As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, July 9, 2015

10:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
3:15 pm || Meets with Attorney General Lynch

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

27 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, July 9, 2015

  1. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that meeting with AG Lynch is gonna entail something about a DOJ Investigation of the Baltimore PD. God help us all. These A-Holes can’t get enough.

    • They are going to go hard until the end of his term.
      They are going to inflict as much damage on this Country in the time they have left as they possibly can.
      Get ready for it.

  2. So……what’s Obama doing for the rest of the day? Nothing? Meeting with people he doesn’t want us to know about? Crossword puzzles? Practicing his Al Green singing? Video games?

  3. A meeting with Erica Lynch just like a meeting with Eric Holder is never a good thing for Americans — or at least white Republican conservative privileged Americans and never good for LEOs trying to enforce the law.

  4. Sign the petition to ‘hopefully’ generate enough energy to remove the ‘mayor’ of Baltimore.Aligning herself with the ‘protection’ of the Al Sharpton racists,she has removed another ‘brick'(firing the Police Com) from rebuilding the city of Baltimore.Another
    Pathetic Politician,deminishing America through their self serving policies.


    God Bless our First Responders
    God Bless our Military
    God Bless America…”She” needs ‘Our Critical Mass of Blessings” and hope.

  5. If the nuke deal isn’t signed by midnight tomorrow, Congress will get 60 days instead of 30 days to review it.
    My guess is Obama is putting the finishing touches on his Iran speech, and will take another victory lap in the Rose Garden as soon as the ink is dry. One more victory for the Obama legacy of doom!

    • And don’t forget to thank Corker for removing any role of advise and consent. 30 days – 60 days — it’s a done deal.

        • All Republicans except Cotton I think signed it.

          Can’t sleep — check this out. Commentary by Rush about Trump and how he has changed the debate. I won’t give him as much credit as Rush does but made me think. Interesting. One thing that jumped out at me here is that Rush gives Trump kudos for taking the hit and the heat and not backing down. Nobody and certainly no businessperson wants what Trump is getting. Anyway, take a look interesting.

          And certainly makes Corker and all the rest of the Vichy Republicans look weak. Also I heard Rinse the Prius asked the Donald to “tone it down” because he was hurting the reputation of the party or some such nonsense. Anyway, the link.

          • Trump probably never imagined how horrendous the fallout would be for him personally and business-wise.
            He’s in real estate and construction for Pete’s sake – the mecca for illegals.

            IMO, he is hurting HRC more than the R’s on illegal immigration. She is on record for saying she want ‘to go farther’ than Obama!

            If he makes it to the debates, I believe he can turn it around with the proper verbiage. He is, after all, absolutely spot on!

            The spineless R’s never wanted immigration to be on the front lines for 2016. They have no choice now. Kudos to the Donald!
            (Hope he recovers from the collateral damage.)

          • What is it about Trump… the more he talks, the more I want to listen….. I never felt that way with any other politician, except Reagan.
            Have you noticed? There’s silence from BOEHNER and MCCONNELL? They know a negative from them will speed up Trump’s polls. You’ll not hear a sound out of them, even their crickets will be “dewinged”
            Looks like the Donald just heralded in RINO season on his trumpet. Trump has gotten total media cover for two solid weeks without spending a dime. What other RINO can do that? Heck… even the Hilderbeast hasn’t been able to pull that one off.
            Keep on trumpeting……..

          • Re. Trump and Hillary. I was disappointed to see that Fiorina joined the Trump firing squad — I filtered her out as a result. I liked what she was doing with Hillary, but now — meh.

  6. As we talk about what Obama ACTUALLY does during the day, here’s something new coming to worry about. With the release, yesterday, of the new regulations from Obama’s HUD, the Federal government has established the biggest power grab in many years. It will effect every one of our neighborhoods and cities.

    Get a load of this:

    “This overreaching new regulation is an attempt to extort communities into giving up control of local zoning decisions and reengineer the makeup of our neighborhoods,” Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., told in a written statement on Wednesday.

    “Just as the president has used the DOJ, IRS and DHS as a political weapon, he has now expanded his arsenal to include HUD as a way of punishing neighborhoods that don’t fall in line with his liberal agenda,” he added.

    In June, Gosar said the HUD rule attempts to tell Americans “how we can live, where we go to school, how we will vote” and “what this utopian type of neighborhood should look like.”

    Be afraid of this development. Be very afraid. It is the big boot of government on everyone’s throat.

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