for someone just a wee bit to the right of moderate but not way out there on the edge of the flat earth. Need to know lots more, but cursory look at Jim Webb could make me change parties,

  36. If I had to pick someone to win the general election it probably would not be Trump. However, I like him at this time as I want someone who will kick butts of Washington and the GOP establishment. Trump seems to be the only one at this time who tells it like it is or at least how it seems to be in my mind. He says what I am thinking!!!

  37. I like Carly Fiorina’s forthrightness and ability to speak clearly and effectively without the ah’s and you know’s that I hear from others. Her message is clear and defined, and her pro-life stand is most important. Others have listened to the so-called consultants and the branding of 2012 to state the exceptions clause for “I am pro-life, except in cases of rape, incest and the life of the mother.” That can not be–if there is a child involved in their “I am pro-life” statement , then it must be a child in the heinous cases!
    Do agree with Trump’s statement about immigration, but do not like him at all.
    Do like Governor Jindal.

  38. If you want a Commander in Chief with some cred you should vote Perry. If you want someone who is a job making machine, vote Perry. If you want someone who is well thought out on all the issues, wants to end the IRS as it is today and shrink government while returning money, rights, and freedom to the states and people vote Perry.

    Of course if all you’re worried about is a TX accent and a moment of silence four years ago feel free to scoff and discredit.

  39. Trump, Cruz, Sessions to me are the only ones who deserve Any vote. Too many are wishy washy on protecting Americans, jobs and small businesses.
    PC is BS destroying America. We need to drop the Minority BS too. As a women who works hard and smart I don’t need that status, as any dependable worker is.

    Affirmative action got us Moochie and Obummer.
    Look at Boehner, Mitchell and Ryan as an example of turncoats.