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Jill Biden to Spend a Week in Asia

The White House today announced that Dr. Jill Biden will take a week-long tour of Asia to promote girls’ education.

Here’s the statement:

Dr. Jill Biden will travel to the Republic of Korea, Vietnam, and Laos on July 16-22, 2015 where she, along with Catherine Russell, U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues, will engage government and civil society partners on issues related to economic empowerment and educational opportunity for women and girls. Dr. Biden will also travel to Japan on July 22-23 to participate in events as part of her Joining Forces initiative to support service members, veterans, and military families.

This official White House drive to promote girls’ education overseas has created lots of travel opportunities for the wives of the president and the vice president. Mrs. Obama this year has already logged separate excursions to Asia and to Europe – the latter costing at least $600,000 – and is promising more.

Jill Biden

The exorbitant security, travel, staff, lodging and other expenses related to these excursions are of course all picked up by taxpayers. While everyone supports expanding learning opportunities for girls, helping non-U.S. citizens overseas get a proper education would not really seem to be such a high priority that it would be worth spending deficit dollars for the first and second lady to address the problem on the scene.

But it must be nice to see exotic places.

17 thoughts on “Jill Biden to Spend a Week in Asia”

    1. Who approved the creation of the office of “U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues”? Sounds like a waste of money…

  1. Good grief! This Viet Nam thing is getting serious. Hubby hosts a lunch for the VietNam head Commie and the next thing you know, wifey is taking a taxpayer sightseeing trip.
    Laos, Vietnam, Korea – not exactly Paris or London. Guess that will come later.

  2. At least Jill is an actual educator. Wish they’d care more about the “at risk” kids here in the US, her expenses would go a long way to help underserved schools.

  3. Why doesn’t she go to Afghanistan ?
    Or any of the other Muslim countries that deny education to girls ?

    Just sayin’.

  4. When this “Let Girls Learn” initiative was announced in January, we all knew it was merely a scam to allow Moochelle to travel internationally as much as possible during the last two years of Obummer’s term while billing the taxpayers for her thinly disguised vacations, (with her kids, relatives, and probably friends along for the free ride).

    So, now Jill Biden is getting in on the freebie action. I wonder if she’s taking any grandchildren or other family along with her like Mooch does.

  5. Oh please!! Since when does the VP’s wife
    go on these boondogles too…..enough of this,
    but then again, they will milk us for all they
    can, before they are booted out. Biden is so
    cheap, he hardly even gives anything to charity…ughhh

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