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Video || Media Pan Hillary’s Big Interview

Not even some of the apologists were apologizing for this performance.

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  1. What got me was the too-wide-open baby blues–I am innocent as a newborn baby–honestly, it was only driven by a grandma to go to church on Sunday…etc. Oh, please, you hack–can it!

  2. She looks old and worn out. Imagine what a few months as POTUS would do to her. Then again, I get the feeling that she would delegate all of the scut work to Huma. Of course, Huma will be occupying a bedroom on the Second Floor in order to grab the 3:00 am phone calls.

    Looks like Hispandering Hillary is more despised now than ever…and rightly so. The DNC must be in a panic! Would love to see the Donald go one on one with her.

  3. She kept doing that wide-eyed thing that little kids use when trying to convince Mom that no, they didn’t eat all the cookies.

    For all that the MSM desperately wants a Dem/Liberal sitting in the OvalOffice, they already know that the MrsClinton’s WhiteHouse tansparency will make MrObama’s seem to be a pane of clear glass.
    She lies, dodges, spins, refuses to answer, hides and she doesn’t make the rules yet. Just wait, if she wins the office.

  4. If she was fearful and defensive during this fluffy interview, imagine her mood should a true interview take place?

    She is becoming a caricature of her own self.


    1. She would never submit herself to a hardcore interview.
      She knows she would be made a fool of.
      And,……who has the guts to expose her for what she is ?


  5. The Clintons have been in the spotlight for decades and yet she thinks she can get away with all of the lies and the deception.
    There are reams of evidence that should put her in prison, and yet, here she goes again.

  6. Rush just stated that the the libs said that the military needs to change the name of the Tomahawk missile because it may be offensive to Native Americans,………

    US patent office has removed the patent on the use of ‘Redskins’ to further use that as a team designation.

    Cleveland Indians,….watch out !

  7. This is a great example of how differently the MSM treat a Republican candidate compared to a Democrat candidate.

    To a D candidate—What’s your favorite color?

    To an R candidate— Some say (the famous “some say” trick low brow journalists like to use) that you like to steal sweet little puppies, skin them alive and use their hides for furniture upholstery in all the hotels you build for rich, evil capitalists. Why do you do that, Mr Trump? Aren’t you even a little bit ashamed?”

          1. I’d like to see Trump sitting across the negotiating table with the Iranians on this nuclear deal.

            By the time Trump got done with them, the Iranians would be sending us all their oil for free, paying off the US debt and would be apologizing to the world for being so naughty. And no nukes for them!

            And we would have given up nothing.

        1. To Girly,….I am loving the game.
          Take Trump out of the mix and it will be the same ‘ol same ‘ol.

          His attitude is going to give us a better indication of just who these people are.

      1. True that Marcus.
        Rience Privus,(sp) spent an hour on the phone with Trump asking him to tone it down.

        Essentially, Trump told him to stuff it.

        I may not agree with Trumps’ history, but I like his attitude.

          1. Lee, Trump went on TV after the phone call and his rhetoric wasn’t diminished that I could see.
            He probably told Reince to go pound sand.

        1. Just imagine if all the candidates expressed what they actually believed, clearly and plainly, and demonstrated that they knew what was actually going on and what the citizenry was demanding from their elected officials.

          Imagine that all of them had enough backbone to tell the Progressive journalists what they could do with their high-school level, pre-written and gotcha questions. All in the nicest possibly manner, of course. ;+}

          1. Yes Marcus, this is pure madness how these politicians (not patriots) are playing this game of “acting” their way thru the process. Wouldn’t it be better to have a President who genuinely speaks his mind and knows the business world than someone who pretends to? At some point this insanity has to stop. Its beyond tedious at this point.
            I would vote for a Trump/Huckabee ticket.

  8. Hillary …no sweat. She sees Benedict Arnold’s daily schedule and realizes….I
    don’t have to work. So fake it until you make
    it and then do nothing…..karma please…

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  10. Donald Trump would be the best medicine for the USA! I could see myself voting for him, easily. Mainly because
    he talks about things that are important to me.

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